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thank you very much gold helps lots.

brandon rowe
February 18,2011

very very fast and very safe just need some dicounts...

Ali Ben Nikhi
February 17,2011

Great service... Fast , safe and relatively painless. (only problem is the amount of personal info required) Will definately use this service again..

February 17,2011

best site ever i spent 600$ on it and im only 14.

lololol lololol
February 17,2011

Placed order and literally had it in my bags in less than 5min!! amazing! VERY easy, excellent communication. AWESOME.

February 16,2011

guy4game is the most cheap websites and the best i ever seen. guy4game make rs very easy and trust me if you want to buy anything on rs just vist guy4game.com. i bought like 100 times and i d'like to buy more and more from guy4game thank you..

hasan al-attar
February 16,2011

WOW........I logged onto my account and within minutes I had my gold. Very professiional and very efficient! This was my first time ordering gold and I will always use G4G from now on. Thanks guys!!!!.

Leoanrd Giegerich
February 15,2011

very friendly customer service and fast delivery, other live support websites just ignore the customer if the product is unavailable but guy4game actually take the time to respond and apologize if the product is unavailable. AAA+++.

Mang Thomas
February 15,2011

The service was great, within seconds of me logging on i had my gold. I will definitely be back!.

February 15,2011

I recommend this website they were great and super fast! Thanks so much guys..

February 14,2011

ordered 100m and took a lil bit more time than expected so they gave me 5% more gold and just ordered alot of skills for powerleveling very excellent site to order from very fast reliable and safe~!@.

mark conner
February 13,2011

Awesome service! I bought gold through another site whos guaranteeing was 24 hours. I waited 3 days and began to get impatient. As i entered their live chat they gave me a runaround about how they didnt know when id get my gold. I filed a grevence through paypal and got my refund. I found this site and their chat was super helpful and i got my gold within 10 hours of purchase! Ill be reccomending them to anybody looking to buy gold. Thanks guys!!!.

Christopher Turczak
February 13,2011

thanxx . i like to buy more things. very good.

munn munn2003
February 13,2011

Bought over 300m From these Guys, FAst service Amazing on Live chat to! Really Puts your mind at ease..

February 12,2011

First Time User. Quick Sign Up. With-in 30 mins had my Gold. Live chat system don't work so well tho. Kept saying disconnect. Other then that great setup I will definitely use it again..

J p
February 12,2011

This site is the best. Not only do they have the cheapest gold but they deliver in 5 min. There friendly and fast the best service anywhere!.

steffen larson
February 12,2011

I have got a account from guy4game and some gold which is really handy.

John Evans
February 11,2011

I simply won't go anywhere other than Guy4Game.com. Their customer support is outstanding! Fast, secure, friendly and super helpful staff. Delivery times are phenomenal! Bets of all they treat you like a important client! For anything WoW this is the place to order..

J. Newing
February 11,2011

Their delivery speed is damn near lighting!.

February 11,2011

awesome job been shopping from g4g for a while now keep it up.

February 10,2011