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i am very surpised that any other companies out there can stay in buisness with guy4game selling and doing what they do best. thats pleasing thier customers, i personaly would never spend a dime any other place i stand by this company 100% and appreciate thier kind firendly service very prompt and perfesional. Thank You.

jesse jenkins
April 12,2011

I placed my order and within 10 minutes i had my gold. Won't be going anywhere else!!.

Joe R
April 12,2011

VERY satisfied with the service provided! I used the chat help feature and talked to Kiko, who was very helpful and got me my product right away. Won't go anywhere else..

April 11,2011

I've been playing WoW for many years, seen many sellers and levelers around. Nevertheless since I first tried Guy4Game service I never changed my mind. Nice and professional representative and deliverers, fast and reliable service and definitely also competitive prices in my opinion. Security is also really appreciated, face to face trade and mail confirmation of delivery receipt make me really comfortable on how I spend my money. Give it a try and you will understand what I'm talking about!.

April 10,2011

Received gil promptly, very satisfied...

April 10,2011

fast with the very best service, this is the right place for all your needs!.

April 10,2011

This is simply the best site to get what you need! great service and a fair price, what else do you need?what are you waiting for, go ahead and give Guy4game a try and you to will be writing something like this!.

April 10,2011

Recieved gold promptly, an excellant transaction.....

April 10,2011

really fast service.

frost demon
April 10,2011

I've purchased game currency from guy4game for years now. They are friendly, fast and efficient. The communication is outstanding. The transaction is secure and I have always been made to feel that my request was a priority. To be honest, I usually don't leave much feedback when services ask for it. And I never write testimonials. But guy4game has been consistently good for years and they deserve the kudos. Thanks guys.....

Chris Kelly
April 09,2011

I was searching the through this site which I have used once or twice before and found that I wanted to purchase 70k gold and a Grim Campfire but i thought 50$ for the campfire was a little steep in price so I used the Live chat and spook to a marvelous person named John who was able to help me work out a price that I could afford and get both the gold and Item. John was very well mannered and professional with all the questions that I asked and was even nice enough to stay in the online chat with me while I ordered to make sure I didn't have any issues with the entire process. This site is sometimes a little bit more costly but having such a good experience with John and this sites fast delivery I'm willing to pay the extra couple dollars here for the great service..

Phillip Watson
April 08,2011

Really, REALLY fast delivery and everything like proposed. I received my delivery about 10 ~ 15 mins after my purchase. RECOMMENDED!!.

April 08,2011

hey your site is number 1 best pwrlvling and safest pwrlvling.

April 07,2011

Wow customer service was awsome.I know that this will be the place I will come for gameing needs.Totally trustable and very fast with delivery and service..

Steve Burke
April 07,2011

This website is completely safe everyone!! Trust me i have spent over $150 here!!.

Daine Richardson
April 07,2011

Outstanding service!!!.

Joey Schremm
April 07,2011

Thanks So much. Wow these guys are ridiculously fast. 6hr guarantee turned into 15 min wait! Definitely using Guy4Game Again :D.

Taylor Miller
April 06,2011

Nice i love this site i bought 40m and plus the bonus i got 44m i was soo happy guy4game is the best site ever i even bought a world of warcraft account off them also.

kevin biblis
April 06,2011

I hardly ever buy gold for wow or runescape, But if you do you should totally get it from this website they are very friendly and will do whatever to fit your needs. :) I give them a thumbs up. When I got on customer chat and asked if they had any gold for my faction and realm they said they did not have any at all. So i checked again in 4.5 hours and they had gathered 40k gold!.

John Henderson
April 05,2011

Rift Platinum! Within 24 hours the platinum was in my ingame mailbox, and a message was in my personal mailbox to let me know! This was one of the smoothest online purchase of any kind. I had bought from a competitor over a week early and still am dealing with PayPal to get my purchase refunded after delays and misleading . Well done Guys4Game!.

April 04,2011