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I was real skeptical about ordering with Guy4Game. I had recently before this tried ordering with another leveling company but almost got scammed. Guy4Game is LEGIT. The customer support responds almost immediately answering any questions & concerns I had & also always reassured me that everything will be fine &taken care of, which indeed was. I'm glad I made the decision to get a character leveled with them because I don't have time every day to do hundreds of quests. I just want to get to the high level raiding. I do recommened to use Guy4Game if you're looking for some legit leveling or gear. (Currently waiting on a gear order) All I have to say is thanks Guy4Game. I will be a repeat customer..

Mr Terrell
August 06,2011

Fast service, great deal..

Edward Fosneca
August 05,2011

Literally 150p in my mailbox for Rift Plat (US server) in a matter of about 15 minutes. Second time I've used them. They are always super fast. LOVE them!.

Joel Dycus
August 04,2011

Guy4game the best ^^.

Talal Fouad
August 04,2011

i was a bit suspicous about this site but the more i got to use this site the easier it was gettting, always great an fast service with guy4game..

Derek Kuchar
August 04,2011

Trade went fast and smooth! After payment I received my order within 10mins after payment.! Will definitely order from you guys again in the future!.

Andy Chen
August 04,2011

I was pleased it was sooooo fast and easy and the customer support is great!!.

Rusty Shackleford
August 04,2011

Ordered 15k gold, got it in less than 5 minutes... I was like wtf? Already! Needless to say this site gets better and faster every time I use it! Thanks Guy4Game!.

keo encinas
August 04,2011

Best Gold Buying Website. they deliver zoo fast and they are great service... i recommend u shop here if you want gold fast and secure. ::D.

Matt Lenartskic
August 03,2011

Purchased 20 000 wow gold.

Josh Merkas
August 02,2011

was willing to work with me in-game to transfer the purchase. great contact. thanks!.

August 02,2011

Great service and fast delivery. Have used this company for years with no hassles..

Lynn McCarty
August 02,2011

great service fast and frienly.

August 01,2011

was very good and lagit and i would refer my friends here if they decide to bye gold thanx guys good service.

steven phillips
August 01,2011

thanks for the isk helped alot thanks again.

August 01,2011

I was very impressed with the fast delivery and I will becoming back to buy more gold! :).

August 01,2011

Very quick and easy with no hassle. Got gold ima few minutes.love it and will defiantly recommend.

j p
July 31,2011

Well i bought the 8.8m one, and i was confused at first a lot of anticipation so i asked for some advice on the chat, and they made it happen even quicker, right there and then. This site it brilliant and very customer friendly :). Good luck runescape players.

chainsley bakewell
July 31,2011

I made a few orders from guy4game.com and the delivery was made in 10 mins. It's a trusted site..

Rave Breen
July 31,2011

Guy4Game is legitimate. Although confirming your identity might be a painful process, you will receive the full amount of gold. Just be patient! Thanks G4G..

james potter
July 31,2011