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This is my second time coming to this cite for assistance, this time I bought gear (2x actually, but making it into one testimonial) for a twink 85 rogue that would of pry took my FOREVER to farm… I also used the ‘Customized Quotes’ which is a fantastic thing this cite offers! I shot them an e-mail both times and they replied back with how much and the length of time to get it to me. They were always very polite and always insisted on asking questions if I had them. Hope this helps any future buyers! Avid wow player that doesn’t have enough time, Scott.

January 27,2014

This was my first time buying gold from any cite and like anyone else I was scared to loose my hard earned cash, but they came through! It did take longer than suggested, but that was because of MY specific server and faction. They let me know ahead of time and kept me up to date as they gathered the gold I paid for. Avid wow player with little time to farm gold, Scott.

January 27,2014

Made the payment while chatting with them and when I got back from work had to chat with them again to get it. It was a fast and clean transaction. The people that supports via chat is very kind and patient..

January 24,2014

Still waiting on my gold i ordered and its been about 6 hours....

Christian Morrison
January 22,2014

I have used this service 10+ times. Always had my gold within 24 hrs. I feel I can actually trust a gold selling site for once..

Chris G
January 22,2014

Thanks alot guys Very reliable ! Very fast deliver less that 30 minutes..

January 19,2014

Very pleased with service. Will be comming to this site again..

January 18,2014

I was skeptical at first, but guy4game has always delivered my gold in respectable time. I haven't had one order go wrong with them. They will always get my business in the future..

Chuck Norris
January 15,2014

I always bought challenge and powerleveling wow. But this time i bought an account on diablo with paragon Level 100 they told me that are out of stock. :o(.

January 14,2014

Bella, possibly the best live chat service ever im so impatient and she has managed to put up with me for comming on 5 days so yeah shes great.

January 13,2014

Ordered the 10k gold thinking i just lost that $13.00. Got in the game, about 5-10 minutes later i received it. Definitely recommend this site..

January 12,2014

These guys are good, and do everything as advertised...I have only praise for them. Edgar Jones.

Edgar Jones
January 12,2014

i trust this site i wouldnt buy gold from anywhere else, BUT!!!!! they have the worst wait time in the world.... this is my second time using the first time i waited 18 hrs... i did it again an i waited over 24 hrs soo if your wanting to buy gold i would suggest this site if your willing to wait a great amount of time.

chris smith
January 09,2014

I absolutely love this site. I was skeptical at first, but they came through ^.^ I will continue to buy from them!.

January 09,2014

Brought a powerlevel from 66-72 to catch up with a mate, Things went over ok, Usually things go awesome, but this time the leveler had network problems and had my account for a day or so. Needless to say when he got it fixed my character was done in a couple hours and i was free to go. Customer support was helpfull and friendly as usual.

Sam Weber
January 09,2014

I would definitely recommend this site to everyone. The powerleveling was quick and took half the Estimated Time. I will always choose Guy4Game when it comes to Gold and Powerleveling..

Remy T
January 07,2014

I've purchased 2 powerlevels and about to purchase a transmog set for a character. I completely trust this website. Haven't had any problems. The chat representatives are extremely nice and will do anything within their power to help you out. Most of the ETA on purchases are longer than what it actually takes too. They sometimes even give out coupons if you're a regular customer! I recommend this website..

January 06,2014

I have recently just completed my 11th purchase from guy4game. Their service is quick and reliable just as always! First purchase about 2 years ago i was a little worried about getting scammed, but now I know it is legit and i dont trust ANYBODY else. Also great because of all the payment options :D.

January 05,2014

Didn't believe it would be this easy. I was wrong... It is! Started a new toon and didn't want to be broke and grind on a new server, so I got some gold for start up. It truly helped me a ton. You can buy bags, items, armor, weapons, glyphs, upgrades, mounts, etc when you have the gold already. No waiting, no grinding, no hassle! Got my gold in about an hour and went right back to leveling up again, just with deeper pockets! If you're paying 15$ just to play the game a month, why not treat yourself to a little something extra for about the same price? It's well worth it!.

January 04,2014

i bought gold a few days back and received it in about 15 minutes. great website, better than all others!.

Keagan Vance
January 01,2014