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I trust no other site with my money for games but this one. I have bought from them numerous times, and every single time to my satisfaction they came through. Very fast and hard workers, great team of people to buy from. GO GUY4GAME!!!.

December 05,2013

Great site.

December 03,2013

Always deliver within a short amount of time and don't screw you over. Been using them for a while; the only ones I trust..

December 01,2013

Extremely fast service and very nice customer service. Thanks you guys :).

Gabby Frankiewicz
November 29,2013

I decided to give this a try, and ordered a few million credits for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I received my credits much faster than I expected. I'm very satisfied, and I highly recommend this service. I'll definitely be buying from guy4game again..

November 28,2013

Had multiple experiences with G4G. Most of them I got gold delivered within the hour, but this time it has been 2 days and they told me I may need to wait three more days. They will always deliver, but the timing is very iffy..

November 24,2013

I've been a customer with G4G for years with no problem. Recently they've dropped any "easy" ways to pay. At first, paypal dissapeared, which was sad, now, google wallet has been discontinued. Their new credit card server has terrible reviews: please read the reviews before using and DON'T use it. Skrill is also terribly reviewed, do not use it. The other ways are western union, which take days to transfer and this is supposed to be ease and quickly used. I will not be a customer again until either paypal has been returned, or another reputable business is used as a currency gateway. Aside from the payment problems, I have never, in my 5 years or so of using G4G, ever had a problem with delivery, across the wide amount of games i've played. Great service, please fix your payment methods..

November 24,2013

spent over 600$ on this site and is very legit and really fast..

yousef bsieso
November 24,2013

best service with power leveling been here many times. wished they have better discount for regular customers..

November 20,2013

I start using this site about year ago. Good prices? fast delivering and helpful consultants! I rate this service as 10 of 10. Keep up the good work!.

November 19,2013

Bought all the panthers (ruby, sunstone, jade, sapphire) and sands of time like a boss from these guys, and gold twice, they've come through every time like a boss. Seems legit. Definitely better than other sites, 100% not a scam. My account is very valuable (approx. $1k value) and I didn't want to risk it, but then my friend has been using these guys for years with no issues, so I started using them, no complaints! :P Sometimes takes a while, but don't get nervous, they come through. Good customer support as well..

November 17,2013


November 15,2013

Great service recieved gold in less than 10 minutes!!.

Caleb Menduni
November 14,2013

There is apparently a shortage of rift plat (from every retailer) so large orders may take a while but G4G is 100% reliable and legit. I have ordered from them I believe 6 times now and have never had a problem that they didn't take care of quickly & courteously. Highly recommended..

November 13,2013

pleasant transaction,currency amount was over purchase by 5%(after a coupon of 5% as well).very professional..

November 13,2013

Great great experience. I can't stress how quick everything was. I've dealt with a lot of gold websites and this is the best hands down. Price and delivery time cannot be beat. 132 M in 30 minutes? Can't beat that..

Selso M
November 08,2013

First time use. 15k delivered in less than 20 minutes. Thank you..

October 30,2013

This was my first time buying gold, so I was a little skeptical, but I was very much impressed. Got my gold in under an hour. One thing I will warn others about, is scammers are real. Had the online rep Nicole not told me that Employees will never ask to return gold for whatever reason they may come up with, I might have fallen for a scam. Thankfully this site did a great job at educating me to watch for these!.

Scott D
October 30,2013

I, to be quite honest thought it was going to be just a scam but they really came through i received my wow gold within the 6 hours haha if any of my friends need gold im sending them here.

October 30,2013

Well, actually it didn't come but they aren't a scam site because they refunded me. Maybe they were out of stock or something... But I ordered from here multiple time previously with no problem. They are safe but not always under 24 hour quick. Still, great deals and its not a scam..

Happy Panda
October 29,2013