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I bought level one strength to 99 strength! And guess what? THey did it. In an amazing amount of time.. I think it was 3 days? Thank you so much!.

thanks ENJOYED
March 15,2012

Amazing site, amazing service (as far as swtor goes) i would recommend to anyone! cheapest prices out their along with fastest service and best customer service reps :) !.

March 14,2012

Awesome site. They actually work. First time I bought something from here I was pretty nervous but the customer service was great and all worked out on time ^_^ I hope that there would be a way to get notified by email whenever theres discounts on your realm. That would be awesome!.

March 13,2012

Took them 10 min, was cheep and the people were awesome!.

Eric Zepper
March 12,2012

this wasnt cheap but it was worth it.

mike chappelle
March 12,2012

the service is great, the first time i got gold the transaction took about 10 minutes, the second time i received gold the transaction took less than 5! the live chat is very efficient and the staff is very friendly. i am currently doing power leveling. it seems like it will go just as smoothly as the gold did. These services are great!.

March 11,2012

These guys are amazing. I've used them more times than I can count. 100% trustworthy. Fast. Reliable. Friendly. 10/10. I'd recomend them to anyone. Legitt!.

March 11,2012

just found guy4game ordered few small items just to see if this was a legit web site . one word wow this is awesome. so order what i really wanted and again awesome. i will recommend friends here and will continue to return for things i want. thanks guys john.

March 10,2012

I came across Guy4Game.com years ago and purchased some gold for WoW. Since then, I've used them numerous times in multiple games and have never had a single failure, delay, or suspicious activity. They're a strong, customer focused company that delivers on what they promise, generally faster and cheaper than others! As a casual gamer, my time is often limited on playing and instead of having to farm gold or credits for hours on hours, it's nice to spend a few bucks and make life a little easier for the time I DO have in game. Highly recommend you try them - you won't be disappointed!.

March 08,2012

tanks again for fås delivery like u good :).

Martin Berg
March 07,2012

BEST place ever! I mean i've been everywhere, and only here at Guy4Games that i ALWAYS recieved the best customer service, you guys are the fastest ever, and always accurate. Thank you guys! You are simply the best of the best!.

March 07,2012

I just wanted to take a little time and let everyone know that this company is very professional. I have made several purchases from here and every one was very friendly and helpful. If ever you need to trust a company to do what they say it is Guy4game. I have never had a complaint or even a situation that was negative. All i can say is that everyone i have ever dealt with on staff regarding an order was forthright and very professional. I will continue doing business with Guy4game. Thank you for always helping me out with any questions and service..

david wilson
March 05,2012

yes thank you very much it was really fast we will be in touch for future orders really satisfied thxs. gam swtor character daniell.

pedro alvarez
March 04,2012

Thanks alot guys! This is like the 5th time I've ordered gold and powerleveling for Rift here. Each and every time I was extremely pleased with the service and the speed. If you are wondering weather this is a legit site, it is!.

John Nickleson
March 04,2012

They actual WORK!.

March 04,2012

I ordered the gold and I had to wait 24 hours but when I got it I got the 10% extra because I had to wait over a day. This site is very trustworthy and and cheap..

March 03,2012


March 03,2012

This is the best site ever. i had them power leveled me and it was awesome. the customer service is great to :).

Caler=b Metz
March 03,2012

quick and easy delivery nice customer service.

March 02,2012

i spent over 200 dollors on this site its very very legit, got my powerlevel services and gold within time they said and if they out of stock for gold they give me bonus:) ill buy from this site forever.

anonymous anonymous
March 02,2012