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You guys do pretty good with orders. Friendly service to boot. It's why I keep using you guys!.

January 31,2010

The service was reliable. They delivered as promised. It did take a few extra days though and made me loose out on an item i was trying to buy. Otherwise they were very compitent..

January 25,2010

Love you guys. This is the only place for accounts and gold!!!.

January 24,2010

Very fast I was scared that they were going to just take my account, but they didn't they got the job done as i read in the order forum!.

January 24,2010

I just came to this website, ordered something to see how well it would go and it only took at least 5 or 10 mins to get my order started. I was shocked to find such a service so fast. I'd recommend this site to anyone..

Gar* Holm**
January 23,2010

excellant service they deliver what you need fast highly recommened.

mike bran**
January 23,2010

My order just got completed and I must say that guy4game knows how to keep a good reputation. I bought the 52.5 mil gp farming and it took them the amount of time they said it would take to farm all the gp. I also requested that they use the aggressive style of attack when farming my gp and I gained over 2 mil xp over the course of the 10 days. Many thanks to guy4game for providing this service, I will be returning no doubt..

January 23,2010

I have been using guy4games for several years now for various games, and they provide excellent service every single time. I have probably spent 500 or 600$ by now. Each order I make I receive it within a day, usually within a hour or two. These guys will always be my go to guys for gaming supplies..

January 21,2010

I placed an order and the online help stayed with me the whole way. I had my order in less than half an hour from first finding the site which was referred to me by a friend. By far the best service I have seen. Thank you guys I will definitely be back!.

January 20,2010

Very pleased with Guy4Game.com, Extraordinary service, Order was completed with ease and received the ISK within a few minutes. Thank you very much..

Zarki Salleh
January 20,2010

Used them several times. No hassle, good rates, prompt delivery time, no ban. What else can you ask for?.

WoW Old Timer
January 19,2010

I have been dealing with guy4game for over 2 years now. I have spent aloto f money on this website for WoW, aion, and runescape. and for all three of those games, they did everything they said they would, except they did it faster than the description says. this site is legit, and will always prove to be the best..

Jake Doglenium
January 18,2010

Have purchased WoW gold, an account and powerleveling from this company and am all around very happy with the service. Everything is quick and professional! Definitely recommend!.

Happy Customer
January 18,2010

guy4game is the best website i have known they work so great i bought mils they done it fast in short time i will keep buying mils from this website and special thanks for all people who works on that website :).

ali shehab
January 18,2010

Hands down the best site I have been to. I have made many orders, all of which I have gotten in a quick manner. When it comes to needig something Livechat is great the operaters are very helpfull in all of your purchases. To sum it up, Guy4game = awsome..

Joshua Phillips
January 17,2010

Very fast service friendly people will buy again from this fantastic service.

January 17,2010

Always get what you ordered at Guy4game, sometimes you even get more. Just got a 20$ coupon code mailed to me. :) Dealt with them quite a bit in DAoC. I probably ordered 6-7 times, at most I think I had to wait 10 minutes before they logged on and provided the ordered gold. In Aion the wait was somewhat longer, but that is understandable. They were out of stock, but were still pretty quick at farming the ordered Kinah, and as soon as they got some they mailed it to my character. Guy4game gets a 5/5.

January 17,2010

Before I bought an account, I was scared before I buy, because my first time buying from a site online, but they were trustworthy, on time, GUY4GAME IS THE BEST! number 1 recommended to buy accounts, full information for account send to me, cheap, and one of the best :D.

Faisal Kayed
January 17,2010

this is the best website i have ever known i bought mils from this web and the never failed me once i will keep buying till my mony is out =].

mohsen alassaf
January 17,2010

Hello, it is my first time using Guy4game, and I do hast to sey that I didnt got better service tham what igam had give me i thank you for ur great service..

January 15,2010