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I must say I bought swtor credits and power leveling on this website and amazing work. 100% secure and done to customer satisfaction. Great group of men and women, very friendly. Great chat service thats available 24/7. Just amazing.

Francesco Bruzzese
December 26,2012

The process was quick, and easy, couldn't be happier with the outcome!.

William O'Brien
December 26,2012

If You Need It, This Place To Get It. Took An Hour For Full Transaction.. Will Come Back And Do Business..

John Boy
December 25,2012

Great customer service and fast delivery!.

carol mittag
December 25,2012

Guy4game are great, I remember 2 years ago didn't know if I should had trusted them, But I took the leap of faith and I'm glad for it! from WoW gold, WoW powerl leveling right up to Diablo 3 gold. And not to mention getting D3 gold - you get it almost instantly! Great job G4G you have my continued support, respect..

Jono F
December 24,2012

the delivery can be made within an hour just go to the technical support and ask for it.

jayson allred
December 22,2012

Bought a couple times now from Guy4Game and they've always been amazing, and the last order was done in under 15 minutes! Perfect customer service as well - would not look anywhere else for gaming needs..

Patrick L.
December 22,2012

Bought powerleveling services and gold multiple times from these guys...I usually don't write reviews, but this is a LEGIT service, and customer service is always friendly. Definitely recommend Guy4Game for all of my WoW needs..

December 21,2012

I have been using these guys for ages, no issues. :).

Happy Customer
December 21,2012

thanks again :D this is my 3rd transaction that went PERFECT !!!!!.

gir darksoul
December 20,2012

You need fast wow gold, this is the wa to go. Beam life chat, ask what the gold reserverve is on your realm, you pay, login bang cash in and that is all there is to it. They are even so honest to tell that they can not help you because the gold ran out. Serieus never want another supplier. Thumbs up!.

thc cohen
December 19,2012

How long does delivery take?.

t hutch
December 19,2012

I love guy4game.

Hanks G
December 17,2012

i would just like to say that it would be nice to know how long it will take for my rs gold to be added t omy account..

bradley gould
December 15,2012

Great customer service who worked through my issues cleanly and quickly!.

Allen Hughes
December 14,2012

Have had three or four transactions, and have nothing but great praise for these folks, Keep up the great work..

Silver 440
December 14,2012

Holy cow! I was a little afraid at first but man do these guys deliver. Professional and fast, i seriously could not believe how quick and easy the transaction was. This was my first time buying gold and i can honestly say they made the whole process easy and friendly. I highly recommend using guy4game.com on all your wow gold purchases..

Monkey Luffy
December 13,2012

I would recommend this service to all. Excellent Customer Service ... Super fast delivery for gold!!! Infact there probally trying to deliver it as i am typing . I have purchased mounts no problem. I have levled leather working ,Jewel Crafting and Black Smithing 1-600.. Engineering will probaly be next.. Thanks Game 4 Guy.

December 13,2012

After being a loyal wow gamer for years I decided to try swtor but needed credits. The site I used to use couldnt come through for me and I got tired of their representatives contactimg me in-game trying to sell me more gold. So, I tried several other sites in the process, getting ripped off each time. I tried guy4game but contacted support before ordering to be sure that the credits were available. The operator was friendly and helpfull, informing my of the amount of credits readily availabe at that time. Upon ordering I recieced my credits within five minutes. Very happy about the experience..

Bullet Magnet
December 13,2012

best discreet "help" anyone could ever get. i've been using this servce for about 1yr. never a problem that wasn't fixed in LESS THAN 30min due to time differences. i reccomend to ANYONE on aion..

December 13,2012