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Unlike other gold sellers Guy4game always deliver on time or at the very least let you know whats going on and contacts you when they have it. They have never kept me waiting around like the others do wasting precious levelling time. If you're looking for reliable gold delivery, then Guy4game is the right place. Don't compare pricing cause for a few dollars extra its realy worth the great service !.

Simon Assouline
November 11,2010

Right on Top of things. Guy4Game only took 9 mins to deliver my 60 day CD WOW KEY. I defiantly recommend anyone who is new to buying stuff to buy here. They are quick, easy and hassle free :)..

Tyler Lazare
November 11,2010


November 11,2010

Definitely recommend this site. It was easy and quick..

November 11,2010

The quickest and most reliable service from a game company i have ever seen thank you!.

ben hartley
November 11,2010

I have purchased Kinah for use in Aion from a couple of different vendors, and it was nothing but complication after complication. One site wanted me to set up a store and sell an item for the amount of Kinah that I had purchased. Guy4game is not like that. Buy what you want--boom! Five to ten minutes later, the mail icon in the game shows up and it's there! No playing around. No having to talk to the site representative while the game is running to meet at a secret location. Guy4game just works! They are the only people who I will buy Kinah from now. Service is excellent; I highly recommend them. Firstname Lastname.

Firstname Lastname
November 10,2010

Quick time for sure thanks :).

Dan Lesperance
November 10,2010

i had two accounts powerleveled and i must say the speed and quickness of the service was impeccable..

steven nguyen
November 09,2010

Amazing response times, very prompt and great value for money..

J****d R******a
November 09,2010

Guy4Game is one of the best and often cheapest powerleveling concerns i know ( and i know very much! ). The custumer service is nice and firendly too. I will stay buying powerleveling - stuff from you! Greetings from Germany: Daniel.

November 09,2010

i used this site for my bro. it took awhile for him to get the gold, but the whole process was very professional. we got a timely responds about the delay and was accommodated for the additional wait time. we plan on using the service again..

a s
November 08,2010

I have always been hesistant in regards to using sites such as this, because in the past... something always seemed to go wrong. However, (Guy4game) is by far the best site to go to; if you want gold delivered to you fast, get it from this site. Any other site I have used, I could not get through if I had a problem... phone numbers no longer in service, bogus live chats, always some excurse, etc. Before I made my purchase (John - agent that assisted me) was more than willing to stay on live chat support with me, to ensure that the entire order was delivered (amazing customer service). Before I even started the order, he was willing to answer any questions I had, and trust me when I say I had asked a lot of questions. I coordinated with John and everything went well. So I have to say it took approximately 30 mins (give or take...that is with starting the process of the purchase and finally receiving the order). So anyone that has had a negative experience from any other site... I strongly recommend using "Guy4game" as they are by far the best site, if you want the best service..

November 08,2010

Prompt and timely service with gold delivered to account over 10 times in an accurate and fast manner, customer service is also at its best of a kind for such service. I give Guy4Game five stars, do you?!.

420 Weeds
November 07,2010

I got my 3,000 gold in time! thanks guy 4 game.

November 06,2010

dang! i ordered this, LITERALLY ten minutes later i got it :) fantastic! you'll dwefinitely be getting my business again:).

jonathan higle
November 06,2010

I bought 600m ISK. Delivered in less than an hour. Outstanding service. I will definitely be back for more....

November 05,2010

These aren't fake comments at the bottom their service is really great. Just 2 tips if the person is giving you gold in game than don't talk to him/her blizzard can monitor conversations. You will get temporarily disabled like i did. second tip is when they are power leveling your toon don't change your password and then log into your account because then they wont finish the leveling ,but everything else is fantistic.

Mr Thinger
November 04,2010

First time buying gold for any game so I was a bit nervous that I could get scammed. With Guy4Game they are not scamming sure maybe a bit higher if you search around but the other sites are generally the scammers. There wasn't stock on my server for Atlantica Online but in about 3 days there was stock again and I received the gold. The people on the chat were very helpful in getting my questions answered along with making sure I got the bonus gold during Halloween. Very good customer support and will come back here for my gold needs..

November 02,2010

Ordered many many times from here :) very very professional. Nice job.

Sanghoon Han
November 02,2010

I realy like what they are doing. They are trusted and not greedy at all !! And they are so fast with delivering Guy4Game ur the best.

November 01,2010