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It worked! this is not a scame, I paid for the 150K and received 150K :P.

Felix Morin
May 25,2012

awsome very helpfull site. recived my gold in 10 minutes. customer service was amazing as well i will be useing your services again thanks so much..

Travis Lacombe
May 25,2012

ive spent over $400 in 4-5 sales, always had my gold within 20 minutes, and live staff is FANTASTIC compared to other sites that barely know english.. never had a problem so far =P.

May 25,2012

This site is amazing! I received gold and powerleveled and everything went fine! I totally recommend this to any n00b like me that is way too lazy to do things for themselves! :-).

Rob Kirkman
May 24,2012

I have used Guy4Game to purchase gold, items, mounts, and pets on multiple occasions. After having used other sites and not receiving my order for days or weeks, or simply not at all. It was nice to find a site that delivered what they promised in the time they promised it. They are very professional, deliver on time, and have yet to disappoint. I will be using them for all my wow needs from now on. Thanks Guy4Game. You make it all worthwhile..

Roy Gerkin
May 24,2012

Ive gotten Diablo 3 gold recently and WoW gold in the past, very reliable. I feel pretty safe going through guy4game for my gold. Trustworthy for sure..

May 23,2012

amazing service and amazing prices i have never felt pressured and i always can trust the excellence of service.

May 21,2012

Never once have I had any problems with them. Always get my order reasonably fast and accurate. Best service all around :D.

May 20,2012

I placed an order and waited about an hour then decided to contact the chat center. I spoke to a very polite woman named Ann, who then clarified and helped settle the questions I had about when I could expect to receive my purchase. She responded promptly and was very good at her job. If the people they employ and the speed they show at delivery are anything to go by then Guy4game.com is well worth the money..

mitch heilman
May 19,2012

I've used this site many times and received my Platinum within 20 minutes every time. It's the only place I'll use..

May 17,2012

Bought 10M then noticed I was just short of buying another 10M. Terry gave me a coupon which knocked 40 cents off and I was able to buy it with no problems. Gave me a fast delivery on both orders and the staff is definitely better than the competitors. Trusted and will use again..

May 17,2012

ya dude the comments are legit. I bought like 70m from them, they are a really great site..

May 16,2012

Very Cheap and nice site! i am totally gonna buy more gold from this site!.

Simon Öberg
May 16,2012


zhuo dai
May 14,2012

trying to just make sure these are real comments before i blow money ..

kris campbell
May 14,2012

making sure these are real comments..

kris c
May 14,2012

holy shit this works. AWESOME site!.

Steven Kelleher
May 13,2012

best site ever! spent $100 so far!.

ja ke
May 12,2012

This is one of the best sites i have been to the only thing is that the prepaid cards do not work because they dont have an address but other then that its a good site and i will be coming back for more items.

May 11,2012

i was worried about buying gold, but this site is legit i recived my gold in less then 6 hours..

ben a
May 11,2012