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guy4game is the best website i have known they work so great i bought mils they done it fast in short time i will keep buying mils from this website and special thanks for all people who works on that website :).

ali shehab
January 18,2010

Hands down the best site I have been to. I have made many orders, all of which I have gotten in a quick manner. When it comes to needig something Livechat is great the operaters are very helpfull in all of your purchases. To sum it up, Guy4game = awsome..

Joshua Phillips
January 17,2010

Very fast service friendly people will buy again from this fantastic service.

January 17,2010

Always get what you ordered at Guy4game, sometimes you even get more. Just got a 20$ coupon code mailed to me. :) Dealt with them quite a bit in DAoC. I probably ordered 6-7 times, at most I think I had to wait 10 minutes before they logged on and provided the ordered gold. In Aion the wait was somewhat longer, but that is understandable. They were out of stock, but were still pretty quick at farming the ordered Kinah, and as soon as they got some they mailed it to my character. Guy4game gets a 5/5.

January 17,2010

Before I bought an account, I was scared before I buy, because my first time buying from a site online, but they were trustworthy, on time, GUY4GAME IS THE BEST! number 1 recommended to buy accounts, full information for account send to me, cheap, and one of the best :D.

Faisal Kayed
January 17,2010

this is the best website i have ever known i bought mils from this web and the never failed me once i will keep buying till my mony is out =].

mohsen alassaf
January 17,2010

Hello, it is my first time using Guy4game, and I do hast to sey that I didnt got better service tham what igam had give me i thank you for ur great service..

January 15,2010

I have been using Guy4Game for my currency needs since Everquest 1 and I have never used another company. Professionalism and Security - Guy4Game sets the standard when it comes to purchasing gaming services and in-game currency. Right off the bat, the streamlined and well designed website gives you an immediate sense of security. As any first time buyer would know, you may be nervous about throwing your earned money around for in-game currency. I have even been called by one of their representatives on my cell phone to confirm a purchase because my room mate had also bought gold under the same address I was living at. Fantastic! Response Time - I have never waited longer than 5 minutes to speak with someone using their Live Chat feature. I have never waited longer than 15 minutes to receive a response from them via email. I have never sat in limbo waiting for my purchase. I think Guy4Game's response time is one of their strongest assets. Delivery - I have bought currency for 3 different games from Guy4Game. On all three purchases I have never waited longer than 1 hour to at least get a call/email/message from them letting me know if the currency was available or if there may be a short wait. They will kindly delivery via a face to face trade option over mail if you do not feel confident of a mail system delivery. I hope this little testimonial eases the tensions of any first time buyer! I know I will continue to use Guy4Game as long as they are around. Keep up the unbelievable job guys and gals! -Chris.

Chris I.
January 15,2010

this is probably the fastest, greatest, and most secure website i have ever used. i bought 11m gold, and got it within 1 day! I will continue to buy more and more gold from G4G, they have gained my trust, and will gain a lot more money from me in the up-coming weeks :P.

Ryan Samuel
January 14,2010

Where to begin.. I am a repeat user of this site and continue to be 100% satisfied with both the product and service. I have recommended G4G to all my friends both from Aion and other games and all plan to use them aswell.. To any cautious buyers, or newbies... you can fell safe making a purchase with G4G and I can assure you that you'll be a happy customer... =) Thanks again guys.. And thank you Rachel for being awesome lol....

.... =) ....
January 12,2010

Best service i've had purchasing gold. from start of process until end delivery of total 12,750g took no more than 30 minutes. Will definitely use this website again for future purchases. 5 STARS.

Jona**** Huy**
January 11,2010

The order went very fast considering it was a weekend as well. It too probably about 20 minutes at the most. I like the service and will use you guys again and again for my WOW Gold needs..

January 09,2010

I used guy4game.com to buy gold for my game L2, they say that they will have the money to you within 24 hrs. Does that suppose to mean all the money that they owe you or what they want to give to you and the rest when they feel like it? So far i have paid for the 200mil plus the 10mil bounus, i have gotten the 200mil, but still havent gotten my 10 mil that i am still owed.But I would recomment this place. They will work with you on the problem or give you any type of compensation that is worth anything. I would recommend this place to anyone..

snake S
January 09,2010

This was the first and only site I've ever ordered from, and I can tell you from personal experience that this company is 100% secured. Everytime I go back to this site I've been a bit nervous about trusting this company with my increased wealth each time, but they always give me what I paid for. This is 100% trustworthy, and I'm going to order from here for a loooong time. Thanks so much G4G :).

Ryan P
January 09,2010

Soo far the best place to buy gold. there prices are pretty close to the other site i use to buy from (a few dollars cheaper) but in the long run guy4game are quick with there service. and yes!! they have a real person who answers questions. i only have brought gear and gold from them. i would love it if they had a faster response time while checking gold with there supplier...

January 09,2010

AMAZING! No joke, this site was so helpful, very polite and on time. You may think these reviews are staged, and these people are set up. DONT BELIEVE ME? heres my email [email protected] ask me if u have any questions. These guys were awesome. End of Story..

Connor F
January 08,2010

I cannot express how much i enjoy guy4game, i was skeptical about buying currency and levels from a website, well this site proved there legit. I purchased on several occasions wow gold and in 1 case wow leveling. Gold was delivered very fast and the leveling was amazing..

Christopher Lintner
January 08,2010

this siite is amazing ive bought power leveling an rs2 gold and its very very good price and doesnt take all to long i give this an A+.

john O'Toole
January 08,2010

these guys are awesome! completely legit, and they finished alot sooner than expected =).

David Moreno
January 08,2010


ha ha
January 07,2010