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SNOW is the SHIZ Got gold in 10min after order Quick, painless and AWESOME Will be back.

benjamin barton
April 15,2012

I have bought gold from this site 3 times and it has been delivered within 20 minutes everytime..

April 15,2012

Helpful and professional! I always talk to an operator prior to purchasing any gold. If gold is not available at the time of purchase, G4G will give recommendations based on the stock levels. Not to mention, speedy service and absolutely no hassles while in game for promotions or to solicit gold. I have been using G4G for well over a year for a few of my MMO's I play(WoW, EQ2, FFOnline, and recently SWTOR). Thank you for putting your Customers first G4G!.

Nathan Williams
April 15,2012

i bought gold today and got the gold in 5mins its fast cheep and safe..

Owen Dower
April 15,2012

Ive never bought gold before n in less then 20 minz i had 8250!!!!! Wow im impressed n u now have my business lol TY Guy4Game UR AWESOME.

Sam Saenz Jr
April 14,2012

Great Service! Not used to seeing gold sites be honest about stock on servers. Delivery within a couple minutes!.

Drew Carey
April 13,2012

Great Service!! 5th time ordering and will continue to shop here for Runescape Gold. Keep up the wonderful work.

April 12,2012

its the best website for gold and powerlvling they helped me so much and its very fast to make quest for rs, and skills lvling,and its so cheap!.

abdullah khuraibt
April 12,2012

This was my first time buying gold and i dont regret it , i will certainly buy from this site again!.

April 11,2012

they make playing possible to those with not much time. the only place to go!.

April 11,2012

I Brought Powerleveling Earlier On In The Week(Level 76-80) It Was Very Cheap And Very Fast,Its Not A Scam And I Trust Them With My Account,Gonna Buy Gold Soon!.

April 11,2012

Really great service. Always in contact with me in e-mails and very quick on answers. Definitely coming to these guys always from now on ^_^..

Alberto Gutierrez
April 10,2012

This place is amazing, i've bought gold here around 3 times, and every single time they do an amazing job with helping me out and getting me my gold fast. Thanks :).

Calvin Bauer
April 10,2012

Guy4game, the one and only site i come to for WoW goods! they have excellent customer service and amazing delivery time! Highly recommended!!.

April 10,2012

This site is extremely exceptional! Guy4Game has great customer service including fast and reliable delivery of orders..

Timothy Amburn
April 09,2012

I really trusted this site from the beginning and even though i DID worry a little at first, like most probably do - the guy met me in the first 10 minutes and traded me what I paid for. Sweet stuff. I would recommend this site for anyone..

Kayla Cowan
April 09,2012

In game credit received in less then 30 minutes. Service is excellent..

Cory Mickle
April 05,2012

These guys are the best and they have an even better support staff guiding you through the process of your purcahse, i have spent well over $1000 in the last 2 months and will continie comming back because of the great service..

April 04,2012

Service was quick. had the gold in hand with in 20min of order. I'd say i'd order again NP was very impressed with there service..

Crazy Candian
April 04,2012

Wow shut down for extra hours and I wad worried for a while by you all came thru like a champ. I won't use Paypal again - they are exceeding slow - this was much faster. Keep up the good work!.

James Hill
April 04,2012