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Great service!! It does kinda suck to have to goto them to get the gold but it's understandable. It would be very simple had the portals in Northrend not been removed due to Cata. It was easy enough to get a port to SW though. Thanks again!!.

This Guy
December 01,2010

The delivery was fast, and secure. And good service as well..

dani bahar
November 29,2010

Guy4Game is the best! I got my order so lightning fast, I was just amazed! Their service is outstanding....ICHIBAN!!.

Reggie Matsuhara
November 28,2010

Ok I have been a customer for 3 months now and have bever had a problem I get my gold almost imediatly after I place my order and dont have to wait long at all, the People are friendly and considerate and profesional. I dont think I'll ever use a diffrent site Ever I would definatly suggest this site to any G Buyer out there. Jenj69.

Jennifer johnston
November 28,2010

As a rather loyal customer i am quite satisfied with the quality and delivery time of the service. However, I just wish that the distributor would be willing to travel to other cities rather than demand that the customer travel to org. It is quite a hike there from smc now that the portal system has been shut down..

Paul Chambers
November 27,2010

I had my toon powerlevelled in no time! took barely 2 days!! great service! i seriously do recommend this site to anyone for anything! great job guys, thanks again! u got a life long loyal customer outta me! :D.

November 26,2010

Fast delivery. Great deal save me hours of game time just to raise money. Ive used them 2st and ill use them again..

quentin riley
November 26,2010

i buy from here and never once had anytrouble very fast and very nice and they wait for you to get your stuff and helpfull if you got a question ask the online person they realy help you no bull thank you yerry much.

November 25,2010

It was fast, easy, simple to use website. The gold delivery was very convient. I didn't even have to be logged in when i received my gold. Other websites, call you, make you email them your information like 2-3 times, for all sorts of reasons. they say the first time is to verify you are who you say you are, the second time because they need to reverify the information and if your really lucky at these other sites they make you email them AGAIN this time to say hey im logged into the game waiting for my gold like i have been for the past 4 hours. then they call you to ask you are you logged in, and its like uhh duhhh. then they send you the gold. However, here at this website, all i did was order the gold, ask customer service when i should expect it and that was it. I didnt have to do any crazy. There customer service was awesome.

Daniel Easterly
November 25,2010

Delivery in under 20min? Amazing service!.

November 25,2010

Wow, Bought 30 million gold farming, got the extra 20%, Finished three days earlier than expected!! The daily emails were very useful telling me how much had been made each day. Will definitely buy from here again..

Tom Mitchell
November 25,2010

All perfect! Great service..

November 24,2010

I figure I might as well write about my experience with Guy4game since I used them. If I find myself in need of more gold I will use them again. I purchased 10k gold from them while they had a promotional rate buy 10k get 11k. Delivery was very fast (within 1 hr) yet I only got 10k. I accepted figuring " oh well, I got what I needed" however much to my surprise, I revived a whisper around five minutes later asking me how much I received. I answered honestly 10K then was instructed to go to a place to receive the other 1k that I should have received in the first place. This argues favorably that Guys4Game will honor their commitment to the letter and actually have checks and balances in place to make sure of that. As a result, I must highly recommend Guy4Game at this time for you gold needs. i both hope and expect their power leveling and item service to meet the same standards..

Jeffrey Wilson
November 24,2010

very fast , thank you.

Hao Zhang
November 24,2010

Fast dilviery, have used a couple times now and have waited no more then few hours. Great prices too!!!.

Brian Smith
November 23,2010


November 23,2010

Got the gold in a good amount of time... Very happy.

michael potts
November 22,2010

im a repeat customer due to the fact that the prices are the best, the service is fast, and the delivery person is always polite..

November 22,2010

NOT gonna lie, this was my first time buying gold online and was very scared. the garuntee is what made me try. I GOT my 11k in 30 mins very professional and reliable. will be buying more than just gold and will be a loyal costumer for life.

micheal davidson
November 22,2010

I Have already spent $200 on this website, need i say more? I am an Aion fan and have ordered over 250 mil kinah from this site. Needless to say, all of it arrived in less then 7 minutes. Am currently using their power leveling service, will write how that turns out..

John Shepherd
November 21,2010