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Just brought some gold, Had to go so in like 30minutes so I talked to live chat. They sent a guy to me within 5minutes and I got my gold. Great service and response times, Will buy from here again. Very happy!.

Mike Smith
January 28,2013

I am now up to spending a 1000$ in game currency wow and diablo 3, i got to say it is the best site when it comes to purchasing gold for games :D.

January 27,2013

Great service, fast deliveries, and awesome deals. I couldn't be happier! ;).

Aphel of Moonguard
January 25,2013

I have been buying SWTOR Credits from Guy4game since first SWTOR was released, and until today, Guy4game has never let me down! I am so glad I found guy4game, with my long working hours, I don't have time to actually craft nor do dailies, but with guy4game i can still raid and has some epic rare items! thanks a lot for all the support!.

January 25,2013

Great service, got my gold as fast as possible with no fuss!.

Ben P
January 25,2013

I got my money within the hour and the costumer service was excellent i will buy from guy4game again for sure!.

January 24,2013

At first i was worried about buying wow gold but i talked with one of the online reps and they were very reasuring. yes sure they can fake it but it felt legit. and it was and it was quick had my 40000 within 20 mins.

christian tomkinson
January 22,2013

One of the best transactions I have ever experienced!!! What an awesome experience!! Highly recommend these experts!!.

January 20,2013

I used Guy4Game for my first time over a year ago(December 2011) and today for the first time in months, they still have the same friendly service and are very quick. Even on a Saturday! I will be buying more gold from these guys more often. :).

Sullivan Norman
January 19,2013

Guy4Game offered the best price for a trustworthy and reliable power leveling experience. Would and will do business with them again. You may find it slightly cheaper else where, but realize that a saving money means nothing when security and professionalism is on the line. You can trust Guy4Game..

January 17,2013

Fairly quick, and legit..

Justin T
January 16,2013

Recieved transaction via trade not even a minute after purchase..

Robert McMullens
January 16,2013

Guy4Game really is awesome, seriously so far it's the best service I have found out there! Safe, delivers, good prices, great support, simply brilliant.

Erik H
January 16,2013

bought gold from them, i opened a convo with a live representative and after a little while my order had arrived i met them and recieved it i was very happy, and will definately use them again.

Terry T
January 16,2013

I have played multiplayer games for several years... subbed two or three at any given year. In early days I turned my nose up at the thought of not DIYing my swag. Today I decided that I couldnt do even one more grind for that epic whatsit I wanted (and needed to be more effcient while leveling) on my newer account. 3rd try was the charm. After epic fails all day with 2 other sites.. not sure I can say who ,but one has SEVERAL affliliates in same parent company. The other had reputation but I found out too late that reviews have been less favorable of late. Suddenly I remembered a friend had used G4 last year and was happy. One thing that wil turn me on or off of asite/game/establishment is SERVICE. a lil bit of investigation by a live customer service agent can save hours of toil, generate goodwil and usually solve the problem. Alice was a champ..kept me calm and neutral while checking the data. You guys have MY vote and promotion. I am an in-game DJ and wil definitely mention you as the place to check when the grind gets to time consuming . One shoudl treat oneself now and then ,,right? Thanks!.

Purrfctly Pleazd
January 15,2013

safe and secure i will always buy guy4game :D they are the best.

alan edwards
January 15,2013

Super fast, and very smooth!.

January 12,2013

Guy4Game is a very reiliable website. All representatives have spent time going through order processes step by step treating their customers with care. This is the only website i trust. i feel more than comfortable to be a customer for Guy4Game..

mike p
January 11,2013

love guy for game has really helped me through all this leveling again every time i have had gold it has been spot on delivery and never any problems with powerleveling thanks guys :D !!!!!.

January 11,2013

I have to say that the service impressed me! Simple, really fast and efficient.. Honorable, friendly and helpful people talking to you with trying to offer the best service.. Keep up the good work guys! ;).

January 10,2013