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First time buying from this site, and certainly not that last time! Got what I paid for in under 10 minutes of placing my order. Awesome job, keep up the great service!.

July 03,2011

Love you guys..

July 03,2011

Great customer service. The time between transaction and getting your "product" is usually reallly amazing. Sometimes you have to wait awile but that is to be expected. This site is the best, Period..

July 02,2011

I like these guys. Not too bad. With me I have to wait a day or two for them to gather the gold ( I blame my lame realm) Other than that these guys are legit. They take screenshots after every trade so don't try to lie :P.

July 02,2011

i have never bought gold from this site befor and i tryed it out and was shocked to see how fast i was able to get it other sites take like 3-6 days to get up 20k gold guy4game took 4 hours to get me 33k gold and i was varry happy (i used all the gold for the vial of the sand's mount ) and now im going to get more gold from this site gut4game you have made a true customer.

July 02,2011

This is the second time ive bought gold from this site, and here i am stuck waiting the next day still. :l.

Caleb Fleming
July 02,2011

I was genuinely surprised how quick it came, if I ever have to buy gold I am definitely coming here..

Matthew Henderson
July 02,2011

Safe, reliable, reasonably fast. Customer service could do with being a bit quicker to respond, but it is also very efficient..

July 02,2011

This was my first time buying gold and I didn't know who to trust. Guy4Game turned out to be a real legit site with excellent customer service and very quick delivery. Thanks Guy4Game, now my Runescape Hobby has just gotten 100x better. :).

July 01,2011

Only problems I've ever had have been low stocks, and they usually correct that within a few hours. Also, I wish I got this kind of customer service everywhere!! Thanks guys and gals.

Radical Edward
July 01,2011

Guy4Game got me most of my gold within 3 mins of submitting my order and the rest was soon to fallow. Note Check if your server has the stock before ordering as to not have a long delay in receiving gold.

July 01,2011

Just wanted to say thanks, was gonna do a survey for matt, but i couldn't find it. so i figured i'd leave a comment. This site is really reliable fast and has a good customer service. Matthew was really great help. Will order again! =).

June 30,2011

I've tried different powerleveling sites and gold sites and have been scammed alot but this site is LEGIT and you won't regret it at all. I trust them 100% with my money.

Manuel Espino
June 29,2011

All i can say for you guys wondering about this is they are the best you shall ever find ! I've been lured and hacked and i always come to these guys for help with my money, now of course you have to pay but if you really want to have fun on your game still then id suggest it definatly, probably bought 300m+ from them over all the purchases to bad i didnt get lured or i would be one happy runescape player! That could be you guys, just follow there instructions and pay and your set for whatever you purchased. Thanks alot, Guy4Game..

Joey Whelan
June 29,2011

Great prices, and fast delivery. will buy again soon..

June Liang
June 29,2011

Awesome Service, Great Job!.

June 28,2011

thesse guys are the best to get rsgp from ive done threw others before that scammed me but thesse guys are fast and give you wht u paid for i highly recomend them peacee.

dale taylor
June 28,2011

I have bought from other websites and they have taken so long to give me my gold even though they ran out of gold on my realm I only had to wait a few hours to get 3800 of it if I used my other wow gold site that would have been 3 or 4 days before I've seen anything. You got yourself another loyal customer on your hands looking forward to buying from you guys again..

Lydia Morgan
June 28,2011

Honestly I didn't think I could trust anyone with my account! But when I finally decided I was sick of leveling and desperate to get to lvl 80 fast, I gave up trying to find stupid bots and all that and decided this place was my best shot. I bought gold from here before but never gave any info on my actual WoW account. When I did go through with it, I was in awe at how fast they did it! (three days ;) Freaking amazing! Gave me updates whenever I asked, or they'd do it on their own frequently. I've said it one and i'll say it again. I will NEVER EVER hesitate to call on their team again. Don't you hesitate either, they will NOT disappoint!.

Philip Boyd
June 27,2011

Great site and bought from it a few times. never had any problems except for them being out of stock. but other then that great site and fast delivery..

Matt Meloche
June 27,2011