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The order the ordering process was pretty simple. I ordered what I needed, then received the email within a few minutes and waited in-game for the requested service, although it took some time my request was fulfilled and I'm happy with my purchase. I will gladly be doing business again with this company again in the future..

smith robins
June 18,2013

Have used guy4gold for a few different things here and there over the years, items, gold and what not and gotta say very fast delivery, and great customer service and I will no doubt continue to use guy4gold throughout the years to come. Keep up the good work guys..

June 17,2013

Class service, discreet, fast delivery! What else is there to say?.

M Bidstrup
June 14,2013

It took a while to get my gold, 44 hours, but I play on a very small server. The chat folks were always patient and helpful and came through with a 25% bonus for my wait time. You can definitely count me as a customer, maybe from a different server next time. LoL.

Rockets Redglare
June 13,2013

I've bought a lot of things from Guy4game.com and they have never been late, in fact, they have always been early. They are the best site when it comes to World of Warcraft purchases (gold, items, and even mounts). I'm not sure about the other games they do, but if they are handled anything like WoW, this place is... AMAZING!.

Edward Fuller
June 13,2013

ordered and they delivered. CONS - took a few hours, but so have every other site. better than some experiences where it has taken more then 24 hours just to find out they are completely out of stock. PROS - they answered every email and stayed in communication. these guys are legit.

Joshua Landin
June 13,2013

Alright, so I've bought loads of gold from this site, and I can say the site is amazing. Friendly service, timely delivery, and competitively priced. I love this site..

Larry Read
June 12,2013

I bought gold, powerleveling, and a trade skill DIY for WoW. CONS -customer services reps are often somewhat slow to respond to questions in chat -large gold orders can take a couple days -1st portion of 1st gold transaction got me a warning from Blizzard PROS -fast delivery (usually) for gold and trade skill DIY materials -24/7 live chat support with friendly reps -powerleveling is completely done by hand -pricing is reasonable -time difference between eastern US & China allows me to play during the day, while powerleveling occurs at night while I sleep -customer service reps helped me receive my gold through AH after one of my transactions got me a warning -accounts can have authenticators - Blizzard won't ban you for unusual log-in pattern OVERALL OPINION Extremely satisfied with my experience with Guy4Game. Highly recommended. GUY4GAME FTW! I will definitely return if I need more gold..

Ross Stevenson
June 12,2013

I've bought gold 4 times (140k total). The first delivery was slightly delayed & given in 2 portions - the first one got me a warning from Blizzard, but using the auction house method for the second portion, everything went fine. Fortunately, the 3 subsequent face-to-face deliveries went fine with no problems at all. They've powerleveled 3 of my WoW characters to level 90, and I've ordered 3 more characters to be powerleveled as well. This is one of the few powerleveling services that allows you to have an authenticator (you simply provide the leveler with the serial number & restore code so they can log on & you can change your password after your order is complete), which is helpful, because much of the operation occurs China. This way, Blizzard won't ban me for an unusual access pattern (which has happened to me before when using lvlforu, a now-defunct powerleveling services that operated in China). As a result of the 12-13 hour time difference between the eastern US and China, I can play WoW for most of the day while most of the leveling occurs while I sleep. I've also bought the trade skill DIY ; delivery occurred in less than a day, and leveling from 1-600 to very little time, and I was able to sell some of my products on the auction house to cover some of my training expenses. I have been using Guy4Game continually for the past 19 days, and they have continually delivered If you buy from Guy4Game, I can almost guarantee that you will NOT be disappointed. GUY4GAME FTW!.

Ross Stevenson
June 12,2013

I would recommend guy4game to just about anyone. They were quick on delivery and stayed online with me to make sure my order went through. I appreciate there professionalism and speedy delivery times. Thank you guy4game..

Timothy Kunsman
June 11,2013

I was extremely hesitant to try any of these sites. However, i had been helping countless guildies and friends out buying gear, lending them gold, buying mats for them etc and soon found myself with no gold...(not even for repairs for my lvl 90 toon!) After a friend recommended me here i decided to give it a try. They are so very legit. The order process is very clear and straightforward, any information that you need is presented there on the site. The delivery was quick within half an hour at the most, i'd say, for my gold. Since i made a purchase for my ally toon and my horde toon, i was a little unsure when to log and log back. Both of the delivery people were very patient and efficient. The online support person, Panda, stayed on chat with me the entire time, patiently as I got all of my goods delivered. He even double checked the availability of items that I expressed an interest in ordering afterwards. I didn't expect my experience to be this good, i'm definitely going to be a returning customer. :).

June 11,2013

Just ordered 15,000 Wow gold. I waited patiently with a live chat staff while it was being processed. Got the gold in less then 20 minutes! Wow! No joke here folks, this site is legit, the staff is legit, etc. No scams, very fast and easy and they even give you discounts. Real customer here, i will be back for sure..

Roger That
June 10,2013

These guys are great! Guy4game.com is awesome fast hassle free service!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!.

June 08,2013

Awesome got 10k gold in like 20 mins.

chase pullicino
June 08,2013

Super fast within 5 minutes! its the best service from the webshop store i got. Perfect site for purchasing from another time..

stefan foged christensen
June 07,2013

Super fast and efficient, came within 15 mins of me ordering it! Will definitely be using this company again..

June 05,2013

Guys honestly listen up, this website is amazing i've been using them for a few months now and it saved me many times whether i need gold in wow or powerleveling or i need some honor points for my low geared 90s and it was great reasonable prices and 100% safe i will definitely be using it for a long time and i would personally want to say thank you to all the online live chat staff because they are very helpful if there is ever something i need to fix or change so you can put full trust it in believe me even i was shocked when i realised it actually worked! :D.

June 05,2013

This whole website is great, quick and really helpful live chat service. They're all great :D.

June 04,2013

ive been using guy, for a really long time, if anyone is needing reviews to read, theyre legit, they have done a lot for me in the past, and its been done 100% perfectly each time, quests, gp, power lv, all is done super fast and efficiently, best around guys.. legit.

June 04,2013

Was not sure if they where legit or not at first but decided screw it and did it got my 66M within 30 minutes legit. Will be doing business with them again for sure..

June 03,2013