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i love this service Nancy has helped me alot and im very happy with his help i will be buying from here again and will be advertising you on myspace. you guys are the best you care about your customers :).

Philip Smith
June 20,2011

Had a great experience. Service Rep was very nice and helpful. Got full amount of currency very quickly. Will definitely do more business with Guy4game. Great Customer Service!!.

June 20,2011

This is a great website i got 200m in less than 30mins And i got the exact amount loving it. Will buy more.

Mize Dang
June 19,2011

I love this company. They are honest, hard working, & very nice. I used another company before & Guy4Game is 1 million times better than them. They have never cheated me or even tried to cheat me. I was a little hesitant to use another buisness like this after the other company cheated me but Guy4Game is very good at what they do & took away my fears..

June 18,2011

i dont normaly use third party gold trading sites due to risk of being scammed but i bought 20k of gold from game4guy.com and i had the gold in 5 mins percect service did what thay said will definaltly use again thumbs up.

ian hall
June 18,2011

excellent service, got my platinum in less than 10 min. great job, THX.

June 18,2011

i need to know do i need to be online to get the money and how do they contact you?.

ben simmonds
June 18,2011

amazging serive i love this site.

geo colon
June 18,2011

Thank you for a fast and easy first transaction for me. Would definitely buy from you again!.

June 16,2011

Best Powerleveling service out here, Great about IP's, and time, finished faster than anticipated, no issues with gear/account security at all, Highly, Highly recommended this service to anyone looking for powerleveling service.

June 16,2011

nice and fast excellent.

Abood Ibn
June 15,2011

Delivery very fast so you will be surely satisfied.

June 15,2011

Ordered platinum for RIFT and received it in about an hour. Very quick transaction, got an e-mail confirmation of the transaction within minutes. Awesome prices too - I will definitely come here again and would recommend guy4game to anyone considering buying platinum! I haven't tried them for any other games, but based on my experience with RIFT, I would trust them to come through quickly. Thanks!.

June 14,2011

I love this site, and its really safe but the only bad thing about it, is that the prices continue to rise because alot of people are buying it, and it gets out of stock, so usually i have to wait a long time for my gold. But if its more then 6 hours, i got a 2500g bonus gold. So its all good :) And it comes in increments sometimes if there is any stock..

Bruce Ward
June 14,2011

FANTASTIC service! Very Fast delivery, very polite, bought 11k to test them out recieved it in under an hour, bought 22k the other day had it in under an hour, keep up the great work guys!.

Rich Noob
June 14,2011

I too am happy with the service I received. They seem to do their best to give you timely service and when the dreaded out of stock happens they compensate you for it. I will continue to use theses guys/girls....

Mark W
June 14,2011

Very good service, and they were very timely. Would use again..

Matt Hemlock
June 14,2011

awesome got in chat within minutes, and got money within 10minutes awesome thank you for great service.

synee soo
June 14,2011

a job well done. gave me an extra 3k because it took 5 days. however my order was not small. never once did they lie or not answer my impatient questions of when!lol. customer service: great..

drakemond freuck
June 13,2011

Awesome service! Never go anywhere else!!!.

momoftwo pewpew
June 13,2011