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I have used this service a few times over the past about 6 months. Customer service is great! 90% of the time I have had my delivery within an hour. A few times I have been contacted or contacted customer service and was given details on the status of the order. Best site to use for In-Game services by far!.

Shammy Wow
June 06,2014

I ordered 15k Gold and was worried because i was told they were out and would need to get more. I have heard this before so i assumed that this was another site that was just going to rip me off but when i logged back on a few hours later I had my gold as promised. I would order from this site again, they have great prices and i great customer service..

Brad Flick
June 05,2014

As anyone when I first tried the service I was so nervous but I contacted a rep on the chat and told me that in 6-12 hours my gold would be delivered, and indeed it was. great service!.

June 02,2014

OK so for all the skeptics out here just obtained 30k gold from these guys. They are fast and reliable. They did not readily have the 30k gold but it only took them 3 hrs to complete the order. Sent it in-game mail and no strings attached. Would recommend for everyone..

May 30,2014

Delivered quickly, full amount. Seller was rude and made me travel to him rather than meeting at the site listed on Guy4game, but fast and accurate.

May 29,2014

Powerleveling service was great! Order was completed quickly and at a great price! The entire time I was able to use the live chat to get progress updates on my order and the process was very professional. Would recommend!.

Johnny got Powerleveled
May 28,2014

Bought Path of Exile currency, and it took them almost a week to get me the product, and only after bugging them 5 times and having my account expedited. Never did I receive an email saying the order was ready. Once they finally told me they had the product, I was shorted 10 gcp. While they told me they'd email me when they had the remainder of my order, it's been a week since that promise, and no email. If you want polite, friendly customer service, these guys are top-notch. If you want speed or accuracy on your order, go somewhere else..

Edward Terll
May 27,2014

the customer service was good but it took awhile to process the gold requested. i thought it was a small amount of gold and my friends order 5 or 6 times more and get it in half the time.

jake meek
May 25,2014

i was pretty worried when i made this transaction so i used a prepaid card, it took a while gave me a bit of trouble because only one of my orders was initially processed but i talked to a live service rep went by (panda) and he/she let me know that while currently the stock was out, they were replenishing and then would have it to me within 24hrs he/she also threw in an extra 500g which i thought was really nice, we resolved my other order issue and i couldnt have been happier with the service i will deffinitely use Guy4game.com again in the future.

max myronuk
May 22,2014

I have been using Guy4Game frequently since I discovered it and have found them to be THE most reliable source for in-game currency--specifically Star Wars: The Old Republic. I have recomended them to several friends and will continue to do so. They are fast, reliable, and offer the most discreet delivery I've encountered. In addition, their customer service does a bang-up job of answering questions in a fast and professional manner. Thanks, Guy4Game!.

J'ran Kai
May 22,2014

I was very skeptical at first and while waiting to get my GW2 gold. Although it took a bit longer than the 24 hour deadline, they gave me extra gold for the inconvenience. I will definitely buy from them again knowing this is a legit site..

May 21,2014

Excellent service. I was quoted a time for the completion of the service and they finished earlier than expected. They completed the requested task with ZERO issues. I will be using their services again . . . THANK YOU..

May 20,2014

VERY satisfied with the outcome, although it took a while to arrive, I got slightly worried, I contacted support, they explained the situation, and after a good sleep there it was in my mailbox, with a tidy bonus for the wait. Will definitely be using again, very trustworthy and a great company!.

May 20,2014

Bought some gold, it did take 24 hours... but it is not a scam and my realm was high pop.. I'm very satisfied to have received my gold. Thank you Guy4game!.

J Dub
May 20,2014

Buying gold from online websites is always risky and you're usually worried about getting scammed This one of the websites I can vouch for that is totally legit Price wise, and trust wise. I won't buy gold from anywhere else..

Scott Howard
May 16,2014

I was a little nervous buying gold as first but the transaction was swift and easy, would buy from again, in fact i'm getting a mount from them soon..

terry pidgeon
May 16,2014

I've been using Guy4Game for since 2009 and never had a problem with the orders. They are always friendly and quick to answer the chat. Guy4Game has the best prices out there this a truly legitimate website..

Collin Bailey
May 14,2014

Of course my first thoughts on buying WoW gold off a website was being scammed or it being fake, but I figured I would give it a try anyway. My first time I got my gold within' 30 minutes. Then the 2nd time I waited maybe an hour, but once I talked to live support asking them the status on my gold order I had it 3 minutes after that. I believe this site is pretty trust worthy and I will keep using them if I ever to decide to buy gold again!.

Justin Lutzke
May 14,2014

Bought some WoW gold and some gear to get my going for raids. I was told within 12-24 hours, without a doubt, I had mail waiting for me when I woke up in the morning. What great way to start off the day!!.

May 14,2014

Last night I came across Guy4Game very first time on the website, I was a bit nervous and scared that it will be a scam but i bought my 10k gold before work and waited for an hour but no face to face or game mail, Talk to Lisa on live chat she helped me with my problems they were out of stock but 4-12 hours got a mail in game ty! for this wonderful site!!! and gold looking for more from you guys!!! anytime! :) *hugs!.

May 14,2014