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Guy4game is the best online rs gold money site with quick delivery and excellent support information :) x.

Ben Jones
June 14,2010

A very fast and efficient service.. my order was carried out in about half an hour..

June 14,2010

I have to say, these people are good to order from compared to other kinah farmers. Pros : Delivery has never been wrong amount, i usually get face to face trade and the person trading with me is usually higher than lvl 40, some of the best prices that i have seen, customer service is F-ing awesome, if they are late on delivery they throw in extra kinah - last time i got 600k extra for being a day late, most importantly they are safe and reliable. Cons: delivery time is not as fast as one would like ( the longest i have waited was close to 2 days). sometimes they get the order wrong concerning the delivery method ( 2 different times i wanted face to face delivery and i got mailed my kinah). Also, the live chat takes forever when u ask them if there is kinah available (I once waited nearly 30 minutes for a reply) and that's about it. Overall, I would recommend these people to anyone!!!! love Sally buckinghamster-bater.

Sally Buckinghamster-bater
June 14,2010

I have used them twice now for gold and once for powerleveling and they have come through great for all products. No question in my mind I will be using them for all my products..

June 13,2010

I have bought a Great account from Guy4game.com and a whole lot of gold. I must say that i am really saticfied by the staff and for the char. Thx keep up the good work..

Daniel Nilsson
June 11,2010

Placed an order and it was totally completed within 15 minutes! Very pleased, and I will definitely be back. No problems, totally legit, great customer service. Don't get scammed, go with guy4game. Seriously. Awesome!.

June 10,2010

im always trusting guy4game!.

jesus curbeira
June 10,2010

great site, trustable..

June 10,2010

good service, very reliable, and is pretty cheap too! a++ right here. oh and im not a fake im really ligit :D.

Mathew Wrightman
June 09,2010

Ive ordered 2 game cards from Guy4game Its not a scam i was iffy at first but its definatly the best site ive ever Used thanks guy4game!.

Eric Sawyer
June 09,2010

hesitant on buying at first. Talked to a customer rep who assisted me through the whole thing and got my gold within 30 min. A lot better than I thought that it was going to be.

June 07,2010

All I got to say is... wow. These guys are simply awesome. They do everything they say they will do... and then some. They are professional, fast, and very nice. I feel perfectly fine trusting them with my account info. I've been going with them for months now and never once have they hacked me. If you're going to go with ANY company... currency or powerleveling... do yourself a favor and choose these guys. Brogame and the rest of them are crooks and will get your account banned. Thank you Guy4game, keep up the excellent work! :).

N. W.
June 06,2010

All I can say is WOW! When others promise fast service, forget it they are scrubs. Got my order in less then 10 minutes. Yes that is RIGHT, less then 10 minutes. This company rocks and they will get my business again and i will definitely tell my game friends the same. Why take a chance to get ripped off and I was worried about that myself. This was my first time and they made a believer out of me..

Kerry Boy***
June 05,2010

best site veyer.

jauny jauny
June 04,2010

i thought this website was a scam but then i was wrong bought 88m on my 100 account this works perfectly better than gold4rs =).

juany juany
June 04,2010

Used the service twice now, both times within 30 minutes ive had my gold, Service is excellent and fast, never had a single problem yet, and will continue to do business with them until im proven wrong!.

June 03,2010

Very fast delivery of wow cd key,and most competitive price too. Will definitely use your services in future-thanks Guy4game :).

June 03,2010

Best service I've ever experienced. I've bought from many different suppliers and this has been the fastest and most helpful. I recommend them to everyone and I will definitely only use them from now on..

Albert Gant
June 01,2010


May 31,2010

Wow! They leveled my toon a day ahead of schedule! Then I decided to reward their business with an order for some currency. Within 10 minutes I got my gold. These guys are legit. Simply impressive..

May 31,2010