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I am wary about any site claiming to "guarantee" 24 hour delivery of product(s). Having used this site for SWTOR credits I am no longer wary. They were on time... end of story..

May 09,2014

I've been using this website for years now. By far the best and most safe website I've ever used. Never had any disputes or problems when buying guild from here. Fast friendly support and over all always a great experience. Thanks !.

Javier Garcia
May 07,2014

They came through, took longer than i would have hoped (31hours) but patience is a virtue right. Thanks for your help will most likely be back. It's LEGIT and that's what matters the most..

satisfied customer
May 03,2014

Paid for Gil in FFXIV read "53% of people receive gill in >.5 hours" lmao 3 1/2 hours later.....guess i am part of the 47%....Trust me, will post back with updates.....

Annoyed Customer
May 02,2014

I have been using Guy4Game now for about 3 years, from WOW gold to my current game Elder Scrolls Online, have never had any problems :) they deliver on time and are always very helpful! The chat team is alwats on and ready to help..

Laina Gonzalez
April 29,2014

I have got to say I was very scared and nervous due to the risk of being scammed or banned. However Guy4Game's customer support has been very friendly, helpful to the best, and awesome. The only thing I have to complain is the time it took which was from April 21'th to April 27'th for my order to be complete.. But I will recommend this site to anyone who comes my way! I will definitely order again as a returning customer! :D I want to thank everyone who is a part of Guy4Game's Team!.

Joshua Bueno
April 27,2014

excellent service, ive made several purchases recently and got exactly what i asked for. There was a slight delay getting me 10k gold on my most recent purchase, i remained calm contacted them, and they got it for me and extra to boot. great service and ill keep going to them for my needs..

April 27,2014

At first was apprehensive about purchasing anything but read the testimonials and picked up the courage and I am very happy with the service! The chat are very happy to answer any questions! And Beth can call me any time as she was a star and seemed very helpful ;).

April 26,2014

This site ROCKS! I couldn't believe the prices and how fast i received my gold. It literally took 5 minutes. Live chat is super helpful as well. Definitely will be buying again real soon. Thanks Guy4Game!.

Hollow Man
April 25,2014

Brillant customer service 100% of the time. Fast delivery and always a pleasure to order gold. Keep up the good work!.

Jeff Sampti
April 22,2014

Very happy with the fast service and the online chat help line is very friendly and very helpful. Keep up the great work guys..

Mark Sayers
April 22,2014

Recently purchasing from Susan Express gold I decided i would shop around and finally stumbled upon Guy4Game. The prices being cheaper and the fact that they had a testimonial option and all the people on there were real, I had too try it out and see if it was really worth changing. Made an order for the lowest amount of gold and low and behold, 15 mins later I get called to ratchet and im getting my 10k gold while getting killed by the gaurds because i'm hated by them. The point is, not only are they cheaper and faster but also very professional about what they are doing. I know where im shopping from now on. -.o.

Seymore Butts
April 21,2014

I am impressed. I went to this site with a lot of doubts in my head. But I am VERY satisfied. The time was rather fast, they got it to me as quick as they could, think maybe a half an hour if that. Very happy. Thank you!.

April 19,2014

This was my 3rd purchase from GuyforGame - two of those were for 10million worth of gold - and I got my BEFORE the 24 hour deadline. I will be using them for a fourth time! Wonderful, honest company!.

Phrost Byte
April 18,2014

10 mins.... BAM! got my gold! Much love!.

jordan g
April 18,2014

I've done business with these guys on 3 separate occasions , VERY large amounts of "gold" - spread over, maybe, 1 yeah and a half? And all 3 times they've been perfectly professional, honest, quick to answer emails or other inquiries.. And they're prompt and VERY discrete..

Phrost Byte
April 18,2014

Guy4game may not always be the cheapest but I always shop with them for all of my MMO needs because they have always been reliable and extremely trustworthy. I shop at Guy4game above anyone else's prices and you should as well. Guy4game has fast delivery and their support is quicker and more reliable than your local law enforcement..

April 17,2014

I have used G4G Alot for Wow,Runescape Old School, So on so forth, Sometimes if u get LARGE AMOUNTS, They may takes hours or day or two but other than that they will del 100% of the time and they will stay in chat with u until u get the items u paid for 10/10 will always pick G4G.

Travis OOOOO
April 17,2014

I posted a comment on here earlier about this company. I was worried for a bit about the long time they were taking to get my credits to me. But I just received my purchase not even 2 mins ago, and they even included the extra that they had promised me for having to wait. It took about 48 hours instead of the suggested 24, BUT I have to say that they definitely stick to what they say, if it takes awhile and they tell you that they are working on it then they mean it. Don't you worry, you WILL get what you pay for. And stella, and Orran, are the ones that helped me the most and done the most to make sure that I got my purchase as fast as possible. So I just wanted to say a personal thank you to them for everything. Thank you..

April 16,2014

Well, I never got what I paid for last night. First they told me within 24 hours, nothing, then just another 2 to 6 hours, again nothing. And now its going on 40 hours and I still have not received anything at all. They still tell me that they are low on stock, all I know is that im giving them some more time, but if I don't get my order soon then I will be canceling the payment or if I have to the entire card. All I know is if you promise something, then you should do it. I know I do. So ill come back tonight and let u know if I get what I payed for..

April 15,2014