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PSYour staff were helpful, informative, and friendly.??I look forward to telling my guild about your services..

kurt Shepherd
March 31,2009

WOW you know, that has put my mind at rest, you have given me hope for ISK sellers!thanks a lot! i shall be telling my friend to use your site from now on thanks for the help!.

Fender collins
March 24,2009

Yes, thank you like I used the services in the past. It's excellent service. Probably the best powerleveling services I have used. Thank you again.

Steve Rauter
March 24,2009

My 2nd Wow gold transaction every, first one being with heygt.com but I thought I'd give these guys a go as mmowned.com seemed to review them quite good. 1000G purchased, 10minute transaction, $26,26usd. cant complain A++++ :p.

Steven Haskell
March 23,2009

Guy4Game has excellent customer service. The chat representatives speak fluent English and are based out of Canada. Furthermore, they have a toll free number that you can call anytime between 10am and 6pm EST M-F. The chat representative I talked to was pleasant and quickly able to answer my questions and unlike some other chat representatives didn’t seem like they had anything to hide (such as not telling you where they are located, or what their phone number is, etc.).The average wait time to speak to a live representative online was less than a minute and in most cases nearly instant. Interesting enough Guy4Game has been known to send out real (as in you can touch it real!) Christmas cards (with a special discount coupon of course) to the majority of their customer base which was a nice touch. It just goes to show that they aren’t trying to hide anything (such as being incorporated on a remote island (IGE) or third world country)..

Edward Ching
March 22,2009

Great JOB! as always. was a little thrown by the funny hat, but one i realized what it was for it was all good. i usually change the password to a password just for you guys, and then after the leveling is done, change it back. But thanks agian for INCREDIBLY fast leveling, and the kind of support i've come to expect from guy4game. I always feel comfortable leaving my character in your hands..

Michele Reko
March 22,2009

This is definatley a service ill be using again, i'm really happy right now, it was reasonably priced and a great amount of time =)ill definatley be using it again like I said. Have a great day..

Robin Grooms
March 20,2009

great service, by the way.. thanks again, for the great service.

Jennah Clark
March 16,2009

The full 12 hours can be done all at once starting at 11 would be great, I need to get some sleep ;-).??Thank you for your convenience and friendly support and I always enjoy the powerleveling your company provides. Have a nice day..

Joshua Cortez
March 16,2009

5mins from payment to delivery, that's awesome. I thanks you all once again.

Timothy Crockett
March 16,2009

can't tell you and your fantastic staff have always far surpassed any expectations I have had. Prompt service, support staff and wonderful individuals that have made game play even more fun. Thank you very much again for all you do, it goes appreciated! Happy holidays to you and your excellent staff..

vin Greer
March 16,2009

"Dear Guy4Game, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for providing excellent, unparalleled service over the years. I'm not sure if there is a formal ranking of such things, but if there was, your gaming especially the account service would consistently hold the top spot. Thank you and I wish you all the best for the holiday season.".

luke hanneman
March 16,2009

Thank you so much for the excellent service provided. Your power- leveling service more than exceeded my expectations and I am very happy with the 4 levels attained in the 12 hour service, I will be a customer again for sure, and will recommend you to all of my fellow gamers. A pleasure doing business, Christopher.

John Stambaugh
March 14,2009

once again i am a happy customer of yours.

Josh Hahn
March 12,2009

Im surprised that this chat service is always so on the ball you guys rock..

Trevor Skinner
March 07,2009

you guys have been amazing, i would like to thank your talented and polite staff. I know people who have used other sites to order gold or even get power leveling services. There experiences have paled into comparison with what you guys offer. Since you guys have 24 online chat and fair prices i would never order or use anyone else's service's even if there prices were considerably lower. I would also like to individually thank your talent efficient, and polite online support staff everyone i've talked to has been really helpful, some names that come to mind are wendy and abby. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU!!!!!.

roy skidmore
March 03,2009

Thank you very much, and I must say I am very pleased with your service, will be a return customer for sure.

Jesse rapini
February 20,2009

I ordered some runescape gold today, i was wondering if it would work... and guess what, it worked! I would rely on guy4game for some rs gold or warhammer loot. It works perfectly and it came in about 8 hours. I would mark guy4game 10/10, 100% safe!.

Donald Grosskreutz
February 17,2009

You guys did a great job! It was fast, and I am very pleased.

Raydizzle sarkisian
February 17,2009

exelent service and they deliver on time when everything is comfirmed.

Meelaud Havefjord
February 16,2009