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These guys are absolutely first rate.. No nonsense. Fast delivery. They do was they promise and I wouldn't do business with anyone else..

Paul F
February 19,2015

With the fastest and most reliable service of any gold purchasing site I have come to rely on these guys for all my in game needs. I will go nowhere else for these guys are THE best. No worries about being hacked. No worries about getting your items. Thank you and I will be back...ALOT!.

February 17,2015

Wow haha um, I was skeptical at first because I had never bought gold before for WoW (and I have never even had close to the amount I have just received) So I googled "reliable wow gold" and it showed a review site and this was first on the list so I went with it, talked to an associate, went through the process, and BOOM! About 15min and I had it! Very cool. 8].

You Knowit
February 16,2015

I've been a Guy4game customer for 2 years. I've bought both good and mounts and with out question G4G has provided the best service and delivery I've ever experienced on-line. In short these guys are AWESOME!.

Rob Lane
February 16,2015

Great service, low prices and quick delivery. The only issue I have is the same issue I have with all gold places, not being able to order under 10k. Other than that nothing at all to complain about..

Seffi Lizmark
February 16,2015

i've used this site a couple of times now great service and i have always gotten my gold.

trevor capnerhurst
February 13,2015

I use this site all the time. Always fast delivery, no mistakes, and no problems. =Þ.

Adam C
February 13,2015

I've used the service twice now with good success. Above anything I value honesty and this group seems to value it as well. I asked on my recent purchase how much stock was available on the server and was given an honest answer, which lead to me buying less than I would normally buy. The representative was honest about the lower than normal stock rather than skirting or sidestepping the question or blatantly lying to receive an order. When I combine the past experience, the honesty and the good pricing, I will most certainly continue to use this group for my Gold Needs.

February 11,2015

I have been using this site for about 2 years now it doesn't matter if you are buying from them or selling 2 them they always come through with no problems awesome site!!.

February 10,2015

These guys are way better than okaygoods.com. Guy4Game is a little bit more expensive but they deliver the gold on time without hassles..

Peter M
February 10,2015

I've used G4G for many years and they are always quick, courteous and reliable, with an excellent range of services to choose from :).

Maxime Marais
February 10,2015

Buying gold from these guys is easy. I bought 100k the first time and 150k the second time. 100k was in my hands within twelve hours. The 150k was in my hands in 30 minutes. I recommend these guys and will be doing CM with them soon..

February 06,2015

Always deliver quickly and very polite, even on my small server. Great people who give a great service to new players trying to catch up. Have used their service multiple times and will continue to in the future..

Erin Splat
February 06,2015

After buying from this site I can never go to another website! I've never had the gold delivered to me as fast as Guy4Game delivers and I absolutely love the fact they email to confirm everything. Speed and security is amazing on Guy4Game!.

Robyn Z
February 05,2015

very satisfied got the gold next day :).

adam gaudette
February 05,2015

I only trust Guy4Game with my gold buying, they are fast and always very professional! thanks for the years of supplying me :).

February 04,2015

got my gold fast and was a big order these guys are the real deal will order everything from them here on out ty guys.

February 04,2015

I used this website many years ago for WoW powerleveling and gold, how ever this time I was after Fifa 15 coins and this was my first purchase so I was still skeptical. Thankfully Grace was there to not only answer my pre-order questions, but also stay on the live chat all the way through the process guiding me and ensuring my order was fulfilled as soon as possible. All in all it was a fantastic experience, great price and will definitely be using again..

Mr Gamble
February 03,2015

Was purchased fifa 15 coins This is an excellent site.

nader alazimi
February 02,2015

Thank you Guy4Game for the incredible powerleveling services I ordered the buy 1 90-100 get 1 30% off and the time said aprox 6 days they had it done in 28 or so hours. I just ordered the 630 PvE armour set for melee dps and will see if they can keep up the good work and I'm sure they will. I will be back for my caster 630 or better PvE armor set. Thanks again Guy4Game for your incredible service..

February 01,2015