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They Made Over 122m on my account and almost 150m :D using rs2 gold :D thanks guy4game.

Peter Ryan
October 24,2010

guy4game all am going to say is excellent what an great wedsite for power leveling and gold and service is great.

Dan Robinson
October 23,2010

No Lie, G4G is the best. I order and received my full order, plus compensation for the delay. All the staff was top notch, helpful, and very kind. Was a very nice experience, one that I will most likely repeat now in the future!!! THANKS G4G. -A.

October 23,2010


Meh Meh
October 23,2010

I have to say its nice, being able to have a company you can got to for power leveling. Especially with all the scams out there. Lets face it there is only so many alts you can level to 80 your self before you pull your hair out trying to do another one. Thanks Guy4Game stay legit, we need more like you..

Tom Stirrett
October 23,2010

i ordered 8k gold. it's my first time buying gold online. a little doubtful at first, but my buddy said it's okay. eventhough it like a few days until i got my gold like 10 minutes ago. they also compensated for my waiting and efforts to wait. i am very satisfied with this site and looking forward to deal more business with them..

Thomas E
October 22,2010

I was wary of using RS2 power leveling services at first. But G4G really is a trustworthy and genuine site. Why shop anywhere else with service as reliable as this? Thanks G4G.

October 21,2010

great site got contact with them in seconds its fast guys trust me i only trust them now :D these guys are the real deal.

coltton sodeman
October 20,2010

I ordered 22k in gold. I took a week for me to get, but they compensated for me on there delay with some extra bonuses. This website is awesome, i will buy from them anytime..

October 20,2010

Brilliant workers, do everything as soon as they can its amazing how they do it..

Jack Huckle
October 20,2010

this website is the bizomb i have wanted the battered hilt forever and i got on here and there it was for a great price and had it in my mail within 24 hours thanks sooooo much guy4games.

brian adams
October 20,2010

Very fast also very good comunication customer service. Will use your service again in the future. Thank you.

October 19,2010

well you want gold fast and i mean fast. choose guy4game. even high sums of gold they got it. their face to face exchange is very and i mean very convenient. and oh yeah did i mention fast. guy4game best for wow gold HIGHLY and i mean HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for your gold needs. thanks guy4game.

steve nguyen
October 18,2010

Never had an issue when purchasing gold from G4G. Always recieved within 24 hours and always recieved emails asking for confirmation that I did. Also a follow up in game once all gold was recieved to ensure I recieved the entire amount. Very professional compared to 2 other wow gold sites I tried ONCE before. Not the cheapest dollar for gold amount on web but you can count on their gold delivery and their customer service is the best. Loyal customer,.

WoW freak
October 18,2010

Fast and Friendly, I thought I paid for more than I got but I am happy with what they gave me. It wasn't even twenty minutes after placing order I got the whisper..

October 17,2010

Great service! I ordered 3,300 gold - got the first 1200 in approximately 2 hours. They followed up with me in game to be sure I got the 1200. The rest of it was late - when I checked on my order online the person was polite and communicated in good English. They did honor the 6 hour gurantee of bonus 25% and within 1 hour of logging on the next morning - I got the remainder of my order with my bonus. I would buy from here again..

October 17,2010

i had my gold in 2-3 hours, what a awesome group..

October 16,2010

This site is awesome, its my first time purchasing and the online chat support was really great, after my purchase was confirmed, it took only 15mins before my gold was sent to me. Seriously good service, keep it up and thank you..

Sangeet Singh
October 16,2010

If you think that all MMORPG currency and/or item sellers are fake to rake in your money, then you shouldn't underestimate Guy4Game. I'm a Final Fantasy XI player on the Carbuncle server and was recommended by my friend who had purchased some Gil from Guy4Game before. I compared Guy4Game to other sites by reviews and votes and Guy4Game is the top dog for me. I really appreciated the fast, reliable service they've provided me with. I payed through a friend who had worries about these sort of sites since he'd been recently scammed £24.85 by a dodgy MMORPG site, but directing him to what i've been researching on he was really pleased to hear the reliability of Guy4Game. I'd recommend this to anyone, even my Grandma! I want to thank you again Guy4Game for the big amount you've given me for such a small amount of money..

Joe Smith
October 16,2010

im vey very happy with the service. i mean first time buyer and they've answered all my question and gave me their trust by doin so. i bought 10k gold and im really happy about it. thanks to mary for her patience and nancy for her promptness. i will buy again and recommend this company..

October 13,2010