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I used this site many times and cant express on how pleased I am with their service their very reliable very trustworthy had one issue in the beginning talked to live chat and as soon as I got off the problem was solved. ive been back many times before. wish I had more money to do more lol...GRATE JOB..

October 05,2014

I play WoW and Rift and I have used these guys and they always come through never had any issue with them. This site is the best. I would recommend them every time..

October 04,2014

Guy4Game is a great website! I ordered a Jade Panther and it was delivered very quickly. Fantastic service! The representatives are always so nice and helpful. I plan on using this website in the future. Thank you and keep up the good work, guys!.

October 04,2014

Excellent service Great bargains. Highly recommend this company.

October 04,2014

Quick delivery and easy transaction. Mightn't be the cheapest out there, but definitely one of the most trustworthy..

October 04,2014

Always coming back for return business. I just figured I'd let the next person know so they don't have to continue looking for a trustworthy site which seems to be scarce these days... I've been purchasing gold from G4G for almost a year now. Every purchase has been completed within 20 minutes. It's F*king amazing, and furthermore, I'm never going anywhere else..

October 04,2014

Like the others, I was skeptical. This was the first time I was buying gold and didn't want to get scammed. My first purchase was for 15,00 gold ($12.79). It was delivered in 30 minutes or less and made me more confident of buying from this site. My second purchase was 20,000 (16.69). The wait for this one was about 2 hours, which made me paranoid that I may have put in the wrong information, but it eventually came through. I can say with confidence that this site WILL get you your delivery, but the timing may not always be the same..

Smiling Jack
October 04,2014

Was very nervous to buy gold for the first time and after a lot of changing my mind, I decided to do it. Service was very quick and easy. All the reviews I've had turned out true. I would go threw these guys exclusively. Good job Guy4Game!.

October 03,2014

I love this site it is one of the very best sites for buying anything for a game. I have bought for Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft and they have never failed to deliver to me. I will do business again with them. Thanks for all the work you do Guy4Game and for keeping your prices reasonable. I love your Special Offers for WoW. I have ordered from that a few times for the amount of money it has saved me. Thanks again and keep up your good work. On a side note I accidently ordered something for an Aliance character in WoW and meant for it to be Horde and they had no problem fixing it for me. So keep this in mind when you order from Guy4Game if you ever have a problem then contact Customer Support and they will do anything to help you with your problem..

October 02,2014

Great Service, Always helpful live chat staff and honest about the time it will take to your gold..

Nathaniel Field
October 02,2014

At first i was skeptical but then there was the magnificent customer service that gave me piece of mind as soon as i seemed to think it was too good to be true. they asked for my transaction number and they let me know the status of the order and everything about it and told me that i would be mailed in game by one of the many fellow employees of guy4game.com i would recommend this site to anyone..

Raven Ezreyne
September 29,2014

I honestly tried 6-7 other sites and nobody had the gold I wanted. I waited 4 weeks on another site and they never sent it. This site is amazing! Less than 12 hrs and great customer service. Panda was wonderful and I recommend this site to everyone! I'll definitely use it again..

September 27,2014

Bought 30,000 gold, it took maybe 20-40 mins and a level 1 whispered me and he traded the gold. 10/10 will buy from here agian.

Justin Conn
September 27,2014

Have bought gold from these guys and have never had issues with them. I play Wow,Rift, Archeage, Aion and many other games but I always use guy4game. I love these guys----they will do their best to help you out and also give the best prices on gold. I have bought for many years and I always return to order more. They are very trustworthy and will work with you as to getting you the gold. I also recommend guy4game to many others who ask..

Martin Clearman
September 26,2014

i was really nervous about buying gold not because of getting ripped off but because i didnt want my account to get shut down from blizz.but the gold came really quick and everything was discrete lisa was very helpful and all is said and done now good price too.

tm r
September 26,2014

at first when i got this website i thought it was to good to be true but then i decided to do it and it was the best resiving my gold now i buy stuff off this website once every week and is the best. i now buy power leveling but this is great servise so try it out for yourself.

dylan kezerle
September 25,2014

First ever order on this website , was skeptical at first but i had the customer support user [PANDA] very freindly and calm through the order had a few issues at start but got them resolved and what i needed from the order i would recommend this website to anyone it is legit as it can get . Thank you to Panda for the awesome support.

September 22,2014

I received a large sum of gold I purchased in less than 24 hours on a server that isn't super populated, so fantastic work to the guy4game guys in delivering. The customer service was also top notch in answering my questions, I'll be buying from here again..

September 20,2014

I buy 15k gold on wow server EU the gold took around 12pm to arrive. When I ask the live support for my gold after 1h waiting he responded very well to me . After 12h I received my gold by letterbox with 1.5k more :) I recommend it to everyone ! I ordered once here and if I have to do it again I would start again for sure. (* Sorry for my bad english i'm french ).

Maxime Caron
September 19,2014

These guys are awesome, got my gold with in a hour or so, right on, keep up the great work. ty.

shawn s
September 18,2014