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Tarek Aziz
April 11,2013

Really good, I was a bit worried about buying gold at the start. Delivery was almost instant once the pending request on my credit card went through. Thanks guys..

April 10,2013

Was skeptical at first like many others, but since i don't have patience to grind anymore or much time i decided to try it. All i can say is "awsome" did not disappoint. finished earlier then scheduled and were happy to answer any questions i had. Will Def stay with guy4game prob forever hahah.

luis velandia
April 09,2013

The purchase was difficult from the beginning, with lots of extra info needed before guy4game would process my order, but I was paying by credit card and a first time customer so I understand their need to cover themselves. However, I wasn't pleased to find out that I wasn't "buying ISK" as the site proclaims, but rather items worth a certain amount of ISK. Now I've got to make 28 jumps to Jita to collect my items, then go through the hassle of selling them myself! Sarah in live chat explained that it's to protect my account from being banned, but telling customers upfront what they're buying would be a better idea I think. :-/.

April 09,2013

Was delivered in the 6 hours time frame once the order was processed. Other places have taken 24+ hours to get it to me on my server so this is a plus. Will be my main source when i need some gold!.

Jigga Boo
April 09,2013

Dora is awesome!.

Kramer Kneece
April 07,2013

Very good!.

Julian Himley
April 04,2013

Great service! Just like everyone, I was worried at first if when or how I would get the money or if its real or scam. But I started out with just using small amount of real money to see if it works. And yes it did. I was worried about it but I got the gold in less than 30 minutes. Great service and cheap! I will definitely buy again... Trustworthy website and people!.

Fue Lee
April 02,2013

hello there, i just payed and im wondering how this works, do i get the money in mail or do i meet a player?.

Ferdinand Hem
April 02,2013

First time purchase with Guy4Game and definitely a good experience :) Was a bit uneasy at first as to how my in-game currency would be delivered but I got to livechat with Beth and she was very helpful. Recieved what I ordered in 10 minutes, thanks!.

Patrick Pieters-Kwiers
March 31,2013

Fast shipped people are nice and helpful.

March 31,2013

I already made 4 or more orders here, in guy4game. One of these orders, I bought 4billions.. and in a record time, these guys gave me all the gold with a wonderful support from Rita. Thanks, guys! Especially Rita and Bella. This site is the best: 10/10.

March 31,2013

At first I was skeptical of this type of service in every way, be it the actual transfer of merch, or intervention by blizz. Neither of my fears have surfaced in any way whatsoever. Goods showed up well before the maximum time frame that was given. Since my first order, I have made a few other purchases and could not be happier with choosing G4G, they work quick and under radar in every way possible ^^ Keep doing what you guys do!.

Happy Customer ^^
March 31,2013

Brilliant website! Totally legit and awesome.

Sean Humphries
March 30,2013

Bought 15k gold from them earlier on WoW, they delivered on time as promised. However I have to add that when I've bought gold in the past the seller at least attempts to create a real character name (not "asdfasdg" etc.) and give you for example 15,103 gold, not exactly 15,000, so it's not suspicious. As a result I received an email from Blizzard just now reminding me of the impact of gold buying, luckily they didn't take action against me. The price and delivery were really good, just be careful for Christ's sake!! It's not the wild west like Diablo, WoW is different..

March 30,2013

Bella was nothing short of outstanding, got into the chat straight away, helped me with a somewhat unorthodox delivery will be using this site again for sure.

March 29,2013

These guys have THE most amazing customer service and they're always reliable. i recommend to anyone, friends, family, random people i meet ingame to always come here if they are low on gold in game with a little money to spare or just need that epic they always wanted. This is the place to come if you want to purchase in game currency or items..

March 28,2013

Guy4Game Staff are the best, trust me. Very nice to deal with them and they are secure, i really recommend their sevices. Trustable, no scam as other website that i've buyed..

Mr Aragon Braz
March 28,2013

I have used this site for GW2 gold a couple of times and it was great. Fast delivered:).

March 28,2013

Want to see if this works....

Hunter Moffitt
March 26,2013