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I really trusted this site from the beginning and even though i DID worry a little at first, like most probably do - the guy met me in the first 10 minutes and traded me what I paid for. Sweet stuff. I would recommend this site for anyone..

Kayla Cowan
April 09,2012

In game credit received in less then 30 minutes. Service is excellent..

Cory Mickle
April 05,2012

These guys are the best and they have an even better support staff guiding you through the process of your purcahse, i have spent well over $1000 in the last 2 months and will continie comming back because of the great service..

April 04,2012

Service was quick. had the gold in hand with in 20min of order. I'd say i'd order again NP was very impressed with there service..

Crazy Candian
April 04,2012

Wow shut down for extra hours and I wad worried for a while by you all came thru like a champ. I won't use Paypal again - they are exceeding slow - this was much faster. Keep up the good work!.

James Hill
April 04,2012

Bought gold for the first time was nervous thought it would take long but i received my gold within an hour. just whispered and we meet up for an open trade and i received my gold speedy delivery accurate i got what i paid for. I reccomend these guys..

jaime polanco
April 03,2012

great service didn't take long was very nervous at first bit i would recommend these guys.

Dale Berry
April 02,2012

the guy before me, you need to talk to live chat and check your email....

gaga lolol
April 02,2012

I just bought 118.3m, the pesron that helped me was so helpful, i was so happy when i had someone that was kind and really helpfull , thank you snow for being helpfull:).

cristopher rowswell
April 02,2012

im still waiting for my gold and im very impatient i wish i got my gold faster.

noah heffron
April 01,2012

Thank you,that was great.

william harris
April 01,2012

Thanks again guys... Crazy fast service every time. Best prices and never a single issue. More than once I have checkout and had my order within 10 minutes. Have to love the real one on one CS, no bull delays here..

April 01,2012

How do i get the account i just bought?.

Wyatt Purvance
March 31,2012

This service is absolutely great. I've just purchased 15M, and it took no time at all. I doubted the service at first, but it's great!.

March 31,2012

Guy4game is the best! Mary displayed the most awesome customer service I give her a 10/10 for quality! Thank you very much Mary and Guy4Game.com. You guys are very professional and provide good deals and fast service! I'm going to refer my friends and come back again! -Alex.

Thrashard - Alex
March 31,2012

Mary is a wonderful representative for your company. She was very helpful and took great care of me. I give her a 10/10 for quality customer service. Mary you are awesome thank you for your help!.

Aleksandar El Ayal
March 31,2012

Will never buy from another site again, Guy4game has the fastest service ever, had my gold within 10 minutes and very helpful, friendly on-line customer service. very satisfied..

March 30,2012

Bought WoW gold from this site and received it within 20minutes. I will buy here again. :).

Kye .
March 30,2012

Purchased Credits for SWTOR and I received them quite fast (lest then an hour). I was a little nervous as I had never purchased in-game money online before, and I was greatly surprised at the quality of service. I would definitely purchase from Guy4Game again..

March 29,2012

They Rock. Not only did they start on my account right away they finished with in a few hours. I will never go to another plvl site again..

jeremy Billiter
March 29,2012