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Thank you very much. Your service was outstanding. Your team kept me informed, answered my questions, and level'd my toon quickly. I will be using your again in the future!.

grant Dill
January 05,2009

I wrote you for to say that I am very satisfied of your services andyou are very rapidly and I like this I received my money under 30minutes. Continue this mean..

Jacek David
January 04,2009

thank you so much you guys are the best! this is why i tell all my friends about you guys.

Jason Collins
January 03,2009

you guys did an outstanding job! you had my order completed in a matter of hours!!!! 65-80. I couldn't be more happy!.

jim Smith
January 01,2009

I have thought highly of this company since I first started doing World of Warcraft gold reviews. Guy4game has remained a rock solid gold seller and every time I look at them, they seem to add something new such as honor powerleveling. The features that Guy4game offer very few other companies provide..

glenn Spargur
December 31,2008

Merry Christmas! Your always curtious, and very quick to deliver. Definately the best customer service, and sales representation, by far..

Jason Rosales
December 25,2008

i would like to thank the person responsible for sending me my christmas card from guy4game, i think it was "George"..

Shelley Romero
December 23,2008

Yes i am very satisfied with your powerleveling service, i think this is the start to a beautiful friendship lol.

Marina roha
December 23,2008

Merry Christmas to you~ I doubt I'll have any problems with you. Your always curtious, and very quick to deliver. Definately the best customer service, and sales representation, by far..

xavier Denny
December 23,2008

Hello Carrie, I really like your service because I had pleasant experience with your service for my account in WOW. Let me know when the task completes. Thanks! Merry Christmas to you! Smile.

bob Han
December 23,2008

I just wanted to let everyone know that I appreciate your help in lvling to 80. To the G4G team, I wish you all a safe and tremendous upcomming holiday..

marjorie Rodriguez
December 18,2008

I am regular costumer at guy4game, and iam always amazed over the superfriendly and reliable service through livechat and ingame! Personality does the trick, promise. Never felt like talking to a BOT. Merry christmas to u all!.

Henry Shearin
December 11,2008

I ordered 15million gp and your customer service represenative was 100% excellent her name is Thera i give her 2 thumbs up 1,000,000 if i had that many thuumbs Just Because of Thera i will use your serivices again it was EXCELLENT!.

kandy Grotzke
December 06,2008

this is hands down some of the best customer server i have ever recived,I am will recomend you to anyone who need online cash.

Jeffrey daponde
November 30,2008

Once again, I am very happy with your powerleveling service. It was exceptionally fast, as I expected it to be, because this is my second order from G4G. I have also invited friends of mine to use your services, and they are just as happy. Keep up the good work and look forward to doing business with you again..

Kally staples
October 31,2008

Just wanted to let ya guys know that you did a fantastic job!.

Seth ryan
October 23,2008

Awesome webpage, very professional..

Eric seguin
October 23,2008

its a really nice service youre offering here.

Robert Scears
October 08,2008

Great service again guys, thanks so much for a job well done!.

Liviu Risner
October 03,2008

"Thank you! This kind of customer service makes me want to do business with Guys4Games again in the future!".

Derek combs
September 15,2008