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product was delivered on time and correct as stated. Guy4Game is A-1 in my book!!!!.

March 28,2015

I've bought and sold Old school Runescape gold here and have never been let down, they are always quick and always polite, there was one time in which i ordered gold and they ran out of stock, and i had to wait a few hours, but once they had the gold they gave me an additional 10% gold for my wait. Awesome site, awesome people, awesome service.5/5.

Aidan O
March 27,2015

I trust this site and only this site, when I buy my gold, or credits, whether it be SWTOR or WoW...Deffinitely worth it and the staff ius very kind, willing to assist you in locating how long it will take for your credits to be given to you :D.

Chris Trusty
March 26,2015

Best, most honest reliable value-for-money you could find, for all you MMO needs. None better in the history of mankind on this planet! ...and probably into the rest of the unknown universe....

Volkh Morrissey
March 22,2015

I had a very good first time experience with Guy4Game. The purchase delivery was extremely satisfactory. I'm looking forward to my next purchase. Thanks!!.

March 22,2015

I have bought from Guy4Game many times, as everyone I was scared at start but everything went perfect. I got my gold and I got it very fast. The site is very beautiful, with a nice setup, easy to find what you are looking for. I highly recommend this site! //S.

March 20,2015

Unbelievable!!!! I have purchased WoW gold and BoE items off and since BC; Guy4Game Rocks! They have always come through myself, friends & guild-mates; never a disappointment First few times I was nervous and tentative - but no need to worry. They are honest, professional and courteous. You are in good hands!.

March 16,2015

First time buying gold, scared as shit. Fortunately it all went like a charm. A little more than six hours, from when i placed the order that is. And when i contacted customer support about it, they helped fast, efficient, and correct. (Sorry "Catherine" for not giving you better feedback, you gave correct info, and solved the problem). I would reccomend this service for other users as well..

March 14,2015

I've been using Guy4Game since the first time I ever bought gold. They're hands down the best. I will admit that I have tried other websites, but none of them are as fast or as reliable as g4g. I'm almost always able to get my gold within the first hour I purchase, and they've always been polite and kind to me as well as appreciative of my purchase. Wouldn't go anywhere else..

March 11,2015

My Review for Guy4Game.com: Many great experiences!!! I give you guys 5 out of 5 stars. I have been using http://www.guy4game.com/ services for awhile now for all of my World of Warcraft in game needs. They offer many different services, ranging from in-game gold to gear/mounts etc... They have the quickest delivery time I have ever seen out of any other online services for WOW. Now I won't use any other service provider for my in-game needs. I highly recommend using their services over anywhere else. I have used www.imbuygold.com, www.goldah.com, www.ige.com, www.6kgold.com, www.igxe.com, www.playerauctions.com, www.wowgold-sales.com, and probably a couple more. I have been scammed by a couple and never recieved my gold at all from some other websites. This is the only website that I fully trust now for all of my WOW needs. You can expect a quick delivery time, a very friendly and caring staff, and a wide variety of items/gear for your in-game player needs. Any questions that you may have, there is a 24/7 live chat that will answer any questions and help you out. My favorite 24/7 chat support member is Panda. She is the most caring and dependable person I have seen so far in chat. Don't get me wrong, they are all friendly but Panda is by far my favorite. She has helped me out on more occasions then I can even recall. I just had to give a review on this website and on panda as they have helped me out so much. Again, I highly recommend using guy4game.com over any other websites and if you get so lucky to get Panda as your 24/7 support member in the chat, be nice to her. She is the best :) Anyways, Thankyou again http://www.guy4game.com/ staff and thankyou again Panda. You guys are the best :D.

Lukas Trotter
March 09,2015

Rift gold got. Worked well. Was informed 30 min to 24 hours. Sure took almost 24 hours, but it did happen. Thanks..

March 04,2015

Rapid response with my gold delivery and big orders are dealt with fast and handled with respect and diligent orders of 60-70k g and 6-8 items got within the day I highly recommend them they will do their best and make effort they work harder n go the extra distance for your specified way if required I give them 14 out of 10 the extra 4 is guy putting customer firsts.

Mark Fernandez
March 04,2015

This is the only place I buy gold from. I was skeptical at first because all the rumors your hear. But I have never had a problem with these guys. And the best part they stay with you and make sure you get what you buy! I wish more retailers would sell like them..

February 28,2015

dude honestly this is the only website that i've actually had NO problems with and i highly recommend this website, if my friends ask about where to buy gold i always point to this website..

Madeline Heule
February 26,2015

Very good website! Would recommend everytime.

John Sullivan
February 25,2015

great friendly and fast service. I recommend Meggie. very kind and reliable..

Brandon G
February 24,2015

Nice friendly customer service. Delivery within 1 hour. 10/10 will buy from again :).

February 23,2015

Just used Guy4Game for the first time after being scammed by another website. Guy4Game is legit, and delivered my gold in just 45 minutes! Customer service representative named Emma was friendly and helpful. Thank you so much Guy4Game! I will definitely be using your service again in the future..

Allison L Clos
February 22,2015

I love these Guys they are always incredibly fast and are easy to deal with if you need help. I have bought gold many times on different servers and I have to say I am always amazed at the service and speed of delivery.

February 22,2015

i like that i haven't been scammed like those other websites did.

levent atalay
February 19,2015