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Got my 15k in less than 24 hours. Kinda thought itd be instant but still totally cool. Thank you.

March 09,2014

First time i ever bought anything from Guy4game i was scared to loose my money just like any sane person would be, but i quickly found out my choice of goldseller was a good one. They're calm and helps you out if you need them to at ANY time in customer service, they also provide you with the gold in a subtle way so that no one will be suspicious. They will also never contact you ever again ingame after your purchase..

Aleks Anon
March 08,2014

i really believed they were going to scam me. it had been several days and still no gold. but they came through for me. and as compensation they gave me a lil bit extra gold on the side. thanks guy4game. you are now my go-to gold site for any game. 9 years of experience and you know how to treat a customer !.

Gabriele Alaia
March 05,2014

This site is totally solid. I bought the FFXIV powerleveling and it was completed a couple days before the ETA. Left me a solid chunk of gil and lots of crafting materials. They sent me emails every couple days to let me know how things were progressing (though I did keep tabs on lodestone anyway but I appreciated the gesture). They were totally professional about the whole thing and I'm pretty pleased with the service..

March 04,2014

Took several days and emails even though I only ordered 15 thousand gold. did show up eventually but its not speedy.

March 04,2014

I have tried other sites, none has been as reliable as this one. Hands down best service possible. Will definitely use in the future..

John Rankart
March 01,2014

I always think more than twice before buying gold from websites but I decided to give guy4game.com a shot after doing some research on the web. From the start they told me that their strock on my server was very low and it would take some time for my order to be delivered, I decided to go ahead anyway. Unfortunately it took a little more than 24h but everytime I could talk to their support and everyone I spoke too was relly attentive and always gave me the clear choice of asking for a refound if so I wished. I decided to givem them a vote of confidence and after a little more than a day and a half I got my ordered delivered with the 10% extra for the delay. I really do recommend this website at least for wow gold, they are honest from the start and you never get that "I'm getting scammed" feeling. I never write testimonials but I thought they deserve it after their service..

February 27,2014

have had bad experiences with other sellers and this is the only site i trust. have i think 12+ purchases to date, always have had perfect customer service and gotten either a discount or extra gold if there late, which is like never. latest purchase is to do a quest for me. great service decent prices. (if the website is offering gold cheaper then here, id recommend you think twice before getting scammed.) i love guy4game.com!.

February 25,2014

Purchased some WoW gold on here a couple of times now...very reliable service. First time I got my gold almost instantly, 2nd time took a couple of hours but their support was very helpful and and you can rest assured that your gold will get to you. I would highly recommend using this site if you're thinking about buying in game currency!.

February 23,2014

Very satisfied with the service. I've ordered credits for SWTOR from a couple of other sites before, and on average they take 3 to 5 days to get just 2 million credits to me. Guy4game has always gotten my order to me in under 24 hours, usually within 5 or 6 tops, and my orders have always been 3 million credits and higher. I will be using them from now on. Thank you for your excellent service..

Scotty Rage
February 22,2014

Before I start this I'd like to say this was my first time ever buying anything like this, usually im too skeptical to let ANYONE else besides me on my account. Anyway, I decided I really wanted to get the transmog gear from challenge mode, but could never find anyone reliable to do it with me so I decided that I would try out this service. Seeing as it was only $69 at the time I couldn't really see any reason not to, the price is insanely cheap compared to anywhere else. There were a few issues with my account to begin with so it took a little longer than it should have but other than that I am extremely satisfied. Customer service was great when ever I needed help, and they did indeed deliver on what I bought, I got the transmog gear as well as the mount. I will definitely be doing buisness with guy4game.com again..

February 21,2014

Was a little scared at first but I have been buying gold from here for the last 2 years wouldn't go anywhere else..

February 20,2014

I had my misgivings about this site, but finally decided to go ahead and try it. I bought a Vial of the Sands and waited anxiously to see if I was going to be scammed or not. I had to wait overnight, but in the morning the item was in my mailbox as promised. I will definitely use this site in the future if the need arises..

February 20,2014

I've always been pleased with G4G's service. :) Whenever their stock is low, they compensate with extra gold. Their prices are the best too! My go-to for goldbuying..

February 16,2014

This company is amazing, have brought gold multiple times with no hassel, always receive it within 2 hours. Just ordered the green fire warlock boss kill, was abit unsure of giving my info out, but they respected it, even got me better gear. Thanks guy4game team!!!.

February 11,2014

I bought gold from these guys 4 years ago when I was still playing WoW. Now im back in the game. its good to see they are still up and running.

February 10,2014

was dubious at first. but found delivery was equally as good as the appearance of the site. awesome!! I will never shop anywhere else now..

john 123
February 10,2014

G4G happens to be a great site with great customer service, so friendly and understanding, their worth the time and money.

February 07,2014

Purchased some items from here, great price even compared to the horrible rates on my servers AH. Items were delivered quite quickly within the 24hr window. I am pleased with the service here so much I came back to pick up some more items to work on my crafting myself! I would recommend them and will be a continued member here, I don't see any harm in paying another person for their work..

February 06,2014

ive been using this site for years its the best safest way to purchase in game stuff :) never had a problem and always friendly customer service always willing to help :) i give them 5 stars!!!.

February 06,2014