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I bought 50,000g 2 days ago, and all I can say is AWESOME. I no sooner placed my order, and logged on to my character ,that someone was waiting for me for the transfer! I've used other sites before that were kind of sketchy, but this was great! Thank you so much! I highly recommenced using this site!.

July 28,2013

been loyal to this site sence the beginning of cata and never had one problem ! there always fast and nice plus if u need any help at all customer service is epic! anyone that buys anything for gaming i strongly advise this site!.

Katherine Fulbright
July 27,2013

The best customer support ever! Followed by a smooth and fast transaction. Was told to wait 6-12 hours, but arrived within an hour. Recommend those who don't have time to farm or play long hours for your money! Purchase from these people!.

July 27,2013

Was very happy with Quality of delivery and the price was amazing. Will definitely come back.

Zac Bolton
July 27,2013

Oh wow! I bought 10K gold, and then 10 minutes later I got a message in game and they traded it to me. Really fast at a really good price! I even missed the delivery option button, so I contacted live support and they helped fast with no problems at all! Will definitely use again!.

Jamie Fairchild
July 26,2013

Soo at first I was very worried I thought I got ripped because live chat wasn't working and emails wasn't working so I kind of started freaking out until I finally tried live chat one more time and it worked! connected me with Dora and she talked me through it all! Thanks I will most likely come back! very legit.

Jeff urena
July 25,2013

Just bought gold here, was skeptical at first but they actually delivered. Took them a day due to how low of pop my server is, but because i had to wait a day they gave me an extra 2.5k (only bought 10k). Im perfectly fine waiting a day, specially with the extra gold i got :D.

July 24,2013

I have purchased gold twice now using Guy4Game, and both times they delivered under 30 minutes. The second time I purchased gold it only took them a few minutes from the time of purchase for me to get a whisper from them. Highly recommended, if you have some disposable income and don't have the time to make gold in-game this is a lovely substitute ;p.

July 24,2013

Guy4Game promised me they would send the items face to face and they held their promise. They gave me an extra bonus for having a delay for no stock. I was scared at first but every time I checked in the chat to see how the order was going they told me they will have it soon. I patiently waited and they delivered. I requested something special and they held on to that. They can even send you a text on your phone. The service was very good, helpful, and kind. I will come back again to buy more..

Aion Gamer2013
July 23,2013

I have been buying gold from this site for years.They are hands down the best company I have dealt with:).

July 22,2013

got rift platinum promptly as advertised ! thank you.

andras szabo
July 20,2013

Hey everyone, I just want to leave a testimonial here saying that this site is 100% legit, I have bought a few hundred mill from them and they deliver it very fast! I had to wait an hour once, but they where very kind about it and it was a large sum of cash I was buying, so I was fine with it. But what really makes this site so great, is their customer service. They help you with everything and actually understand you! (unlike most sites that have people that can barely speak English". They never leave you either and answer all your questions like your talking to a real person face to face. And just a kicker, because this confused me a bit, as soon as you place your order go into the customer service chat and tell them you placed an order, they will verify it and tell you what world to go to and where to meet, simple as that..

random nerdlikeyou
July 20,2013

I had originally ordered from here because it had the best ratings. I ordered 20k and waited....and waited....and waited. Meanwhile, I got impatient so I ordered from the "second best" site I had found. My gold was almost immediate, however I was left paranoid after receiving a warning email from Blizzard within hours of my transaction. The transaction itself was also very shady... a name along the lines of "Sbhilhdhdioh" messaged me "10k come to me" and gave me my gold. Not exactly discreet. After getting the warning email I canceled my order with this site. I had NO problems with the cancellation. Got my money back within minutes. I decided to try again today because of the ratings on this site. I highly suggest reading thru ALL the comments. It was in the feedback that I learned it is best to contact the live chat BEFORE purchasing anything. I had Nicole and she was great. I let her know I wanted to do the AH option of getting my gold bc of my prior warning. She let me know how much gold was available on the server. I went small in case of any problems and ordered 15k. She stayed on the chat with me thru the entire transaction. It did take longer than expected - I put up enchant formulas for the auction. I specifically said I wanted to do multiple auctions to try and avoid suspicion. About an hour after my purchase, my auctions were finally bought out. I would like to point out that I wished I had known prior that I would be getting a phone call from China BEFORE they called me. I did not answer the first time because I didn't know the number. Nicole informed me they needed confirmation info, which was my card type, if I was buying for myself or someone else, and my age. Not sure if this is usual or if they couldn't confirm my transaction for whatever reason. About a half hour after that phone call is when my auctions were finally bought out. They were bought by a level 1 with a "normal" name that was in a guild, which had players of different levels in it. I put up a few other ridiculous auctions to sort of "cover" myself. Not sure if it will help. I will post again if I receive another warning or account ban. Overall I am happy with my experience. As I was reading thru all the comments, I wanted as much information as possible, which is why MY post is treading on novel lengths. Hopefully this will help someone else make a decision as well. I haven't bought gold in YEARS and was very nervous. I think no matter what, any site you go thru will be a bit of a "sketchy" experience, but this site definitely works. Cheers and happy WoWing..

July 19,2013

I bought 60M with a 6M bonus, and I got my gold in about 20 minutes. I swear I'm not affiliated with this site at all, and I admit i could have gotten cheaper gold, but reviews told me that this site was trustworthy. Panda, talked to me the entire time until I received my cash. If you are confused about the delivery, try the 24/7 Instant messaging they have, it's what I did :D.

Isaac Crumley
July 19,2013

Great site, fast delivery these guys have been around since vanilla.

anthony sawaya
July 18,2013

best site ever.

anthony sawaya
July 18,2013

Hello, Ever since my friend introduced me to G4G i have been an avid buyer. I always wondered about this kind of stuff and had a hard time believing it could be true, but G4G was the first site i purchased in-game products and services for and i dont think i could find a better site. Their wide range of offers keep me coming back and recently discovering the customized quote, i think there will be plenty more purchases. Thank you G4G staff! keep up the good work!.

Josh Campbell
July 18,2013

Hello everyone, I've been using Guy4Game for quite a bit, made several purchases and all I have to say - Guy4game is the site you should always use. 100% secure, mega-fast support, everything is in order and there's 0% chance of being scammed. Just thought to drop out my opinion, have fun!.

July 18,2013

Hey, noob first buyer I was. Very skeptical, first time and all really. And if it wasn't for the fast response by the lovely Beth, I probably would've died a little bit. But she reassured me that it was legit and talked me through it and made me feel better about it. During our chat, the "middle man" delivered the goods, and its 6:30 CT! Amazing. 10/10 Would Recommend. 10/10 Satisfaction 10/10 Speed 10/10 Legitimacy Likely to choose this place for more purchases? You bet your sweet ass I do..

July 18,2013

Ordered gold and within an hour and a half had it in my mailbox, and that's including the AH hour wait. Great service and love the only chat. Will be returning to purchase again..

Fred Banko
July 17,2013