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I have been using this site for years now, never had any problems. They are honest if they are out of stock, quick to deliver, polite, and quick to re-supply. I've used other sites before, none match this one. I don't even check competition prices anymore, with this site you aren't just paying for a product, you are paying for assurance, reliability, and near guarantee..

March 06,2011

I am very impressed at this company's repeated demonstration of excellent customer service and prompt delivery. I have ordered multiple times including gold and also powerleveling and my expectations have been met every time. I do recommend this company for any of your powerleveling or in-game currency needs..

March 05,2011

i was looking for a long time to find a amazing website like this they are really good and quick delivery all my orders were given with 30minutes it is also suprisinly cheap i was expecting it to cost a lot more..

thomas abuseedo
March 05,2011

I bought 5k and they delivered in 15 minutes. I just made another purchase and everything is going well. Strongly recommended!!!! Thank you for your fast and great service!!!.

Thiago Lira
March 04,2011

This Is The Best Site Ever Made For Power Leveling and Gold... I Have Bought Power leveling For More Than 200$ And It Was Fast And Safe! I T=Have Bought More Than 400m Gold Farming! Fast And Safe!! So This Site Is The Fastest And Safest And Its The Best!.

Mr J3osS
March 04,2011

OMG only 2 words can describe these guys.. LIGHTNING FAST!!! Put in the order and withing 5 minutes I had the Gold in hand.

Charles Barber
March 03,2011

i love g4g it made runescape way easy its 100% safe and fast i bought 36m last summer and fire cape which gave me the ability to have my dream gear full bandos with fire cape :D. thanx gu4game best site ever :D.

Pro Gamer
March 03,2011

Gold was delivered within 5 hours of purchase and was all there. I actually encountered a rare issue with the GM, but the guy4game staff handled it professionally and when I asked for a refund, immediately refunded my money. Was a pleasure doing business even if I had to cancel my order..

March 03,2011

was so pleased and wow ive bought before from others and was just bad. these guys are great.

March 01,2011

Awesome service, second time using your service and I am even more impressed. The first time the Gold delivery was delayed, but I did recieve the 25% late bonus...this time I ordered over 3 times as much and got it within an hour. AMAZING! I am thrilled and will only use and trust Guy4Games services!.

25kdpsEpic Hunter
March 01,2011

this website is fully trusted and gets the job done but the prices are too high, if they could just lower the prices between 5$-10$ on each product , the demands for their products will increase..

yousuf salhi
March 01,2011

I've did ALOT of business with Guy4Game. My gold is always delivered within 5 minutes. The live chat people on the website always sit and chat with me to confirm I have recieved my gold. I give G4G 5 stars! Excellent site..

John Grisham
March 01,2011

Got it in less than 15 minutes.Good seller =P.

February 28,2011

Received my gold in less then 30 minutes. I buy from this site all the time!.

February 28,2011

I have ordered from Guy4Game 3 times and have never waited more than 15 minutes to get my kinah. They are professional and courteous and would highly recommend their services..

LiAnne Montalbano
February 28,2011

had gold recieved in less than 5 mins!, i will be back! :).

Michael Hancock
February 27,2011

Very pls with service email for pickup was instant, had order 10 to 15 min later. Very pro deal :).

February 27,2011

I would like to thank Guy4Game. I was a bit hesitant and I thought I would lose my account buy I went with it anyway. I bought a 1-60 package and they did a phenomenal job. It took them about 3.5 days to do it. I even had a friend follow them around and question them, but they handled it professionally and eased them. So I didn't get unintentionally reported. These guys are legit. Once again, I thank you for your service and will most definately be using you all again. Thanks!.

Corey Pearson
February 26,2011

Thank you so much for your service and excellent quickness!.

February 26,2011

very safe and trusted but prices are too high i think gold farming would be better its safe and cheap and better hope the prices come little down.

mohammed al mazroei
February 25,2011