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I just wanted to drop a line to say that the entire exerience I had with my account purchase was excellent. The registration process was easy and quick, and then when I accessed the live chat to clarify an issue with my phone numbers, my questions and concerns were answered immediatly. Absolutely refreshing in the 'whatever' world we live in these days! Thank you so much..

Justin Hall
August 02,2009

Brilliant, Reliable, fast and cheap, the best around..

Filipe hawkins
August 02,2009

Hey. Like always, like it Thanks!.

michael robertson
August 01,2009

i just wanted to tell you that I love u guyssssssssssssssssssss! I LOVE UUUUUUUUUUUUUU!I am really happy with my goldpeace!.

sean Gunn
July 31,2009

Just like to say I was very happy with you service! Keep up the good work!.

Peter Robertson
July 31,2009

world that seems withoug proffesional courtesy you people are just amazing. I am so very impressed with the way I have been treated, miscommunication included. I just want to take a moment and give you guy a great compliment. You are doing a great job, and I sincerely thank you for your time, effort and patience on my behalf. Keep up the amazing work. A truelly happy customer.

feriba Dillon
July 30,2009

Very fast and helpful, great service nearly instant service/delivery. after failing to order from brogame (which i guess is a blessing) found guy4game. :) Thanks!.

hamad colak
July 30,2009

Deliver was prompt and everything went smooth.

Ian Green
July 30,2009

Thank u very much yes i am very happy with ur service with the game i am glad u were able to finsh the delivery so fast and i will most deff come back when i can to have u help me with it agien if i need help...u have a good day =).

Dillon Cummings
July 30,2009

thanks and i relly happy to use this site coz its relly kind help and relly fast thats why I LOVE THIS SITE ^^.

josh Rivas
July 30,2009

Just like to say I was very happy with you acount service! Keep up the good work!.

john harrison
July 28,2009

Thank you again very much for the wonderful customer service..

james Robinson
July 27,2009

You may not be the cheapest however you are the best, and i will be back for repeated service.

osama soehlig
July 27,2009

Perfect i've tried other sites but been let down these a brilliant ty.

David Staahl
July 26,2009

Went to the site, unsure of how my experience would be from reading SOME reviews, bought an order of 7500g gold [With the 10% extra bringing it up], paid for it on my card directly on the site (that was a big bonus for me) and had my order processed within minutes of doing it. Got onto the live chat (that took around 5 minutes) and spoke to a person, just asking where I'd meet and arranging a time, asking for a face to face trade that is too. I got my answers rapidly with the trader ready to trade with me over 30 minutes before the time i'd specified, bearing in mind I was asking to have the gold in exactly an hour from the order, I thought this was pretty amazing and I stayed in conversation with the livechat person until from when I ordered until the deal was done. I'd rate this as a brilliant experience, and as my first time buying gold, I'd say it went PERFECTLY..

tabitha Hartle
July 25,2009

Fantastic. You guys rock. Thanks for the expediant service. I'll be back to take advantage of your leveling services. Keep up the effort, fellas..

Bradley smart
July 22,2009

,thank you so much and i will be coming back to your website.

Timmy Rodger
July 19,2009

your company just re-earned my business isitor: I will make sure to tell everyone about your company. Best support so far Visitor: I look forward to doing more business with you! (here and L2).

matthew DeFoor
July 16,2009

I appreciate your understanding and because of that I will do business with you and your company in the future. The service you provide allows players without countless hours to grind enjoy the game just as much as people who play for days at a time. Thank you for doing what you all do. You have my support..

Terry Smith
July 16,2009

Guy4Game has one of the quickest delivery systems for small and large orders alike..

Marco Haug
July 14,2009