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That was very fast-like within 15 minutes of ordering I had my gold. Excellent delivery..

John B
December 29,2012

I am so 100% satisfied with my purchase of rs coin, The process literally took 5 minutes, I'm a real person and not a representative and i legit asked the 24/7 hotline some simple questions and within moments i recieved the package, I'm very satisfied with the customer service rep that helped me too.

Hank Dougles
December 28,2012

Guy 4 game is great after some failed powerleveling attemps guy4game really leveled fast and when i bought gold from them they delivered on time great website helps a lot.

Deniz Yarsuvat
December 28,2012

This company is fantastic! As a professional who enjoys playing WoW but doesn't always have the time, especially since MoP was released, for the daily "grinds" the service this company provides is invaluable to me. I started with a small order to see what would happen and I was pleasantly surprised. This company has proven to me that they are prompt, professional, and above all, trustworthy. Their customer service is second to none, always there, always willing to help. Great job people! Doc 'J'.

Canuck Doc
December 28,2012

I must say that thies guys are for real,after placing 25 orders on different sites,Guy for Games is the only one that came up with the goods ,it took a while as i did a server that is hard,iam still waiting for the others,to give me there goods well done guys ,you are no one in my books :).

December 27,2012

Fast delivery. Nice support. Perfect..

December 27,2012

I have used Guy4game about 3 times now for powerleveling and gold never once have they not completed my order on time. They are in my mind the most trustworthy supplier of gaming services. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get ahead in WoW or other games..

David Padron
December 26,2012

I use this site all the time. It's very fast and has decent prices. Some may say its expensive compared to the others, but others are scams. I've tried them all. This is the only one that i can trust now. It's easy, quick and trustable (:.

December 26,2012

I must say I bought swtor credits and power leveling on this website and amazing work. 100% secure and done to customer satisfaction. Great group of men and women, very friendly. Great chat service thats available 24/7. Just amazing.

Francesco Bruzzese
December 26,2012

The process was quick, and easy, couldn't be happier with the outcome!.

William O'Brien
December 26,2012

If You Need It, This Place To Get It. Took An Hour For Full Transaction.. Will Come Back And Do Business..

John Boy
December 25,2012

Great customer service and fast delivery!.

carol mittag
December 25,2012

Guy4game are great, I remember 2 years ago didn't know if I should had trusted them, But I took the leap of faith and I'm glad for it! from WoW gold, WoW powerl leveling right up to Diablo 3 gold. And not to mention getting D3 gold - you get it almost instantly! Great job G4G you have my continued support, respect..

Jono F
December 24,2012

the delivery can be made within an hour just go to the technical support and ask for it.

jayson allred
December 22,2012

Bought a couple times now from Guy4Game and they've always been amazing, and the last order was done in under 15 minutes! Perfect customer service as well - would not look anywhere else for gaming needs..

Patrick L.
December 22,2012

Bought powerleveling services and gold multiple times from these guys...I usually don't write reviews, but this is a LEGIT service, and customer service is always friendly. Definitely recommend Guy4Game for all of my WoW needs..

December 21,2012

I have been using these guys for ages, no issues. :).

Happy Customer
December 21,2012

thanks again :D this is my 3rd transaction that went PERFECT !!!!!.

gir darksoul
December 20,2012

You need fast wow gold, this is the wa to go. Beam life chat, ask what the gold reserverve is on your realm, you pay, login bang cash in and that is all there is to it. They are even so honest to tell that they can not help you because the gold ran out. Serieus never want another supplier. Thumbs up!.

thc cohen
December 19,2012

How long does delivery take?.

t hutch
December 19,2012