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love guy 4 game!!!!!!!!!!!! helped me get my 99 prayer :).

John Wallace
July 21,2011

Guy 4 Game is fast, efficient and reliable. I always used another Wow gold site till that site was really slow in giving me the gold so I turned to Guy4Game and they quickly responded. Since then, I buy all my gold and power ups from them. I highly recommend Guy4Game, I know where I'll turn when I need something for my game. Guy4Game, an excellent choice in gaming..

Martin Clearman
July 20,2011

Very good service. and fast.

Flemming Brønnick
July 20,2011

To be honest, i thought these places were scams. Turns out, this one isnt. great service, great price, I'll be back!.

Barschem Felhide
July 20,2011

VERY FAST! almost too good to be true. I will keep using!.

Christina Robinette
July 20,2011

Very nice customer service! Will recommend to ANYBODY reading this! I ordered an item, and got it within fifteen minutes, very smooth service. A+++.

jess Fall
July 20,2011

Gold recevie under 30min FAst service, even if my server got a lot of wow gold buyer :P.

Francois Dupuis
July 20,2011

Guy4Game is awesome, they always finish before the time they say!.

alex baltazar
July 19,2011

Very very fast deliver for Rift Plat! Going to use you guys in the future!.

July 19,2011

guys dont buy from this website its a scam , because i buyed 30m i never got them and this website are telling me that they did pay me ! this website its not safe dont buy from them ..

chamiran ibrahim
July 18,2011

Once again very fast delivery, 16,000g in under 10 minutes! You guys are great!.

Shelly Goulas
July 18,2011

hey i dont know how i am going to receive the rs gold i orderd im not sure how this works its my first time.

liam johnson
July 18,2011

This is a great site, fast delivery.

Great Site
July 18,2011

Service was outstanding so quick. deff coming back to you guys.

Nathen Smith
July 18,2011

5 stars ! Great service, and FAST delivery . THANKYOU !.

Daniel Harrison
July 18,2011

Hey Guys ~ you guys were awesome! I have ordered from you when I was Playing World of Warcraft, and now with Rift ~ Very fast and always Great!! Thank You.

Carolyn Prescott
July 17,2011

Amazing!!! Great Customer service! The gold came in matter of minutes. This is the reason why I love doing business with Guy4game!! :D.

Tommy Chong
July 17,2011

WOW Thank you so much, it was so quick and done easily Thanks alot GUY4GAME.COM.

David Smith
July 17,2011

Great service had gold within 5 mins! will be back for sure.

July 17,2011

Always prompt service!!!!.

July 16,2011