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I have purchased currency twice from these guys, and both times I have had it in under 20 minutes. I'm extremely impressed with thes guys and they will DEF get more of my business!.

July 13,2012

Ive got to say, guy4game is the only website ive bought wow gold of and its great! good delivery and great prices :D Im thinking of buying som D3 gold aswell! G4G is the way to go.. this is written by a real person not some robot xD well, im happy about g4g :D.

Andy Bigswamp
July 13,2012

Fast! I was iffy at first, but less than one hour I was handed my gold and became a life time customer now! :D.

July 13,2012

Great service! Very fast and no BS about them... Thank you.

Brandon Raatz
July 12,2012

I've been buying for about 2 years now. I will not and have not gone to anyone else for gold. This is the ONLY website i trust to buy gold from..

July 11,2012

Ive been buying from this company for over 7 months now and I've never had any problems with recieving my product in a timely fashion. The customer service is excellent on every level and the deliveries are fast and accurate. Thank you Guy4Game for making my gaming experience that more enjoyable. :D.

Adam Perrin
July 11,2012

best gold server ive been on they commit to everything they say.. i was very happy on how fast i got my gold right after i payed for it ive brought gold from them many many times and still happy to stay with them.

matthew colliss
July 10,2012

very easy and fast delivery, done in about an hour. I would recommend this site to anyone.

July 09,2012

Wow! I'm shocked, amazed and so happy! I've never received my in game currency so fast... ever! I ordered plat then logged off firguring I wouldn't see it for a few days then logged on a few hours later and BAM it was there! Guy4Game is the ONLY site I'll go to from now on! Amazing.....

Ken Bridges
July 08,2012

Took about 12 hours to receive the gold because it was "out of stock" but when i contacted support they told me where to go and finished the trade smoothly. I will be buying another 15m from them again. Thanks Guy4Game!.

July 07,2012

legit! diablo 3 gold! very friendly and accomodating live chat. I have been buying for 3 days straight now. Will definitely recommend!.

July 07,2012

I used this site to level a shaman in world of warcraft. 11 days later i had a level 85 shaman. I also logged the power leveler off a few times on accident, he was friendly and professional. great company and the only site i trust for my gaming needs!.

July 06,2012

definitely legit! ordered from them 3 days straight! need to stop myself! diablo 3 gold! :).

July 06,2012

I just want to say that I have spent lots of money on this site and it was all well worth it. They are so reliable and honest. I purchased mount runs for warcraft, where IF the mount drops, they give it to u. They did as they promised, the mount dropped after about 40 runs (which was fast considerin the rarity of this one) and they delivered as promised. That is the ultimate test of honesty. I love these people so much and keep coming back lolol..

Tammie awesome
July 05,2012

u guys r the best, and the 24/7 chat is very responsive and all the chat host are great, friendly and most importantly very professional.....

Lobsang Dawa
July 05,2012

i have always had good service from the company the few times i have used them always on time and always friendly when ever u speak to them great job guys keep it coming.

bradley henwood
July 04,2012

This site is REALLY awesome! It's LEGIT, Fast! Gamers to trade you! Cheap Gold! Live chat button to guide you through the order! Been using this for ages now and not even bothering to look for another one since this one is cheap as! This is the most legit site I have found and there are awesome Live Chat people to guide you through so no complications with the order, all you need is to get the ID of the order at the end and then send it to the Live Chat then they will tell you to go to a certain world and certain place then you will get the item/s.! I find it great how it's so cheap and it's everything you need for gaming! www.guy4game.com use it TODAY! It's simply just THE BEST SITE!.

July 03,2012

Fast easy and professional. These guys are the real deal. Customer service is great, prices are great, and the product is great. This is the only site I trust to give me fast and cheap gold..

July 02,2012

these guys are the best let me tell you all of my nightmare. http://www.starwarscreditshop.com/ 15mins delivery gold guarantee, no answer to customer service. tracking sent by them but its a dead ends as well. its been 48 hours with them right now under Paypal dispute.. scam.. http://www.cuingame.com/ stated within 30 mins of receiving the gold if your order now. that's bull also and customer service the only person that assist is is a Linda. and she don't even sound like she know what she was talking about. 24hrs has passed no gold... received a Paypal refund from them. both sites offer promises yet they don't fallow up. now as for Guy4Game i used there services once and gee was i impressed. within less then an hour they had delivered. very smooth my account never got banned. very professional and lol they are not paying me to give this testimonial so its legit..

luis lopez
June 30,2012

Good site. Well displayed, and smooth transactions. Always connect to live chat as soon as you complete your order, and they will get right on it. Reliable service, used two, maybe three times now. Can't remember. Also the cheapest rate I've seen..

Aleksander M
June 30,2012