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Got the goods. Only took about 25 mins. Very happy camper..

Khoa Tran
July 07,2010

Got the order, very pleased with the turn around time on purchase about to purchase some more right now :).

July 06,2010

AMAZING SERVICE! They really were great, very cheap and was very satisfied. Thanks Guys!.

July 04,2010

I was concerned about buying gold but I will say it was easy and its been over a week and no issues. I paid through paypal, 5 minutes later used the chat service on this screen and within 5 minutes I had my gold. Not one problem! I will be doing business with this site again!.

Jason Chambers
July 01,2010

Got my Mesos, took a week or two, but I got them as promised..

July 01,2010

I have ordered powerleveling twice and on both occasions they delivered within the estimated time! perfect customer service an an email every 24 hours to keep me up to date on the progress. Well done!.

happy buyer
June 30,2010

This site is 100% trustable. Un believable service and price. No blackmarks on account and it's lookin sexy!! No other site Was, is, or ever will be better than this site. So iv u think this site is a ripp off scam then u just got microached cause ur dead rong. Now read this comment over and over again so u digg in ur pocket and pull out that MasterCard and get some rs gold cause they're practically giving money away!! I have typed!!.

Bob Duke
June 29,2010

Great fast service, had no problems at all. Will have no problems with choocing a gold supplier in future. thanks :).

t f
June 28,2010

They are very trusted and professional. I got what I wanted, loved it, no scam. This is the only site that is trustworthy and professional at the same time. Thank you guy4game.

June 28,2010

Guy4game has become the cheapest seller for FFXI lately, and they've proven themselves to me over and over they're reliable. They may take up to four days to deliver to you, but their customer service is the best. They'll even call you when your order is ready. All you do is go into help chat when it's ready, provide your order number, and they'll tell you meet them in game within a few minutes. They now trade face to face for more security. They'll also do custom orders, like allowing you to receive your gil in batches instead of all at once if you are worried about your security. I am a previous customer of Mogs, and after paying their ridiculous prices for years and receiving no loyalty benefits, I am happy to have moves here. I have also tried epictoon, but their prices tend to be more and their customer service not as great. Guy4game offers coupons and discounts, and customer service is happy to talk to you about them. Try these guys!.

June 28,2010

peter was excellent and again great job guys4game.. i only do business with u cause u the best.

June 27,2010

bought gold x3 and boe items service was really great and fast..these guys,in addition to haveing great web site, are real professional business people.

June 27,2010

Amazing. Bought gold about 5 times, always received within the hour, always great service and support. Simply amazing..

Kevin Seoul
June 26,2010

Service was great, definitely know what they're doing, I'm coming back for sure, thanks guys..

Stefan Radovic
June 22,2010

This is AWESOME. I've never had an issue :) Guy4game.com is the Best!.

Alec Ravenstahl
June 22,2010

I ordered power leveling the other day and all I can say is WOW. they have been working hard on my order. I've ordered elsewhere and didn't receive nearly the support I did here. Customer Service is excellent, they answered all my questions in a timely matter. Thank-you guys so much. Expect more business from me in the future:).

Brandon Veeder
June 21,2010

I have ordered Aion Gold twice with these guys and so far they have always delivered what they promised. The first time it got the gold within a few hours. Seccond time they did not have it in stock and compensated the amount with 5% for the longer wait (about 2 or 3 days I think it was). Would buy from these guys again!.

verry happy
June 21,2010

WoW, i was surprised how easy this process would be! Before i bought gold i was worried about blizzard tracing this or, not being on when they delivered, or not the right amount, but after i bought sure enough they found me, when i was on, whispered to me that it was them, traded me, and went off, very polite!.

Josh Macatula
June 20,2010

Best Gold farming/ powerlevelling website on the planet.

Dev Werd
June 16,2010

Was very happy with help and how quick I got my gold, have had problems with other sites, but will be using this one from now on..

June 15,2010