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Always get my gold or credits on time with this, its the best!! "Snow" is an excellent affiliate as well, very helpful, to say the least! Keep up the good work guys!!.

February 05,2012

i love buying from guy4games.com they are quick and easy to talk 2 all their accounts are at great prices. i always do business with them thank you guy4game..

bob builder
February 04,2012

Very good, Fast Great job. Buy next time don't delete all my real id friends :).

Jacob Tansey
February 04,2012

Excellent Service Always delivered in about an hour.

February 04,2012

very pleased with the service would recommend to anyone just prices should be done just a tad :).

Andrew Pellizzari
February 03,2012

I request 315k credits for STWOR and got the credits very fast, Best service Ever!!! and Customer service is awsome. Thxx Ann.

February 03,2012

ozzy was great serviice.

brandon wise
February 03,2012

I have been impressed with there ability to get my items in a timely manner and when situations arise they always offer refund no questions,sometimes waiting happens but so far they follow trough on their promise to deliver..

February 02,2012

guy4game is so qickly and fridenly you must trust them but.

youssef el-mallah
February 01,2012

Awesome service, I have ordered ALOT of times from here.. Probably tooo many but the service is that good and if you got the money to spend on Guy4Game.com's services , DO IT. You will not be disappointed, my wallet has gotten very slim now that I found this site, its awesome service. Thank you and hopefully I will not be homeless due to Guy4game.com's incredible service. =) Im addicted.

February 01,2012

Transaction was suprisingly smooth. Recieved withen 15 minutes..

January 30,2012

ordered 45m of these guys for like 40$. Great service, I received order in 5minutes. Not only is this gold cheaper then all competitors, but they have googlecheckout which is the only way to pay using a prepaid debitcard. Gold4fun took 4 hours to get my order ready, yet they are the most expensive. These guys are #1, will order again. these are my trusted gold site gold4fun(took over 4hrs and crazy expenisve) ogpal(the customer service is retarded, and same price as here) guy4game(fastest service and great price)#1 gold seller in my book usifne(I would say the service is just as good,but are more expensive).

Daniel K
January 29,2012

Super Fast Delivery! Great Customer Service. I received my WOW gold and Vial of The Sands!!! You guys are AWESOME!!!!.

Ted Ny
January 29,2012

Only place i ever buy maple story mesos and it's really cheap. Great service :D.

January 29,2012

a polararm best place get any wow stuff mainly gold keep gd work up guy4game.

lee williams
January 29,2012

hi if u reading this i just wana say that this website IS THE BEST website to order from, u get ur orders sooo fast! And if somthings rong! they give u 100% REFUND I LOVE THIS WEBSITE AND IM ALWAY GONNA ORDER FROM HEREa and if u just came into the website and ur reading this i just wanna say DONT LEAVE AN GO SOMWHERE ELSE because this website is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i will always order my stuuff from HERE NO WHERE ELSE >:).

jeff c
January 28,2012

I got my gold in minutes after purchasing it. I was treated well, and I wasted more time getting to the person than the person did getting to me. This service has been amazing and I think I'll go for this site in the future..

Hex Nara
January 28,2012

Excellent service, within 30 mins had all my gold very impressive.

David Brown
January 28,2012

Guy4Game is AMAZING. I have got all my orders on time (1-2 hours) on orders of decent quantity. I will choose to go to Guy4Game for all my SWTOR credit needs. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Very happy USA customer.

Happy Customer
January 27,2012

was fast thanks guys and gals.

johnny edwards
January 26,2012