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Derrik Goon
October 15,2011

USFINE IS HORRIBLE DONT USE THEM OR ANYONE ELSE, the best site around is right here, i have bought from guy4game twice and they are quick and well organized. Their live chat people are awesome and this is my favorite site right here and only site for rs gold :).

Chris Dunno
October 15,2011

I have been using www.guy4game.com for about a year now. I love the fast service, 24/7 service. Really fast, just truly amazing. I hope you guys keep it that way. Thank you for helping me on every order I have had with you guys. I truly appreciate it. I love the workers, They are just so polite, and nice. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK..

Danillo Freitas
October 15,2011

I just started buying from Guy4Game.com, and i keep coming back! There delivery times are always within the hour for gold and Items are always on time 30 minutes to 24 hours. i must say out of anyone i have used they are keeping me pleased. Thank you Guy4Game! YOU MAKE MY HP WORTH IT!.

Ryan G
October 14,2011

G4G is amazing and fast. You would be a noob to buy your gold elsewhere.

October 14,2011

Ordered Rift currency here twice so far and there's been excellent service. First time I ordered a problem occurred but customer support was amazingly quick to solving it and getting the amount I needed. Better Service, Better Selections, Guy4Game.com..

October 14,2011

I bought platinum for my guy for Rift and i did receive all of it but it took them nearly a day longer then their guaranteed time frame. Frustrating but they did compensate me and give me extra plat for the inconvenience. I will probably use this place again next time I need more..

J Mort
October 13,2011

This was my first time ordering powerleveling and i was a bit suss about it ( as we all are ) but now ive made 3 orders with them ( 2 power levels and 5k gold ) and its bloody excellent 10/10. trusty :D.

Zac Harris
October 13,2011

I tried guy4game based on solid reviews. 3 orders and I've gotten all gold I ordered no problem. Fast service, keep it up! As long as it continues I'll be a frequent customer..

October 11,2011

These guys are great! I used bank of wow before and it took nearly 48 hours. Guy4game was delivered within about 20 min. I will be back. Cheaper is not always better, and guy4gold is only a VERY small amount higher than bank of wow. Soooo worth it..

October 11,2011

I LOVE this company! The people are really nice, and they are so helpful. I recieved my gold on time, and it was fast. I will Never go anywhere else but here for anything I need. I will recommend my close friends, and family. Thank you Guy4game.com :).

October 11,2011

I have tried over ten other gold sites in past years since i started wow in 2007. If you want to just play the game and not make it a job you have to buy gold. Although Guy4game is not the cheapest in price thier efficiency is worth the extra cost. Also they let me use gift cards to pay for my gold which is great because I do not have a credit card or a paypal account..

Joey Azarian
October 11,2011

Very very fast. All pro all the way. I will be back for sure. No one can compare to there survice. Thanks agin for a great transation..

October 11,2011

Amazing to work with. Fast and thorough. I ended up with a surprise mount at the end of my most recent order. Worked with them a few times, from small little PL's to larger orders and gold... All very fast, efficient, and received ZERO problems. I will do my business here and only here. Other sites just do not compare..

October 11,2011

This is the single best site I have found! The 24/7 online support is always nice to me! And I love the feeling im a valued customer. Thanks Guy4Game.com for helping me to get on my way to being rich. :).

October 10,2011

I've ordered twice now from this website, 15m and the 1.5m bonus cash. It took less than 15 minutes both times, the live chat was very helpful and the person responded very quickly. I've bought gold from other sites, and this is by far better than any other site that I've used..

Zack Skattie
October 09,2011

Have used a couple other websites for gold but this is by far the best. Yeah it might not be the cheapest one, but they don't mess you around. From order to character in 15 mins. Def use again..

October 09,2011

very fast and accurate. thanks again.

a s
October 09,2011

Bought 180m plus the The 198m bonus. Got my order in 30-40mins good deal Bra!.

Dc Dc
October 08,2011

Easy, great!.

Joni Mickna
October 08,2011