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i would like to thank you all for finishing my powerleveling order--i have been very pleased with all your hard work. thank everyone for me!.

Mike Stark
June 26,2008

I would just like to say thank you for my world of warcraft powerleveling, it was done sooner then I expected...I appreciate your services.

jon Rawlinson
June 25,2008

I am very pleased with the quick response and email you sent to me to login in-game in order to deliver my order. I would definately use you again in the future..

trey cherriman
June 23,2008

Didn't even know i got the 200m bonus so not a problem. Pleasent surprise - thanks - just wanted to say i have used several services over the past few days and you guys were the best.

shawn Collins
June 23,2008

They responded very quickly to my request for powerleveling. In fact, I was impressed not only with the speed, but when checking in on my character only a few hours afterwards, I thought they were ahead of the estimated time given. My experience was enjoyable and I would definitely use them again..

ryan Sonnier
June 21,2008

I ordered WoW powerleveling from you guys and I just wanted to let you know that it was the best experience I have ever had with any mmorpg service.

Rhomenthus ross
June 15,2008

I currently consider this company to be the top WOW service company on the Internet. Other World of Warcraft gold selling companies may offer gold or services, a few offer both but Guy4game offers both good prices on gold and offer a lot of services that most sites do not offer. This company is one of the best places to buy World of Warcraft gold and services such as powerleveling. I have been watching this company for serveral years and I highly recomend using them..

matt Hauge
June 07,2008

When you are looking for people to powerlevel a character for you on World of Warcraft or you need some gold to buy Epic Flying, Dual Spec, or any of the other numerous cash sinks that World of Warcraft has to offer and you find yourself short on the time needed to get what you need in an acceptable time frame you can turn to Guy4Game.com, a company that has a long history of providing great customer support, coupon deals, and other nice offers. I have used guy for game 3 times since I first found them. Their prices are a little higher than some of the more asian competetion but most of the time you can always associate quality with price. Guy4Game is also based in Canada so it is fairly easy to reach them and they speak perfect English..

dean Charles
June 03,2008

ur site is so much better than all the others.no joke..

lee chunyu
May 16,2008

i must tell you that ive been using guy4game for a long time at it still provides the best service than all the other game service providing sites ever!im extremely happy with the services that you provide.

helen Groenewoud
May 09,2008

Best site I've ever seen. So organized and thorough. Easy to navigate. Good looking site too. Just wanted to compliment the people who put the site together. Well done! : ).

Jason ramsay
May 08,2008

I just wanted to say thank you for the very professional service I received from your company. Fast and discrete! I have never bought online gold for a game before and was very apprehensive but surfed around a lot until I found your site and decided to trust you. I am very happy I did. I will do business again and again thank you for your service.

Shay savage
May 03,2008

As ever, good and informative service. Was told right away that they currently had insufficient funds to complete my order; within a few hours I'd received the gold. Thoroughly recommended..

Justin Hartmann
May 01,2008

Firetly apologies for the delay.I used your 48 hr leveling service about 2 weeks ago,charachter name was XX on the khadgar realm, alliance i wanted to convey how pleased i was with the service which went beyond my expectations so thanks to you and the person that leveled me.

david Rodriguez
April 30,2008

Another excellent transaction on 2 different servers. Once again checked for stock, then I rinsed them out 1min 30 sec delivery on first 3min on second one..

randy Hartung
April 26,2008

Thanks for the great service and I will continue to use you guys for my leveling needs..

justin lawy
April 22,2008

Hi, Thank you very much it has been received. I would like to mention once again that it was truly a wonderful experience purchasing this, the customer service was always present and very kind. I will most definitly refer your compagnie to others. Keep it up. P.S The british accent on the phone is a definit plus.

Jeffrey Strunk
April 18,2008

Cecilia, you're my favorite Sales Rep, just so you know... Lol ^_^.

pabi stoughton
April 15,2008

Hello! I just want to reply to you and tell you how satisfied I was with your service. Everything was done jsut as I had expected and for that I am very thankful. I look forward to doing business with you again..

Terry Stiffler
April 10,2008

oh, I had nothing speciall in mind this time but to thank all of you for some excellent service! I'll be sure to recommend you to all of my friends in any mmorpg.

Hollins Craven
April 10,2008