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I will say that I am very satisfied by your service for the following reasons... (1) Leveler was quick. It started very soon after my order was submitted, and completed in at a very quick pace. The upper 30 levels in 13 days? (interrupted by me for no less than 24 hours, and another 16 hours for weekly server restarts?). (2) Customer service was always polite, friendly, and cooperative. And, not to mention, available. I used the 24/7 live chat every time I needed to communicate. I think the most I had to wait was 2-3 minutes one time. (3) Value. The value of the service justified the expense for me. Thanks again. And rest assured, I will recommend your service to anyone I know looking for it..

lucas Reilly
May 31,2009

As promised i got the Eve isks in 2 hours, perfect customer care! Thank you.

Don Cohn
May 31,2009

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the prompt delivery. I have purchased plat on several other sites and have almost always had one type of problem or another. Thank you! I will refer all my friends to your web site for future purchases. I would also like to mention that your guy in game was very polite and spooke with me in game before purchase to let me know that my order was coming which is a refreshing thing as usually no one speaks to you. This transaction had the feeling of very nice professionalism, again thank you!!!!!.

Yuvraj Dickens
May 30,2009

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Paul Soiett
May 30,2009

hi! Just thought I'd give my feedback on my Rmage...wanted to thank you guys big time! Speedy and well taken care of! Thanks! I will definetly come back to you guys again.

Michael Grishin
May 28,2009

What a great service, you guys rock! I am totally convinced you have the best service I have ever seen! Thank you very much for your assistance. Please note that you have greatly out performed my expectations and you have gained another repeat customer!.

Derick dillon
May 26,2009

that i very freat of you , i apreciate you time and quick response i will mnost truly be a long and lasting customer and i will recomend u to everyone i am very impressed with this answer you made my day =) let me start up a new account and send you the information.

Maxwell Day
May 26,2009

everything you do has been explained very clearly and you have given me very prompt and precise information. its a very nice feeling when people treat you well.

Laurie Haque
May 24,2009

that is understandable, actually, respectable,buisiness is to be held with the upmost respect,and you all at guy4game always have shown me that.

Shawn Chong
May 23,2009

I want compliment Guy4Game on the work that was done for the Paladin my wife received. The character was well organized and the token's were placed for her to select the armor pieces, and neck piece she wanted. I don't know how Guy4Game runs its leveling business, nor do I want to know, but if same person or a small group of same people did the work for this character, then they deserve a reward. I would be willing to purchase a generic leveling service for some amount to cover the expense of a nice dinner for the individual or group of individuals that completed the work. I reward my own employees when they do well, and would like to do the same when Guy4Game really does a good job for me, like the one done for the Paladin . Speak to your manager, or owner, and if Guy4Game wants to agree to my offer, please advise me as to the number of people responsible, and what amount of money would be a suitable reward where they live..

Michael Hamilton
May 22,2009

hi i have a few things i would like to discuss with you first the bad i was trying to get a problem solved with one of your reps ##### and she did nothing to help me and in fact tried to blame me for the problem and i believe she did this because it was the end of her shift and she just wanted to leave the reason i believe this is my computer locked up and when i came back she was off work (about 5 minutes later) the rep i got upon returning to live support was Ava which in my experience is THE best rep you have...she solved the problem in a very timely manner and i was very satisfied (i was about to refund all my money and several of my friends were very upset over this incident) also your rep Linda is very good she always tries 110 percent to make the customer happy no matter what basically what all that meens is ##### almost caused me to stop using Guy4Game and Ava changed it.

Darci Smith
May 16,2009

i just wanted to let you guys know that i couldn't possibly be happier with the service your provided.I don't even know what it is that I will be purchasing, but you can count on me placing another order sometime in the near future,just wanted to let you know that.Thanks.

Mill Clon
May 16,2009

i want just to say you one BIG, BIG thank you. For fast delivery, for kindly suport, for everything ... will use you again ).wish you many luck guys.

Juan Carlos dade
May 16,2009

Thank Carrie! she has been a big help! even though i had t go through a hassle i can always trust guy4game!.

wade Clement
May 10,2009

just letting you know how happy i was with the tailoring skill-up package!! It worked out so well i did all of it in an hour!!!! Great great product!!.

James Sluss
May 04,2009

Thank you so much. I would just like to pass on my thanks to the rest of the team there. Your customer service regarding this mistake that was obviously an error on my part was of the highest quality, and the whole team should be proud. Please pass on my thanks to the whole team. Thanks again.

tim Deffes
May 02,2009

well my order has been completed and everything seems great.....I just wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied with the service and how professional everything was....you guys will see my business in the future again, I guarantee it..

Sigrid Salavisa
May 01,2009

i have told u this before.. and ill say this again.. u guys are the best...?? and i mean the best.. nice efforts in AV.. u guys rock...??also, your helping my character with some WSG and AB when you got time left over..??thats great!!!! i love your crew.. tell the levelers that they rule.

yvonne coulter
April 26,2009

You did such a good job on my paladin on that same accound I had to come back to you for my next chracter ^.=.^.

Daniel Mitchell Staley
April 26,2009

just wanted to send you a quick message, and say I'm amazed.After a bit of a problem with receiving your phone call on my cellphone (due to no fault of yours, my provider misprogrammed my phone ), I was finally reached within minutes.The humor shown by your delivery representative was a welcome change from the norm of 'sended it, ok?'.. He/She acted like a real game player, which was comforting in reassuring me that SE would not easily catch on. Whoever the person was knows how to do their job in the best way possible, making their customers feel comfortable and even adding a bit of humor. I spent 4 years with one of your competitors, and never once had the kind of customer service I received from your company, even before I was a customer. You've gained yourself a customer for life,.

Reid cookman
April 24,2009