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G4G you all are AWSOME !!! I look forward to every chance to spread the word of you excellent service everytime I'm in need G4G is just my speed.... Love ya all...!!!.

Twinkle twinkle g4glittlestar
February 04,2011

I was amazed at how quickly my order was delivered to my character. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I would recommend this CO to anyone and everyone who needs WoW Gold!!.

February 04,2011

You Guys Are Awsome Got It Fast Always Will Get my Services Here!!!!!.

Charles Phillips
February 04,2011

Great trade, 1st time, was very fast, and very professional will use again! Highly recommended.

Forrest Swift
February 04,2011

I was very surprised how quickly I received the gold II purchased..

February 03,2011

Always delivered within an hour, not good at making gold in game so g4g is y way of buying big upgrades.

james bowen
February 02,2011

This Websight is 100% Safe used guy4game multipul times and will defonatly be using this websight again ordered 30m first time and 30m again second time try it for yourself :).

Steve Dodd
February 02,2011

You will be crazy to go any place else! I have used their service a number of times and its always quick and good. I would not go any place else!.

Joe Noone
February 01,2011

Gold was delivered in under an hour, which was very cool. However, the delivery agent did not understand english, thus when I attempted to tell him that I could not meet him in the place he requested, it took several minutes and much disconnecting before he finally met me in an area that wouldn't cause me to disconnect every ten seconds. All in all, it was concluded successfully, and I was both pleased with the price I paid and the speed with which it was delivered. Just saying that, from a customer satisfaction perspective, the delivery lacked a certain... professionalism..

February 01,2011

Got frustrated with the lengthy wait on an IGE order. Placed the same order on Guy4Game (at almost half the cost) and literally got the gold before I had finished canceling my IGE order..

January 31,2011

Thanks for fast and good service!!!.

Patrice Cullen
January 31,2011

Yo thx it helped out alot......

Meth osadk
January 31,2011

I have recieved the gold-Thank you..

Monica flemk
January 31,2011

Professional and prompt. Less than 15 minutes for a 10k delivery..

January 30,2011

Fast and essy delivery.

Patrice Cullen
January 30,2011

Fast and easy.

Wes Phillips
January 30,2011

Similar to many - I do not have alot of time to farm gold - this was a fantastic solution to the sitution! The customer service is spot on! Excellent response time and great patience and understanding..

Mark Wade
January 29,2011

Excellent transaction 30k in under 15 min. Thank you..

January 29,2011

As a first time on this site, I truely loved the service I got and the outcome of my purchase, I have reccomended this site to several people as it is truely the best. (: Thanks, Ash..

January 28,2011

i bought 20kg and it came in less then 15minutes.. perfect service A ++.

Ashley Collins
January 26,2011