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Ordered 5k gold, got it within 30 mins, quality service 10/10. Also ordered some from a different site on the 22nd, and that still hasn't arrived (27th).. deffo use this site if you want almost instant gold and reliable and quality service. I'm deffo gonna purchase more in the future..

November 27,2011

Incredibly fast service. I got my gold in less than ten minutes. Great gig they're running here. :).

November 26,2011

These guys are great,did everything they said they would in no time at all.Thanks Guy4game.com.

matthew mulder
November 26,2011

Best service, Lots of coupons/discount sales all the time. Super fast, and cheap. I have sent many of my close friends here for WoW gold. My number 1 site..

Kevin Thompson
November 26,2011

Got the 12k, waiting for the rest.

November 26,2011

this is truly a no worry site super fast.

November 25,2011

really awesome website :) really easy and fast.... definitely loved doing business here!.

November 24,2011

WOW!! I was so surprised!! This was the first time I had ever done this, but very shortly after paying and logging into my account I got a PM (was expecting a mail.. LOL) saying he was my deliver! I was all the way in Northrend and hearthed to Dalaran so that I could port to Org and fly down to the org starting area.. It took me a good 10 mins to get to him/her and he/she just sat there waiting for me! I got lost in Dal being that I am kinda new to Northrend at only just level 71, and just recently got my expansions :) guess its a good thing that I already had my flying mount.. Very very satisfied and WILL be doing business again soon, I hope...

Jamae Ramirez
November 23,2011

godd service.

lilia alavrez
November 23,2011

Good service, thank you..

Carolyn Long
November 23,2011

I cannot begin to tell you guys how impressed I am with Guy4Game. I have tried to buy WoW materials from other companies but had no luck. Guy4Game was able to send the materials to me in a matter of hours. And they are native English speakers, so there's no language barrier to knock down just to get an answer. Highly recommended!.

Myonghwan Eiselstein
November 23,2011

Very fast service.

Happy Customer
November 22,2011

had trouble logging in.they had lots of patience. was told that id need to wait 7-12 hrs to get the delevery it was out of stock. but by the time they got me logged in.which was my fault they had my order.(only 20 min.) as usual super helpful , friendly and knowledgable staff.. will definitly use again. A++.

November 22,2011

First i was really scared about WoW Gold i thought it was a scam or something like that but then i sayed why not to try it. And when i bought my first Gold from this website i was amazed on how fast i received my gold and how the Customer Services were great. So i can say is that this Website is the best for buying something for your MMO Games..

Daniel Revenco
November 22,2011

Have used guy4game for years great service, friendly staff and most important safe to shop with them..

Ron Allen
November 22,2011

Guy4Game is the best at what they do period! It is a joy and benefit to use their services..

November 22,2011

OMG ... ordered a large amount of gold and within min's of placing order I was contacted in game and received my order. Well done team you are the best..

Happy As
November 22,2011


margaret hazlegrove
November 22,2011

smoove transactions and hassle free. very helpful staff specifically Zoie who was consistent with assisting the trade. thank you guy4game, wonderful service = happy customer :).

November 22,2011

Have always been satisfied with the level of service I've received and have been coming back for years! The staff have always assisted me if I had any questions and I cannot fault their customer service..

November 22,2011