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Fast, friendly, and professional, these guys are top tier. I got much more than I expected, definitely using again in the future..

Michael Smallwood
May 21,2010

As a first time buyer I was a little wary of where I was going to purchase gold from, after some research and suggestions, all signs pointed here. A great company, reasonable prices, absolutely stress free and got my gold quicker than I had expected. Definitely recommend these guys..

May 20,2010

Well, I use guy4game frequently, and I figured I may as well put a testimonial out here. Guy4game is great! They have gone far above and beyond with their ordering, and their delivery. The customer service is fantastic, and they always deliver quickly. I have used another service, and found them a bit intrusive. Guy4game is not that way at all. Use them. Thanks guy4game!.

May 19,2010

very very good service! there is none else.

May 16,2010

awsome company have gotten account in the past year also much gold instant delivery will always use guy4game.

May 15,2010

i ordered 10k, received 11k within 10 minutes after contacting their live chat... great service and very prompt delivery. Will recommend to anyone.

john lee
May 14,2010

Absolutely amazing customer service and outstanding speed/quality. My powerleveling was done exactly how i wanted and i received daily emails about my character. Customer service was there when i had questions and answered all of them. Definately the best company i have found for gold and powerleveling. Will only be using guy4game!!.

jimmy blanner
May 14,2010

first, i thought they would scam... not the case, best customer service/delivery out there..

Mo haji
May 13,2010

Nice service! getting me 8 million gp on a level 3 with no stats 10/10.

May 12,2010

The best customer service in the industry. I've made half a dozen purchases from this company, including an account purchase made over a year ago, which I still hold. Fast, competent service..

May 12,2010

0 problems I honestly thought it would be a scam. My order was completed way faster than the time frame they gave me. I ran from them in game because I had no idea who they were! They were patient and nice. Two thumbs up for these guys!.

May 11,2010

Great Service 20 min or less! Willdef do buisness again. Excellent price. Thank you!.

May 09,2010

only one phrase can be used to describe this website Freak'n Awesome it was much less painless as i though it was going to be the customer service was great i have now ordered 4 orders and was amazed how fast it was delivered i give this site 10/10.

May 09,2010

I have been using guy4games for a while now I have not only bought a wow account from them but DIY also never had a problem not even with once. Thank you guys I will use you guys again and again.

May 09,2010

Have purchased around 20K gold so far from these people. Very very good service. Instant delivery, and its all face to face, so Blizzard is not banning you because of gold through mail or however they do it. Their prices are pretty good, and they accept multiple payment options. 5 out of 5. Will purchase again and again..

Satisfied Buyer
May 09,2010

My purchase was filled within the hour. I just went grinding some mining nodes in Thousand Needles & before I knew it, I had a whisper to meet the seller in Org. As soon as I arrived, we made a trade & I was a rich man. =) Great work. You've made a return customer out of me..

The Dude
May 08,2010

i love this site!! i ordered 3 times al perfectly done!!!!! i love the site best, !!!! i told 2 of my friends they used and had no complaints!!!.

william burns
May 07,2010

runescape gold from guy4game is the fastest and safest way to get gold onto your account i give guy4game 5 stars for runescape leveling=] i order from here all the time they work great with all orders, and the live chat is amazing=].

dylan hagy
May 07,2010

I used to come to guy4game for WoW gold and I knew I could trust them. I bought some Atlantica Online gold and they proved I can still trust them. Gold came within 24 hours as promised!!.

May 04,2010

Great job guys and gals...Keep the the great work...you have a made a customer for life ; ).

May 04,2010