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whoever organized your site, did a very nice job.

James Smith
February 09,2009

Most often they can deliver full package on big orders it takes more time but they always delivered..

Tom speed
February 04,2009

thank u so much for getting the order done. you guys are the only ones that were able to do it, i have tried SEVERAL other vendors without success & almost gave up, but you came through, awsome job & great service..

gabriel Ramos
February 01,2009

Your service was outstanding. Your team kept me informed, answered my questions, and level'd my toon quickly. I will be using your again in the future!.

fwa Riss
January 31,2009

Made a purchase today and was very impressed with the support and feedback via the online live chat and phone call. I will highly recommend your service to any who might be in the market for it! Great job and I look forward to the fast and prompt service again!.

Shannon Seals
January 31,2009

i would like to commend your company for having on line communication readily available to customers.? ?thank you.....

russell christian
January 26,2009

Thank you very much. You are the best service I have ever used and will recommend your site to all of my friends and continue to use the service..

Michaelyn groce
January 26,2009

Guy4Game, Wow! Thats all I can say. This has been by far the best service I have used to date. Since the first time I tried your Gil purchasing service I have been impressed. I decided to give the powerleveling service a shot and just as i had hoped, I found the same great quality and efficiency in that. Great job guys! Thanks.

Jon Greenwood
January 23,2009

Thanks for completing the powerlevelling on my character. I would like you to pass along to whoever was controlling my character that they played it with professionalism. Either by coincidence, or chance, you had asked my IRL cousin in the game for assistance in completing a quest. My cousin was privy to the fact I was getting powerlevelled, so he knew it wasn't me. He said that the player was all business and said thanks for the assistance for the quest. Please pass this on and I will definitely recommend your services to anyone in the future..

Kathy Simonini
January 23,2009

Ok I thought I would throw in my 2 cents here. I bought 500m ISK for Eve Online earlier tonight. Right after I ordered, I hit the "live help" button to see how long it might be, how I would get it, and if it was indeed in stock already. The guy told me it is usually 2-5 hours and that they didn't have the stock already. I thanked him politely for his answers and got back to playing. No more than five minutes later, I see my wallet blinking with an extra 500m ISK than before. Excellent..

Gareth Cluts
January 21,2009

You guys did a fantastic job at a great price!!! I will most certainly use you guys again in the future for all my online gameing needs. Great job and thank you!.

Troy Corness
January 15,2009

Guy4Game is a great company. They are one of the few suppliers to proudly display a toll free number and what’s more it is staffed by a friendly English speaking Canadian staff. Their online staff answers chat requests in under a minute and are both friendly and productive. In short their customer service is superb..

Liming Chirita
January 13,2009

Outstanding Service!!! Thank you very much! Your customer service rep. Ann was so nice and helpfull and delivery was quick!.

gino Grove
January 07,2009

Just wanted to thank you, you did a very good job, and faster than the estimated time. I will come back next time I need some more PL. Thanks!.

Jack reed
January 06,2009

Thank you very much. Your service was outstanding. Your team kept me informed, answered my questions, and level'd my toon quickly. I will be using your again in the future!.

grant Dill
January 05,2009

I wrote you for to say that I am very satisfied of your services andyou are very rapidly and I like this I received my money under 30minutes. Continue this mean..

Jacek David
January 04,2009

thank you so much you guys are the best! this is why i tell all my friends about you guys.

Jason Collins
January 03,2009

you guys did an outstanding job! you had my order completed in a matter of hours!!!! 65-80. I couldn't be more happy!.

jim Smith
January 01,2009

I have thought highly of this company since I first started doing World of Warcraft gold reviews. Guy4game has remained a rock solid gold seller and every time I look at them, they seem to add something new such as honor powerleveling. The features that Guy4game offer very few other companies provide..

glenn Spargur
December 31,2008

Merry Christmas! Your always curtious, and very quick to deliver. Definately the best customer service, and sales representation, by far..

Jason Rosales
December 25,2008