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I understand the doubt and hesitation one would feel when deciding to try a service that requires anyone other than yourself logging into your account. I admit I was hyper paranoid, took screenshots of each of my characters prior to my order and kept a meticulous record of everything; gear, gold, items in my bank - you name it. But after having ordered gold from Guy4Game for years without any hiccups, I decided to take the leap to a gear and mount package because I felt I had enough of a level of trust with this company and tell you what - I trust them wholly. Not only did nothing go missing or having the account stolen right from under me (as most of us would fear) but they finished it within 8 days, when I was expecting at least 3 weeks. So if you were like me, hovering over that "Buy Now" button, I say if you really want it, get it - they deliver on their promises and deliver it in an efficient manner. They'll also notify you daily whenever progression to your order has been made, which for those of us who are a bit jumpy about it all will lessen the paranoia. Now time to order one last mount before MoP comes out :).

July 31,2012

I was nervous at first, it took around an hour or so after ordering to receive the gold. When I ordered from them i only bought the lowest amount, but next time I will go much higher after the success I have had. Thanks Guys.

July 30,2012

Another Delivery Sucessful!.

July 30,2012

if anyone says anything nice about this lot .... i totally agree efficient friendly and they keep there promises 1000% all the way...

July 30,2012

Fast five star service. In a matter of minutes i had my gold will buy from you guys only from now on..

skylar rushing
July 30,2012

Very quick delivery! Also, when I had a question concerning the method they use to give the gold, I had all my questions very kindly answered and she even contacted the delieverer making my concerns known (Live-chat assistant was Ann)..

July 29,2012

seems like a good site iprobably will use it more often.

garrett taylor
July 29,2012

Awesome help from live chat! I've done several errors and was nervous about my transaction but with the assistance from the help staff (Amy&Terry) we got everything settled quickly. I will always go through this site for any need in the future, thanks again!.

July 27,2012

I bought WoW gold & When I logged on to my account, I just waited approx. 5 minutes until getting a whisper by Guy4Game! Its legit,fast,reliable.They have earned a active Customer :)!.

July 27,2012

The D3 gear build is an amazing concept. I received 18 items for me and the follower and a grinding map for improving my rare drops. You cannot buy these items yourself on the auction house for the price you pay. Looking forward to the other inferno acts being added. Thanks again.

D3 player
July 27,2012

Everything was great i recieved my gold within 10 minutes. Face to face transfer..

Patrick Duffany
July 24,2012

Very good service :) I had my goods delivered in less than an hour. Very helpful Live chat and quick and discreet delivery :) 5 Stars and Thank you Guy4game.

WOW player :)
July 23,2012

just ordered, went smooth. Great service from Amy! She was very patient and although there was a bit of waiting, everything turned out fine. Thank you guy4game, definitely will order again sometime..

July 22,2012

This site is really adamant abut getting what people ordered to them as quickly as possible. They are really nice and polite and answer any question to the best of the knowledge. 6/5 stars in my opinion..

Tyler M
July 22,2012

Great site. Friendly, helpful staff who will stay with you until your product has been completely delivered. Wouldn't go anywhere else for my WoW needs :).

Kevin Miles
July 20,2012

You guys are the only website I order gold from anymore, no one I have found has been nearly as dependable..

Nathan Coffin
July 18,2012

Have always received my gold safely and usually within 5 minutes. Wouldn't use any other site. Chat is always available to help and they wait until you receive your products..

July 17,2012

Usually pretty fast and never had any problems..

July 16,2012

i was very nervous at first cuz it took a couple days to hear bak but i went bak onto site nd clicked online help nd "snow" (which is screen name) helped me through it masd sure i got wat i paid for..i completly reccommoned this site to neone.

July 16,2012

Guy4Game.com is the best service out there got my gold in less than 15 minutes ! you can trust this guys !.

July 15,2012