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Guy4game has always been the quickest cheapest gold in the market, they have yet to dissapoint me! Take it from a customer that has been here since Pre-Bc, they rock!.

December 17,2009

Dear Friends All i have to say is that, i am here for the secound time. i order 1,575M in Isk's amd i have to tell you. after one hour i got a phone call telling me to come online and get my Isk's. thats amazing fast, and amazing Customer service. Thanks to Linda, and Nina and for who's reading this. stop reading and order NOW. :) thank you Guy4Game ill be back again Best Regards Sam.

December 16,2009

THANKS AGAIN G4g they lvled my 71 hunter to 80 in just 2 and a half days !!!!!!!!!! no joke THey also took my mining from 200 to 450 and i didnt even pay for thaT WHAT A F'n DEAL.

December 16,2009

Great service for ordering ingame gold/kinah but the powerleveling experience wasn't great for me, ordered 1 level powerleveling service which should of taken no longer than 12 hours has been pushed back after leveler had been changed. Took over 3 1/2 days to complete. Not great..

December 15,2009

An incredible customer service, supportive and helpful, extremely swift to respond and a joy to communicate with. Two thumbs up! ^^.

December 15,2009

Loved it... fast and easy. Will do it again!.

December 15,2009

EXCELENT SERVICE. The customer support is amazing and if you want an update on your order you can get one 24/7 via live chat. Powerlevelling took a day longer than i thought but partly because of the new patch. I've also purchased gold three times and it was delievered promptly.

Thomas Herzog
December 13,2009

I always received my gil in security. Yet sometime its kinda long. If you want to got your gils, just don't be in a rush. Rare that they can deliver in the same day, mainly because they cant keep large amount of gils bc of the banning system. Im happy too that Guy4Games don't do publicity in game like certain *cough*Brogame* Cough* lol... otherwise i support Gils buying because we all know that final fantasy XI is a hard game on currency and many have a life...Still try to make some for yourself ... Byebye.

robin tardif
December 10,2009

Great service, got extra gold when it wasnt delivered at the 24 hour mark. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!.

December 10,2009

Absolutely best customer service! Contacted me over the phone (as requested) within an hour of ordering notifying me to prepare to receive goods. I had my ISK in just under 2 hours of ordering. Definitely recommended!.

December 09,2009

I have to say a great and professinal service. I have tried a few web sights before hand to get eve isk and after a week of bickering with them about thier false advertisement and not yet receiving the isk I finally had to go for a refund either through them or through my credit card company because of getting nothing but the run around. I came to Guy4game thinking this might yet be another one I have to wait for a week and just settle for getting my money back, but I was wrong. I asked before hand if Guy4game had isk they truthfully told me no. (Unlike other web sights stating they had eve isk on handand a week later having to fight with them to get a refund) And they said they can have it for me soon. So I gave it a try and they had it to me in less then a day. It was a no hassle experiance and very professional. I will be using Game4guy for my future isk buys again. Thanks Game4guy for being my Eve Isk provider and for a truly great experiance!!!!.

December 08,2009

Everytime i order this place makes sure all is done and i've never gotten banned ever, I've ordered powerleveling, gold and it's always been done on time and legit. Thank you so much for everything..

Rusty Smith
December 07,2009

Highly impressed at the fast service! ordered 10k gold and got it within 20mins of the order confirmation! Definately will order again!.

ali lim
December 07,2009

Very fast signup and delivery... within 1 hour! highly recommended.will definately buy again!.

December 07,2009

Used this service many times, and was delighted by it. However I dont think I will continue to do so after the price of Aion Gold has recently Doubled, V dissapointing G4G - been using your service for years feel duped that you felt the need to do this..

Jay Laing
December 06,2009

Have to say I was skeptical, but I decided to give it a shot. Ordered 15k gold and bam! delivered within 45 minutes at 4AM! Very impressed..

December 06,2009

I ordered a large amount(22,000g) so I expected it to take a while, but it came and along with it the guarentee of within 24 hours or a bonus amount was held very well. Customer service is amazing and though it took 3 or 4 days to gather all of it, I got 24,500g for the cost of 20,000g. The prices are reasonable and once again service is amazing..

December 04,2009

This site is fantastic! They come through everytime, and if they are late they do compensate you. These are the only people I'd trust with my WOW account, hands down. I've bought gold from them and paid them to level my character some. This is definitely a good company to use! I'd recommend them to anyone..

December 04,2009

I was a little nervous using a service, but G4G was completely professional and the character is everything I wanted. Thanks for saving me the grinding time!.

December 04,2009

This service is amazing and fast. It is the best powerleveling company i have used and with the others i was either seeing a very slow process or i got temporary suspension. I reccomend this service to anyone who wants to have a more powerful toon. keep up the great work guys!!.

December 03,2009