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As a now repeat user of this site, I am so impressed with the service I had to write a positive review. Guy4Game is soooo awesome.. Would definately recommend them to anyone. Delivery of goods is always fast and customer service it beyond great.. Thanks again G4G you rock!!!.

hehe... =)
January 07,2010

Great.. trust worthy.

Nathan Turner
January 07,2010

I am new to purchasing In-game products online, and to be honest I was very wary about this being a scam and having my account hacked. Fortunately Guy4Game have been outstanding, their service has been nothing but exceptional, the online chat feature was very informative and useful. I intially purchased the smallest amount of Kinah for my account and after complete satisfaction with the results I will be purchasing more as soon as I finish this review. In regards to the speed of my transaction, after my payment was made I had the Kinah mailed to me in less than an hour. Cant get much better than that. =) I honestly cannot stress enough how happy I am with Guy4Game.. I am very much planning on being a long time user of this site.. =) Thanks again..

Simon Guest
January 06,2010

At first I stumbled on this site when I first started playing WoW to see if there was any WoW accounts I could buy; I stumbled on this site and I realized that to buy a great account it would be $200+ so I wanted to make sure it wasn't some scam site so I purchased the $10 thing an if it was real I would get what I paid for if not I only lost $10 no big deal it was true and I have been buying lots more of the gold. I then found out of their powerleveling service now I was a bit iffy cause the trade offs were client to supplier but this is giving out your account information so I didn't know if I could get it back so I contacted their 'Live Chat' representative and did the '20 questions' after feeling I could try this without worry I decided to try it out also they said the service could be completed after the course of a 2 day period an I was like "That's incredible" so I decided to go with it and after watching cautiously 2 days later I had received my desired lvl as well as more gold and better gear than I had before!! Thanks G4G I fully plan to continue to use your services in the foreseeable future =].

Tye K
January 06,2010

Good , Fast, Top Quality - Jay.

January 05,2010

best website most reliable trustworthy fast and worryfree best thing about it is they have an insurance policy on your account if anything goes wrong..

Obaid Amin
January 04,2010

I was told to use this service by a friend, I'm glad I did! The person on Live Chat was very nice and helpful, I was able to make arrangements to receive my plat and the transfer was done quickly and with no problems! Thank you again for all your help!.

Robyn Doesntmatter
January 04,2010

Guy4game's live chat people were so helpful and kind. I got my gold in about 6 days, half a day earlier than they said =). Livechat even let me choose what skill to use (i.e. aggressive style) during gold farming, which was awesome. Definitely going to get more gold from guy4game, best site i know =).

January 03,2010

The transaction was great. After placing my order the delivery was done within 10 minutes of paypal confirmation. This is the best service I have had so far in buying WoW gold. Thanks.

Lawrence Castelanelli
January 03,2010

I bought a large sum of isk from guy4game.com and was extremely pleased. The customer service, order process, and delivery were all wonderful and quick. This is by far the best website I have used yet out of roughly 7-8 different websites. My quick little story goes like this..I bought eve isk from two other websites and they both did not deliver at all after 7 and 10 days with no refund yet. I gave up on them, came across this website. I started chat and immediantly noticed the operator "Zoie" knew english well and was friendly and courteous, so I asked about thier stock, they said they had it. I ordered, while staying in chat the whole time, gave them the order number..delivered the whole large sum within 15 minutes(which is good for the amount of isk I ordered). I would recommend this website to anyone looking to buy over any others. The only thing I cannot comment on is the prices as I have not research and compared other sites to this one..

January 03,2010

I am VERY happy with this site. Not only was service polite and spoken clearly but also swift. I ordered 50,000 +15% 57,500 WOW gold. I had like 20k first night when I logged on next evening I had the rest. I will be recommending this site to anyone I know wanting game currency..

Jessie Mock
January 01,2010


aaaaa aaaaa
December 31,2009

The powerleveling was so perfect! I was a bit iffy at first about whether or not I should let someone powerlevel me, but I would definitely trust Guy4Game to do it again!!.

December 31,2009

When i was going to purchase an account from guy4game i was abit warey' but then the customersupport was actuley awesome. they stayed on the line' for like 2Hours straight, Thanks to them it really assured me that i wasen't going to get scammed. what happend next? I didn't get scammed. I safely got given the account Name&Password in an email alongside the rest of the information within 24hours. its very secure, And at first i thought i don't like the hunter i purchased, so i asked if i could get an exchange / swap / trade. and they agree'd longs the account you've purchased is still in standing condition, they also asked if i would like to get a full refund or just exchange. they're very helpful & kind & do NOT cheat their' customers ive used these before for gold but this was my first account buying & im very happy. So once again guy4game. Thanks for you're proffessionalism' Connor..

Connor Bibb
December 31,2009

Your site was fast, easy.. and most importantly, very well mannered. I will definately use your site again. 5 stars!!!.

Aaron Vega
December 31,2009

I have bought gold here 3 times now the customer service is great and the delivery speed is amazing :).

David Messer
December 28,2009

Im doing my 3rd purchae here now. All the times there has been no problems at all. The waiting time for the live support is exelent, the perfectionism of the live suporter is exelent. This place is simply just the best. I give them on a scale from 1-5 - * * * * * stars.

December 27,2009


December 26,2009

These guys are for real, I was concerned about buying gold but now I am not, very cheap, very fast solution. Professionals for sure..

December 26,2009

Awesome customer service from Peter!!!.

Lyle Lowder
December 25,2009