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I'm not a bot writing over here, i'm a famous gamer but sometimes I still use this, this is a very good site. Work is fast and fantastic, they do everything how its told by. No scamming or risks, have been now over one year a loyal customer..

March 29,2012

Guy4Game is the best place to buy WoW gold! Fast delivery, safe transaction, and the web page is set up very nice and is easy to use. This is the only place I would suggest for buying gold..

Leonard Giegerich
March 29,2012

Great service! I got all of my gold in less than an hour..

March 28,2012

The service has always been very prompt. Prices are very competitive with other sites. Thank you again!.

Eric Worley
March 25,2012

Outstanding service. This is the cheapest gold I have ever purchased. I got 112k gold and the full amount was delivered 20 minutes after purchasing. I bought 20k from another site once and it took them 6 hours and multiple trades to deliver. Will continue using these guys..

Mr Bow
March 25,2012

I love guy4game.com, So far I bought a lvl 80 undead priest, and 55,000 gold. I got the account in a couple of hours (GREAT) and the gold right after! now i'm buying $174.00 of gold and a blood elf paladin with a 21.00 discount! Awesome prices and customer service guys keep up the good work!.

John Ackerman
March 24,2012

Great service, quick delivery and great prices. I was very cautious at first but this would probably be the only site i would trust..

March 24,2012

Always delivers gold on time. Also if you buy items such as pets or mounts they will be delivered as promptly as possible. Always had good service from guy4game. I definitely recommend them if you need gold or items..

March 24,2012

Great service over all, I made a mistake they gave me a full refund Beth was extremely helpful so much so that I decided to come back after refund and make another purchase. If you're having trouble with the Customer Service or Online supt then the prob is you not Guy4Game. Thanks again Ladies & Gents. I will be back when GW2 Lunches :D.

March 24,2012

Excellent site, customer service, and overall satisfaction. I would only buy gold from this site!!!! The best!!.

March 23,2012

pretty good, really fast delivery.

March 22,2012

these guys are the greatest. always fast and very helpful. the only way to go.

March 22,2012

Order 10m and for 8.96$ and received within 2 mins!! Ill buy more soon.

Dark Dragon
March 21,2012

Awesome. Never bought gold before and was really, really skeptical about doing it. Did a small amount just in case, and about 15 minutes later had it delivered. Seems a lot more secure/less risky than doing it through the Auction House. I've always preferred a face to face encounter. Thanks!!.

March 20,2012

Never had a problem, in game currency and power leveling on a few characters has worke dout well, no hitches..

Stephen B
March 20,2012

ive been using guy4game for a while now and out of all the gold sites ive used in the past they provide the best overall service..

josh riley
March 20,2012

This place is affordable, safe, fast, just freakin awesome! Thank You guy4game.com...... your the best!.

David Bormann
March 19,2012

Good service.

Mark Smith
March 19,2012

By far the best place for game money and power leveling for any game hands down. I have used guy4game on several different games for several years and the always go above and beyond. the constantly update their service, keep me informed of progress, and deliver quickly. Their customer service is second to none and once you work with them no other site will compare. If you want a safe transaction amd great service, look no further..

March 18,2012

I bought WOW gold from 2 other places before I tried Guy4Game. I haven't bought from anyone else since. The deliverys are always quick and exact. This is my 4th time ordering and I love not having to farm gold as I can spend more time raiding and in pvp..

March 18,2012