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Great! Really impressed with everything!.

December 24,2010

Service is usually great, but this time it was garbage. Took over a day to get my gold..

Illya Naumov
December 24,2010

Hey guys... I was planning on buying gold for my WoW character, and one of my friends gave me the gold at the last minute.. The guy4game company already had my gold for me and was waiting on me. Since I didn't need the gold at the moment I asked if there was any possible way I could get a refund, and they gave it to me! Exactly on time as they said they would, and with ease... Though I still haven't really bought anything from here, I highly recommend them. They are so nice and they really care about their customers..

Zach N.
December 23,2010

Great powerleveling service. Fast and safe. I got everything I was promised..

Ben strahan
December 23,2010

i have made many transactions with guy4game and they are an incredible service that gets the job done much quicker than you would expect..

December 23,2010

So i've been buying from g4g since the military days [5+yrs] and they ahve only gotten better! Oliver in point is sillya nd funny while professional! I always ask ow long orders will take and he gave me a record breaking response in 6.3 seconds ^^ i also got him to not use the welcome to g4g macro! it's liek we're friends...now if i could give him a cookie thorugh the computer screen... G4g pwerlvling ftw! ^^-b.

Michael Tinker
December 23,2010

Wow! I ordered my gold and in less than an hour it was delivered as promised! Fast, safe and reliable service has made me a customer for life! Way to go G4G!!.

December 23,2010

Really only took 5 minutes and was full amount very quickly..

BOOM Privatelol
December 22,2010

I was blown away by the servise Oliver one of the workers helped me throu the steps and was verry polite. To me his objective was to make me satisfide with the Service and now i cant sop thanking Oliver. Great service, very fast, cheap, and save. What more could you ask for?.

Mary Romeo
December 22,2010

very quick and easy, received order within 15 minutes. very satisfied with service..

December 22,2010

They helped me fast, and effectively I am a return customer and will become a regular now, thank Guy4Game!.

December 21,2010

the BEST!!!!!!! site to buy what ever u need for your computer gaming fast relibie and honest thank you very much.

December 21,2010

I have only used guy4game for WoW and its been a sweet dream compared to the nightmare it is using other similar websites. I assume the services for other games are just as good. Customer for life..

Austin Beck
December 20,2010

i would recommend Guy4game for buying ingame wow gold. Delivery is superfast, no problems. Great service ty :).

December 20,2010

wow...realy fast and honest...ty.

December 19,2010

yeah they gave me 3800g this site is awesome and srry if my brother answer ur call he dont know english well and thx again.

abdullah meshari
December 18,2010

I have always been hesitant about purchasing gold. "breaking the rules" and all. The gold purchase was on the level and quick. I talked to an online rep who stayed with me until the gold was delivered. Great service!.

MaryAnn and Ginger
December 17,2010

Ok, so you're reading this thinking, "Oh gee... is this site legit? Am I about to get scammed? I sure would like some ISK, but I'm not a baller and I just got paid, I dunno, maybe I won't make rent, but this game is my life and... and.... if I DON'T get this ISK I'm SCREWED!" Rest easy my friend. Breathe deep. Maybe, like me, you found this site by looking up reviews for Gold selling sites (that's what I did, since EvE ISK isn't as easy to find as WoW gold is, so I looked for sites with good WoW ratings hoping I'd find one that carried ISK. That's how I got here.) So, how much did I buy? The 5bil (with %5 bonus). I even found an coupon (I thought, 'Hey, I'll google guy4game coupons' and lo-and-behold, I found one. Gave me %5 off my total). The process was smooth, very smooth, easier than Amazon. But when I didn't get my ISK within 2 minutes I wondered why there was a delay (I'm extremely impatient). I popped on the chat function of the site and the wait wasn't too bad, maybe 5minutes (I assume they're very busy). Nancy got on and was very easy to understand, she wrote fine English and there was NO confusion at any point. Right away she had someone get on and give me 1bil. I asked when I might get the rest and she told me as soon as possible. When she told me "within 24 hours" I didn't mind too much. But she stayed with me, told me she was checking, and within 10 more minutes I had the rest AND a little extra. All-in-all if I ever want ISK again you had better believe I'll be going through G4G again. I wish I could give you some way to contact me if you had question, buuut I'm a little paranoid that CCP might look at these and ban me. So just take it from a fellow capluleer when I say that this is the site you want for ISK..

December 16,2010

just wanna say this site is amazing i checked all the others this is the cheapest byt quite alot 100% trustworthy and u get the gold quick and face 2 face if you want to buy buy from here..

arthur Ackland
December 15,2010

Guy4Game.com is really safe, I started to look for the cheapest gold, i paid € 20 for 5K gold, today i look at the prices and i see you can get 11K gold for the same price! I bought my gold pretty many times here now, it's safe. If you don't trust it you can always get the online help to guide you. She'll see to it that the gold arrives. The delivery is amazing, i use online help and ask if the gold is available, always a yes uptill now :) I get the gold in like 15-30 mins after i paid! Good luck in-game and Have Fun with Guy4Game.com cheaps gold! Proved by SHIGATO!.

Pieter-Jan Geeroms
December 15,2010