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Very great service.

Taylor B
June 26,2017

I am very pleased with the staff at guy4game. They try to get me my purchase within 24 hours and usually do it right on time. The employees who man the chat station are polite and do a great job. I have made over 25 purchases the last few years, and will continue to do so. So many other sites on the internet are sleazy and not trustworthy. I cannot stand to deal with them. I will be sticking with guy4game..

Michael Suerth
June 10,2017

As always, perfect..

Daniel Zavitz
May 24,2017

Easy fast smooth transaction.

Nathaniel Prisacariu
May 24,2017

Awesome transaction, very fast.

James Schantzer
May 22,2017

As Always, Amazing Service! Will definitely keep buying from this seller!.

Joseph rizika
May 22,2017

I've ordered so many things on this site and got every single one of them. Of course, if something you've ordered doesn't come within the recommended product wait time, just go to livechat and ask for an ETA about the product. I've came to the conclusion that if you rush people it'll take longer so your best bet would to be ask politely and don't rush others. Livechat is the best place to go if you have questions or if you have any issues about getting your items. My profession items and pets took a little bit longer to get but I still got them. I received my gold on the same day after ordering it within 10 minutes. Would I recommend this site over the others regarding my late deliveries? Yes, I highly would. I've been to other sites where I'd order something and it took them about 3 times longer than the product claimed it would and they tried to weasel out of handing the products over. This site doesn't do that at all and they have earned my respect and business! Thanks Guy4Game!.

May 14,2017

I had the pleasure of working with Panda Y. She was kind, courteous and she was very quick to get my order processed..

Joe M
May 12,2017

Used this service twice and in a matter of less than 15 minutes I see my items bought on AH. Great service and fast, even if they had delays I would still trust these guys b/c the two times I used them my cc info was not compromised.I would use them again..

Brian Kang
May 09,2017

Good service..

Derek Dillon
May 02,2017

Quick and easy.

Maybe murphy
May 02,2017

Fast and courteous.

Kieran craig
April 28,2017

Very fast delivery!.

Wendy Reed
April 28,2017

First time buying from them after being recommended by a friend. The service rep Frida Y was awesome and delivery was fast and straight to the point. Will be back again for sure..

Kaelah Marks
April 23,2017

This is the best site to buy from, they are always fast and reliable. Recently I purchased a BoE item at ilvl 900, they didnt have a 900 ilvl on my server so they sent me a 905. It is that kind of service that will keep me coming back. Highly recommend..

April 23,2017

Great seller, always fast..

Carolyn Burgin
April 19,2017

A+ service fast delivery will use again.

Stephan Long
April 19,2017

I've used Guy4Game several times for credits and they have delivered 100% of the time, no delays. Great service! If you're skeptical about it just open up a live chat, as if they're currently busy and ask about their stock in your particular game to verify they have what you want before ordering. they will most likely have what you want. Again, great service would recommend 10/10.

Nick Bishop
April 11,2017

Easy fast smooth transaction as always.

Jared Owen
April 06,2017

great service.

Corey Owen
April 06,2017