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Got my order in less an hour! EXCELLENT service i say!.

January 23,2012

I've been a customer here for about a year and follow them on twitter too. All in all it's amazing customer service and you can't get any better prices anywhere. I wouldn't trust any other site with my account and gold like I do these people. This site honestly is the best thing I've ever come across and I appreciate everyone here so much. I hope you'll come to feel like family here such as I do!.

Philip Boyd
January 21,2012

Received my gold within 15 minutes. Most excellent service, simple and quick :D.

Tyler MacInnis
January 21,2012

This site is awesome. Bought here a few times now and the service remains reliable. Really fast! Cheers!.

Haz Haz
January 21,2012

Excellent service!! have not had any problems yet and have always recieved my gold within an hour!!.

Patrick Adamson
January 20,2012

I was kinda skeptical about buying gold since i have been playing for 4 years had never done it before.I was worried when i put cc info in.I entered all the info needed which took a few minutes.15 minutes later,I got all the gold i had paid for.It was very quick and painless.I will be doing this again.YOU GUYS ROCK!!.

January 20,2012

This website is legit, i baught atleast 90 dollars worth of gold on here and everytime they gave me my gold within 5 - 10 minutes. they have great customer support and help you out in every way they can. 5/5 stars for this website :).

Joseph Strahan
January 20,2012

I ordered SWTOR credits and had them in my mailbox within an hour. Definite A++ transaction that I will use again and recommend to friends. Thank you..

Mattie Nezari
January 20,2012

Quite happy with fast delivery service! Definitely will come back for purchasing more WOW gold! Thanks for the great service guys! and without a doubt! i will recommend this to my friends who are playing World of Warcraft! Thank you!.

Ted Ny
January 20,2012

great service quick delivery & pleasnent to deal with ty.

Mark Thommen
January 18,2012

orderd gold from here multiple times super fast just make sure the have it in stock.

russell collins
January 17,2012

Amazing trade. Went into a chat, received a free coupon code from ozzy, then bought it while being in the chat, and confirmed it once I got it ingame. Amazing job G4G. You guys are the best. :))).

Braiton Barber
January 17,2012

Purchased from them 4-5 times, and everytime they were fast and reliable. I have had no problems with them at all. Very friendly and cooperative. Plan on using them again a lot in the future.

Nick Ringling
January 17,2012

great site might be a tad slow but very reliable will defiantly be purchasing more :).

dennis young
January 16,2012

Best Website Ever! Thanks A Lot =) Saved Me A Lot of Time With Your Safe Kinah!.

Rod Bell
January 16,2012

used these guys and was very impressed with the service i received, they were out of stock however it was all sent asap through the in-game delivery system.

jamie whitehead
January 16,2012

its hard to find a site as good as this , the prices are cheap , normal is a dollar , there like 90 cents a mill and they have a nice selection unlike a few others who don't even offer 20 mill as a min , i hate having to buy 30 mill and more. and there payment options are far better than anything and direct credit card charge is only 3 percent , 20 mill = 56 cents charge about , much better than western union and they support paypal. the ONLY PROBLEM i had was after 15 minutes of purchase i did NOT get a confirmation call and i had to go to there chat and ask them to check on things and trade me the gold , but the chat was VERY easy and she was nice and i got my gold as promised. 8/10 is my score , almost a 9. this site IS SAFE and well made tho i am pretty sure i should have been contacted sooner with out having to go in a chat room as nice as it was in the chat..

aaron barber
January 15,2012

Super fast, super easy, super friendly. Had my gold in 10 minutes. For the HORDE!.

Jeff G
January 15,2012

I have tried many other power leveling sites in my time, but 99% of them were scams, and the 1 percent was WAY too expensive!!! So I stumbled upon this site one day looking for powerleveling, expecting to empty my wallet for a good powerleveling service.. I saw the prices here and thought that there was no way this is real, it must be a scam. So I went a head and just bought a few levels to check if it were real, and to a great suprise, the order was legitly finished in less than an hour!! No scams here, this site is 1000000 % legit and fase, and the customer service is SUPER nice!!! I have been buying from guy4game for almost a year now, and have LOVED their service and products. I won't stop buying from you Guy4Game!!.

Broderick Kern
January 15,2012

Great service excellent communication will always deal with Guy4game , heads above others thx guys.

Daniel Khan
January 14,2012