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This Website Is Safest And Fastest Way For RuneScape Money Congratulations James..

ali alhajri
May 22,2011

I bought about $300mil gp on this website for my runescape account. I am the type of person that does his research before buying because i want the best deal and the cheapest price. I was skeptical at first about buying from here since i don't know if i can trust a place to come through with their purchase but these people are legit. I compared prices to gold4rs, gamegamego, and many other sites advertise. Even people selling off powerbot and I now know these guys are 100% and the best deal there is. I promise you, best place to buy runescape gold for sure!.

May 21,2011

worked great and fast thank you.

toffe willberg
May 21,2011

Only Legit site I know of. So Happy I found game4guy, almost too good to be true.

greg samson
May 21,2011

ty for gold guy4game:D im impressed by how fast you guys did this i got my 55m in 15 min^^ these guys are really to trust:D i just bought 120m more:D Thanks^^.

May 20,2011

so fare so good.

bassel najjar
May 20,2011

WOW, fast amazing service RIFT Plat in a hurry.

Tim N
May 20,2011

Really nice service. I've tested few other isk shops but i got scammed/cought by GM. Buying here is safe and even if they dont have isks at the moment of putting your order they will ask you to wait and then even call you when your isks will be ready to deliver. 5/5 from me :).

May 20,2011

Oh Boy, this is Great!!.

Trent Lane
May 19,2011

i just brought 55mill and i got it within 30mins i will buy from here again =).

adam carlton
May 18,2011

The ygot the job done faster than i thought and got me a ton of money. i totally reccommend this sight. the rest of my guild(World of Warcraft) was worried but guy4game certainly proved them wrong..

Wesley Hartman
May 17,2011

Legit shit, thanks for the 10k gold..

Joe Johnson
May 17,2011

Baught gold around a week ago, got it within 20 mins! will be usein G4G alot more!.

Jordan Ritchie
May 17,2011

Outstanding job will do repeat business TY.

james cornish
May 16,2011

i dont know how good the site is but i didnt get into the 60 or 20% sections and im still waiting ='(.

May 15,2011

Been doing business with these folks for some time now, they have always been courteous and prompt! I will continue doing business with them thru every MMO :D Great Job you guys!! :).

May 15,2011

Ordered 40+(4k) gold. within 20 minutes i recieved 19k. Guyforgame informed me they had to restock on my realm and over the next day kept giving me gold until my order was complete.(I was logged out for period of about 10 hours) Due to the time it took they gave me an extra 2.5k also. Great service, no bullshit. I'd come back if i needed more :).

May 15,2011

Outstanding service!!!!.

May 15,2011

This site is one of the most legit, fast and helpful gold sellers out there. I bought 27.5m and it came in about 1:30. When I talked to customer service, she helped me and got me my money in 5 minutes of talking to her. Expect Apple customer service type here. Im planning to buy 40m in 2 days, waiting for the weekend to finish..

Eypb Eyassu
May 15,2011


May 15,2011