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I remember making my first order long ago from a different company called Oforu. It wasn't long before it was banned and I lost about $400. I should've known better. Eventually, I came across this website and was obviously a little iffy about trusting such a service again. But I took the plunge anyway with some small orders and they were accomplished with no trouble. I've never looked back since and always come here to catch up gear-wise as my work makes it difficult to do so. Beforehand, when time was endless, I always raided on my own but lately, I've just been unable to do so. The prices here are good, guy4game is always updating me weekly on items that have or have not been obtained, and they have even tossed in extra items at times. If I ever change my mind on an order or need to cancel, I've yet to have a problem and have always received full refund. I can only hope they remain as great as they are now, in the future. Cheers for a fantastic service =).

November 13,2009

I have made several purchases for gold with Guy4Game. Usually, prior to purchasing, I will use the online chat service to speak with a representative and ask them if they have enough stock on my server to handle the order I will place. After ordering, I will jump back on the online chat and within 5-15 mintues, my order is delivered. Guy4Game has never let me down...ever! Thank you, G4G for your awesome service!.

Rubber Dizzle
November 13,2009


Tommy Chong
November 12,2009

You guys are absolutly ahead of the pack! I wouldn't go to anyone else for my game gold and have been using your service for nearly a year now! I have no complaints and only praise for the way you kindly and professionally handle every transaction! Thank you always!.

Bilbo Baggins
November 09,2009

great customer service, the best ive ever encountered anywhere. Also the product was good to.

matt c
November 09,2009

Completely safe, Fast, and Reliable. You will never find a more trustworthy site..

November 05,2009

I have purchased 2 accounts from guy4game, the accounts where exactly as they showed on the site, Great staff. Also i have used the DIY service, items were send very quickly and the guide was accurate. I would tell anyone that asked that guy4game.com is the most reliable and safe site for this type of purchases. Great Customer Service, they hang right in there with you to make sure you are satisfied with the order and that everything works out for you..

Marc Lumsden
November 05,2009

I love it, i had Allot of doubt going in to buying a Account my 1st time for WOW. And within 1hr i got what i bought, recently went in and bought Gold and got that in about 30min. Outstanding customer support, good communication, great site. Bookmarked and i WILL be back, Along with a few friends. THANK YOU!.

Armi* N****
November 04,2009

Guy4Game.com is the place to go for MMO currency or powerleveling. For gold, they deliver quickly, no questions asked or annoying phone calls. I'll always shop here for my MMO needs..

Kell** S*****
November 03,2009

This site is full stop the best site for RS2 RWT they have the best prices and have very fast delivery. Overall a very professional site and i will be sure to make them my main site..

Harry W****
November 02,2009

:) Delivered safe and sound. A little late, but they were out of stock so that was fine. First time buying gold, and after reading the great reviews from this website - I gave it a try. I'm definitely glad I tried the guy4game site and not some other!.

November 01,2009

every person that i chated with was very friendly and fast 24/7 chat realy makes a difference..i'll be a member here for awhile.

michael williamson
October 31,2009

r u the same jessie unruh that goes to Marengo High school?.

October 31,2009

AMAZING! I have done a lot of purchases from other websites within the last month. I have been messed over by quite a few providers. Guy4Game.com has exceeded my expectations. Extremely fast and prompt service and they actually gave more than it was worth! Thanks for everything!.

Matthew P
October 29,2009

Guy4Game is a great quality service! You get what you pay for, on-time! Unlike, many other Gold/Powerleveling service. I will be sure to be using Guy4Game, as my main in game powerleveling service. The prices are also great for how long it takes them to achieve the amount of currency chosen. =) Guy4Game rules :D.

Devon Matheson
October 28,2009

Fast. Professional Service. Anynomus. (even polite). /tesii.

October 28,2009

G4G is very professional and here to get the job done. I have ordered twice from g4g once for gold (about a 20 min delivery) and once for power leveling (30-45 in about 24 hours). Every time i use g4g i am happy with the product.

Jake B
October 27,2009

excellent service these guys are legends spent almost 2000 dollars here, powerleveling, gold, you name it. these guys are terrific! will definatly use again :) 5/5.

chris Oakley
October 27,2009

FAST FRIENDLY AND EXCEPTIONALLY CURTIOUS I have made MULTIPLE orders from g4g And have been satisfied every time.

Mike H
October 24,2009

Very fast delivery. I don't think I even closed out there home page and the kinah was in my in game in box..

Bewb Toob
October 23,2009