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ya dude the comments are legit. I bought like 70m from them, they are a really great site..

May 16,2012

Very Cheap and nice site! i am totally gonna buy more gold from this site!.

Simon Öberg
May 16,2012


zhuo dai
May 14,2012

trying to just make sure these are real comments before i blow money ..

kris campbell
May 14,2012

making sure these are real comments..

kris c
May 14,2012

holy shit this works. AWESOME site!.

Steven Kelleher
May 13,2012

best site ever! spent $100 so far!.

ja ke
May 12,2012

This is one of the best sites i have been to the only thing is that the prepaid cards do not work because they dont have an address but other then that its a good site and i will be coming back for more items.

May 11,2012

i was worried about buying gold, but this site is legit i recived my gold in less then 6 hours..

ben a
May 11,2012

Recently purchased powerleveling (81-83) from guy4game on my warlock, service was completed extremely quickly, and my character was left with awesome gear, a lot more gold, and bags full of green/blue items - quality, would recommend to anyone. :).

May 11,2012

i have ordered 4 times & have had excellent results. i even received a personal call to verify an order when i used a different payment method ! I love the security and customer service..

Mary Mayoleth
May 10,2012

After being scammed out of 100.00 on a previous site, I thought there was no hope... but This is the best rs gold site i've ever been on!!! FAST AND POLITE AND OMG QUICK DELIVERY..

Joshua campbell
May 10,2012

Vince in the liveperson chat is very courteous and helpful. Instead of buying just 30k, I upped my order to 40k because of guy4game's wonderful salespeople..

Joseph Jude Samillano
May 09,2012

ty i did get all my gold last night and it was very fast on the horde server ty you guys are great.

May 07,2012

This site is friggen amazing. I have purchase an account, Trade skills (which work like a dream) and WoW Gold!!! EVERYTHING comes in a timely manner, and live chat people are very nice. Keep up the good work g4g, you have a customer for life!.

John Doe
May 06,2012

Great customer service. Very fast delivery. :-).

Brian Parker
May 05,2012

I was a little skeptical at first but SNOW stayed on chat with me and was really helpful, she even waited until my delivery was complete. great representative and great service, i will definately be coming back here for all my gaming needs!!!!!.

May 04,2012

They were on-time with the correct amount purchased, and gave me a bonus item! I will be purchasing again in the future. Thank you!.

May 04,2012

Great website get money fast! and cheap! Chatted with "Snow" helped me tons!.

blake fowler
May 03,2012

I love buying gold from here!.

James S
May 03,2012