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Smooth transaction, lowest price of the top rated "gold for games" sellers on the MMOBUX site. Can't attest to the amount of time it took to get the gold as I did this transaction from my work computer at noon and I didn't start the game til 8PM when I arrived home that evening. I highly recommend Guy4game..

April 05,2014

I recently used the live chat to see if Guy4Game had stock in my server. The first time I checked they did not and told me to wait. Other companies I have used would tell me they did regardless. A few days later I checked back and they did have the gold in stock and I received my order within 2 hours of my purchase. I also purchased the Vial of the Sands mount and was told it would take between 1-2 days for delivery. The very next morning after my purchase I checked my mail and had already received it. I have purchased gold a few times from here and have been very pleased every time. I have only purchased one item, the mount and also had a very good experience with this company. Highly recommend you choose Guy4Game..

April 03,2014

Seemed Shady at first, they said they ran out of stock. But after 2 days they made good on our deal. Got my gold in the mail and everything was good. Would use again..

Cody K
April 02,2014

This company is beyond amazing I was absolutely amazed with how fast they can powerlevel you and the fact that any request will be filled out immediately. I buy EVERYTHING from these guys. Gold, leveling, mounts, pets all of it delivered fast and as advertised. Out of 10 I would give a 100000000000/10.

Artemis K
April 01,2014

The first time i bought gold from this site i was worried that it would take an age to arrive but i recieved it in under 30mins and was pleasently surprised to see the delivery person was a level 90 not a level 1 throw away. Im never buying from another site again. Thanks guy4game :).

Original Rikky
April 01,2014

I've been waiting for over 6 hours now and nothing has yet to happen and no one has come into contact with me at all (frostmourne horde) Could someone Talk to me about what's going on please and why this is taking so Long (knix is my Characters Name) Regards Tom.

Tom Leeson
April 01,2014

Just bought the 10k gold, started having connection issues in game. Kind of shady seeming at first. They ran out of stock it seems and I was told it would be mailed to me within 24 Hours. Ill write another testimonial as confirmation of receiving the gold. Wish me luck..

Cody Kobus
March 31,2014

I recently purchased 50k gold and a mount the Gold was delivered within an hour the Mount within 24 I couldn't be happier with the service. I was sceptical to start with but I'd definitely purchase through this site again. A+ customer service all the way..

March 31,2014

This site is actually great, the staff is verry helpfull (and they dont get mad if you keep checking back on your order) wich was very comforting for me. I had to wait a bit because the suppliers were out of stock but after reading these testimonials i was pretty sure it wasnt anything out of the ordinary. So i decided to wait and yes the next day my order was ready to get picked up and now im a rich man again! :D (btw nicole really came across like a cutie :3) Thanks every1 from guy4game.com your the best! :).

Jeroen Buter
March 30,2014

Only people I go to when I need gold/items etc. Great service and trustworthy, been using them for years :).

March 30,2014

great great great.

Jessie James
March 30,2014

At first, I didn't totally trust Guy4Game, as cause I'm fairly new in this buying gold thing. I did get the gold I paid for. Guy4Game does have a very polite support team/ Live Chat, who did came out helpful to me. However, the gold I ordered did came in quiet late (later than I expected, or that the website promised on the front page). It's probably I was buying gold for Guild Wars 2, that I believe that Guy4Game is quiet under-staffed in GW2. But the thing is, they did delivered the gold in tact, within the 24 hours timespan that the support team promised me. I'm looking forward to our future transactions Guy4Game, keep up the good work team..

March 29,2014

I've used this site for power leveing, Green fire quest, Gold, and more. They are ALWAYS professional, and work with good haste. Thanks guy4game!.

March 28,2014

Okay folks, so I purchased the minimum amount of wow gold, because I was (and still am) rather skeptical of this whole thing. I ordered the gold approximately 6 hours ago, and haven't received it yet. But, I am writing this testamonial because if the gold does show up (as both of the 2 "ppl" i've talked to with customer service have said it will), and i have the 750g bonus that the last representative i spoke with, "Panda", said I'll have, then I will come back and write another post confirming this site's legitimacy. As of now both representatives have said that the supplier was simply out of gold on the server i'm on (Wildhammer), and they are attempting to remedy the situation now. So, i truly hope this is legitimate, and that i come back in a couple hours and write a confirming testamonial..

Hope Ididntgetscammed
March 26,2014

(SWTOR - Star Wars the Old Republic) *Credits* These people are the best in the world! Guy4Game are the nicest people I've have ever met in a game website! I was afraid this site was gonna steal your money blah blah blah but I gave it a try and my credits came in a day! :D I was so happy! I know some people wanted their stuff in like 15mins but I'm good at waiting for the things I want! Anyway this is the only site I will ever use now! I've told my friends and sister about this site! I liked the on FB to! I hope they will do (Lotro - Lord of the Rings Online *Gold*) That would be awesome! These are the safest guys to they know what their doing and I haven't gotten banned once! Love you guys! No homo :P.

Peter Ellis
March 26,2014

Incredible service and flawless transaction. I had no issues purchasing from Guy4Game and their staff was courteous and responsive when I needed to receive my order. Best of all, they accept payments other than PayPal -- something few in the business do. I look forward to being a repeat customer soon!.

Brendan Nerney
March 22,2014

Well, all I can say is sorry I doubted you. After being scammed by at least on other site offering a similar service I was nervous. I have now placed 2 orders and have been impressed by the speed of turn around, and the politeness and helpfulness of your on line customer service team. I am sure I will use you guys again. 10 out of 10 for the whole experience, and to your team.

BigBad John
March 22,2014

I have been using this company for all my external games need to powerlevel to gold. They've never failed me, and if the made a small mishap they compensate it with something. Prices are always low and trusted name in the business. The customer support reps are probably the best I have ever had a chat with their nice and not robots for sure. I bought bulk of WoW gold from them though they were dry on my server it took them 1-2 hours and sent me my gold ASAP. Worth the investment to this company..

March 20,2014

Was nervous the first time buying, but delivery was fast and reps were super friendly. Am now a repeat customer ;).

March 18,2014

Just got all 9 CM modes completed in a day. Absolutely thrilled by their service. Would give 50/10 for their friendliness and competence. Good job folks! :).

Tim Bo
March 18,2014