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Instant delivery this morning. The one thing I checked for was a spot for customer responses and this place has it. 100% legit. Got my wow gold, and nothing bad happened..

Michael Morgan
April 25,2010

I was leary in buying gold from a web site so I wrote gy4game several emails asking various questions about the process of ordering gold for an MMO. They answered each and every email I sent professionally and they were courteous with each reply. I made a small order after I felt comfortable enough and was told I would get the gold within 24 - 48 hours. A few hours later I had delivery in my account. Since then I have had no problems with the game company and the gold is still in my possession. I can now order with confidence knowing that guy4game is a very legitimate MMO gold buying site. You can also feel confident that whatever you order will be delivered withint the time frame you are given..

April 24,2010

realy great service, really fast after purchase i recieved the money with in minutes thnx john.

April 22,2010

Guy4game is awsome! ive ordered 5 times and every time i have been satisfied, i love the live c hat, it was helpfull,everything is perfectly done here, i give guy4game a 5satr rating! Great place..

Xander Vanderlip
April 22,2010

Guy4game is awsome! ive ordered 5 times and every time i have been satisfied, i love the live c hat, it was helpfull,everything is perfectly done here, i give guy4game a 5satr rating! Great place..

Xander Vander***
April 22,2010

Let me just say that i was hesitant about buying wow gold but this site is legit. It actually took couple of days to get all the gold i orderd because of my play schedule and the amount i orderd wasnt all in stock at the time but dont worry you will get the gold you pay for..

April 22,2010

very fast, great service i will sure to make this sire my mesos store.

Jeremie Prosa
April 21,2010

good service so far eventhough i have to wait for like 2days for the gold to be delivered!!.

April 21,2010

I bought a RS2 Powerleveling service (Dueling : Magic) I read through the whole desc. and there were no requirements finding out later by chat that i need 2.2mil to begin the process....

April 19,2010

Absolutely incredible! This is by far the BEST World of Warcraft service I have used, I would recommend this company to anybody! Fast, easy, and cheap! Rating this is a 100 on a 1-10 scale!.

April 19,2010

Great Service! Have bought from multiple times with an order up to 80$ Everything was done in a timely manner, and power leveling was a stunning 8 days long for 1-70. Just great service, and it won't get any better anywhere else. Ava, and Linda helped me with all my problems. Cheers to you guys..

April 18,2010

G4G has been amazing. Their live chat was really helpful and patient as well =D Tbh i was quite worried whether G4G would be like many other powerleveling services, but they turned out to be GREAT. I'm already putting in my second order! =D.

April 18,2010

My wife and I play quite a few online games, and we have procured the services of multiple gold selling/power leveling companies. It isn’t easy to find a wholly reliable and trustworthy website when shopping around to purchase these types of services. My wife and I have indeed run into a great number of problems from just bad service, to being outright ripped off. I just wanted to add an entry to the testimonials here on Guy4Game to tell any prospective customers to stop shopping, this IS the site you’re looking for. I will not attempt to convince anyone that Guy4Game is the perfect business, because all businesses have their problems and bad days. My wife and I have ordered many times from Guy4Game since finding the site. We have ordered services from Guy4Game for WOW, LOTRO, and AION; and we have been extremely satisfied with them. Guy4Game is solid, reliable, and always delivers on their promises. Never have I had to contact customer support, nor have I had a single complaint. The service representatives whom deliver the services in game have always been very polite and profession, while remaining quick and to the point. Guy4Game representatives always double check via e-mail or other type of correspondence to ensure my services were delivered in full, and to my expectations. The only one single drawback toGuy4Game is that service delivery may be delayed on occasion if orders on a particular game or server get backed up. Although in almost every case that this has happened to me, they have given me compensation in the form of more services than what I had originally paid for. Guy4game is the best and most reliable gold selling/power leveling business I have had the pleasure to do business with. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone in the market, and plan to continue using their services myself for all future needs..

Roger Kiehl
April 18,2010

These people are awsome at selling, but sometimes, they run out of stock, and i have to wait sometimes. but they are very respectful. oh, and the trading can tend to be slow..

April 17,2010

The live chat was very helpful, I wanted to order more gold than the order page had to offer and they helped me get a better price and talked to me until we worked it out. I look forward to getting my gold farming as I am a repeat customer and have never gotten banned and always got my order completed either on time or early..

April 15,2010

Ive used Guy 4 Game a bunch of times, and all i get is great service and polite customer support. They are efficiant and helpfull throughout all the processes. Cant have played without them!.

April 14,2010

I am still waiting for my gold. beeing told that their database was down for 4 hours made me think its a scam but i really hope its not... Just another excuse that many scammers use. il post again if i actually get my gold..

Jim X
April 13,2010

i recently purchased an WoW account that is worth more than i expected, the support team helped me get the accuont name & Password, and the following other information the nest 24 hours. and it went smoothly. logged in and played the account and now im a proud user of a Val'anyr. Now my account is in the process to get me a full 264 gear, and while their not raiding at the same time i can play, very useful, when purchasing gear or an account i give Guy4Game.com 100% of my trust. thank you again, and looking forward to you guys in the future. =).

April 12,2010

All i can say is WOW an agent came on to pass on the gold with in minuets! She even went out of her way to come to me as I am new and not sure how to get to the specific towns.. above and beyond, Highly recommend this site!.

April 11,2010

Very good delivery time, rough guess about 10 min delivery time. Thank u. I will most likely become a regular customer with service this good! =).

justin koehn
April 10,2010