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Never had a problem with these guys! I only got my order later than 1 hour after purchasing ONCE..

February 29,2012

Bought credits for swtor twice from this site, and both times the transaction was flawless and items received were perfect! Give these guys a try, you wont be disappointed!.

Ben mallow
February 29,2012

Extremely fast delievery, very friendly and helpful customer service. Longest time I had to wait for an order was about an hour or 2. Guy4game is the way to go :).

February 29,2012

I bought wow gold from guy4game recently and i can tell you there legit Cheapest site you will find some times there a little slow but theyve always given me extra gold when they fall behind this is probablly one of my most used sites now and ive made 5 purchases within the last probablly month haha and ive been satisfied every time..

caleb sobeck
February 29,2012

Delivery was very quick. 10-15 minutes MAX. I was truly amazed at how simple and fast the order and delivery was..

Greg Christian
February 28,2012

i ordered gold for the first time and i picked the right place! This website was fast efficent and helpful.They were friendly and very patient i will be back! thank you so much..

February 28,2012

Always The Best' Can't Find No Better' Repeat Customer All day n Tomorrow' Tha Money Gang Back Together'.

Money Gang
February 28,2012

Excellent service, received the credits within 1 hour. This is the second time I have purchased from you and enjoyed each time..

February 27,2012

These guys are awesome. Quick service and very discreet and professional. Very much appreciated and will likely be back in the future. Thanks, guys! :).

February 27,2012

they had great timing in getting me what i order..

Joseph Rotondo
February 26,2012

Great service and very prompt. Used them three times so far and will continue doing so. Great job guys!.

February 26,2012

Great service! Highly recommended!.

David Mayeux
February 26,2012

I'm a first time buyer so if you're worried, it's totally understandable. I had a "What the hell" moment and decided to buy some gold for WoW (15k plus a 10% extra, for a total of 16.5k), as it was really cheap. Worth checking out the site for the greater good :P I ordered at 7pm but because of a few difficulties with the farmer, I didn't get it until the next day (I'm writing about an hour after getting my gold). However, as it took more than 6 hours, the guy4game 6 hour guarantee granted me an extra 1.5k, for a total of 18k for £8 GBP! It's a safe service and it's actually legit. It's bloody worrying committing to a site with so many scams around but I swear, this really does work and I'll be visiting again in the future. I don't want to make this testimonial a really cheesy "golly jeepers, it really does work!" review, so I'll just say, cheers to the customer support staff for easing my nerves, and for delivering my gold in under a day (20 hours - I did order a fair amount)..

Anonymous Player
February 26,2012

What can I say.............Awesome service as promised............good job guys......I shall return,ty.

Dan Hoffman
February 26,2012

it was amazing service. when i didn't know how long to go they told me straight away. this is the best service i have ever had i would rate it 5 stars because it was that good..

Bryn Owen-Conway
February 25,2012

I was very pleased with Guy4game...received credits within 20 minutes...in fact I didn't want to wait for them to mail it to me so they just met me in character person and did the trade...excellent service and I loved the online chat...amazingly fast discreet service. Will use them again for SWOR if I need it. Very very cheap price compared to other vendors..

Bam M
February 25,2012

Went good and worked perfect =D.

Jake marsahl
February 25,2012

quickest service ever,and i've tried many others..Highly recommend Guy4game....

February 25,2012

24 hours, 7 days a week, this site will have your gold in under 30 minutes! Plus, you get coupons with every purchase, and monthly coupons from the newsletter. By far the cheapest and most efficient site for all your gaming needs. I bought mine at 3 in the morning, made a mistake filling out my form, and IM'd customer service at 4 in the morning because THEY'RE ON THEN! 10 minutes later I had my gold..

February 25,2012

Great service will buy from these guys again.

February 24,2012