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Purchased WoW Classic gold several times now and always received them within 24 hours. Most of the time even less than 3 hours. Very happy for the service.

Henk DeMao
February 07,2021

It is an amazing website. At first I thought they were going to scam me but then the guy invited me and I got my items..

Cl Brown
January 30,2021

Amazing Service, Nice and Quick, online service is instant. Thanks guys..

Wil Mond
January 21,2021

Always fast and friendly. Very trustworthy. Would recommend this site over other..

Keem Tob
January 12,2021

So I love Guy4game, best service in the industry, tried to cheat on them went another site, they scammed me and sent gold to wrong server. I will dispute through visa for refund, Other site didnt communicate for 11 hours then sent gold to wrong toon on wrong server. After i said i didnt get the gold they ghosted me. Guy4Game answer your questions at any time of day 24/7. Professional service, it is a pleasure to use them..

Robert Sult
January 10,2021

BEST SERVICE EVER!! Been a customer for years, will continue to be.

Matthew Azua
December 22,2020

BEST service & products ever! Been a customer for years! Thank you guys!!.

Matt Azua
December 12,2020

Have bought from them twice, delivered both times. Considering purchasing a third time..

November 07,2020

Fast, Timely Service, no fuss and I've recommended friends try Guy4Gold. I'd give them 5 out of 5 Gold Stars if they had rating. The Customer Service is top notch and they email you copies of your order with a Contact Name, I tend to get Mark..

October 25,2020

Purchased over $1,000 USD from this site most trusted. Tried others was scammed or they sent to wrong server and scammed me. This is is 100% on point with the BEST support! Honorable mentions for customer support Frida, she helps me everytime no matter the hour if I have a question. 10/10 Best site to buy gold and be one of those pay to win gods. My warrior is now GACKED..

Nater Tots
October 22,2020

This site and its people are very helpful and always ready to answer your questions and help you with your stuff. Credits gold or whatever you get from this site you can trust it will be there in a timely manner. If there is a issue with the site there is a great team support that you can rely on no matter what..

kevin schuetter
October 18,2020

Very fast quick and efficent trade will definitely trade again :).

August 27,2020

Guy4Game.com has been my go to since Wotlk. Now I am using them in Classic WoW. All of my transactions have been quickly and efficiently delivered in both classic and retail. Happy repeat customer here. thanks g4g!.

Ross Herring
July 30,2020

This website is fantastic! I mostly use it for mounts and gold occasionally and the service is just incredible! I will continue to buy products from them!.

July 28,2020

fantastic support and help from the team! Will buy again. Thanks!.

Mikael Davis
July 22,2020

very good i like the service..

Jarrett West
July 18,2020

It was really fast service and I got all my items every single time I have ordered and I would use this site every time..

Keegan Upton
July 12,2020

Quick and easy experience, with multiple purchases now I will keep referring friends to this website.

Raymond Wilcox
July 06,2020

Nice and good service they deliver your item fast and accurately..

Aleksander Robbins
July 02,2020

they are really genuine i can trust them with my life lol ive bought over 10b and got all my orders in less than 10mins every single purchase, really efficient service.

allen arteaga
June 19,2020