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These guys are great, awesome customer service! i will be coming back for more.

Scott Maunder
April 24,2012

Always loved using Guy4Game for everything from Leveling to Raiding, getting achievements, items and even gold. I've been a long time user of Guy4Game and they did a GREAT! job every time. Always will send my mates here to get little nic naks. Great Job Keep it up.

Rob Arends
April 24,2012

Amazing delivery speed, very helpful support. You can't find a better place to purchase WoW gold! Thanks Guy4Game!.

April 23,2012

Excellent Service! A++ **PRO**.

michael anzalone
April 23,2012

as normal the fastest most helpful people on web tyvm.

April 23,2012

This site is my best because delivery is too fast and live support 7/24 online. Thanks guy4game :).

Soner Ertürk
April 22,2012

hello, first of all i'd like to say i'm sorry, i didn't get the e-mail you sent since i miss spelled my e-mail addres,i have fixed that and any further mail should reach me. now i'm very happy about the delivery time, however i only got 80,000, not the 90,000 i ordered, nor the stated bonuses (90,000 Gold+10,800 Extra Bonus Gold+Nightsaber Cub) is there a reson for this? i'm thinking maybe i missed something when i ordered, like maybe i get less gold depending on the value of the curency i paid with or something..

John harald Thuseth
April 22,2012

I was not to sure about this at first, but i chanced it and i must say im very pleased!! Thank you Stella for you help..

w k
April 21,2012

I wasn't sure about buying a WoW account from guy4game.com at first but the account is amazing i had to gear it because the gear it came with was 50/50 but the character is amazing. Setup amazingly, great for tanking and dps..

April 21,2012

Very fast servce, And thank you Jessica for expediting it quite efficiently, got my 35 mil within 10-15 minutes A tip for new gold buyers: Upon completion of order immediately find a way to communicate with a representative, and dont ever use services that dont have a secure method of payment such as paypal. For this particular website: go to your e-mail for your order number Enter live chat on the website They will instruct you further.

April 21,2012

reliable!! BEST IN GAME!! soooooo satisfied...ty :).

Ed C
April 20,2012

At first i wasn't to sure about buying a power level package, but talking to them about it, i got to know how it worked, and was surprised with the results! 50-85 Finished within a few days, was so surprised how fast it was, thank you so much guy4game.com!!.

Hayden Campbell
April 20,2012

I got my gold in less than 20 mins, as promised, great prices indeed!.

April 20,2012

Guy4Game continues to amaze me at their fast and efficient delivery service of all items and most especially the customer service that works so hard to ensure we have a pleasant and simple time when selecting and having items delivered to us. Guy4Game was the first site i came to for items and gold and it will certainly be the ONLY site i go to. Thank you Guy4Game !!!.

April 20,2012

just order 105m and it was fast!!!!! what made the experience good was the help i got from VINCE i didnt get a chance to rate him but i give him 10 STARS GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! THANKS VINCE......

April 19,2012

Great site! Consistently under 20 minute delivery for WoW gold, and best prices I've seen. Don't go any further than this site if you need to buy gold!.

Gold User
April 18,2012

Great service. They were slightly slow to understand my delivery details, but that was my own fault as I didn't explain it very well. Once it was understood how the delivery would go, I received the gold within 2 minutes. I'm dead serious, 2 minutes. Great service so far and will definately purchase again should the need arise (curse you ethereal, charging ring for epic daggers is 10k)..

Tyler F
April 18,2012

Fastest delivery I've ever seen. Literally, within about 15mins I received my purchase. Extremely professional, extremely safe. Love this place!.

Michael Bubel
April 17,2012

I was very skeptical about ordering SWTOR Credits from this website. But a friend had directed me here and said that he had not been scammed and had received his SWTOR credits minutes after he ordered and paid. So I went ahead and ordered 5,000,000 credits for the guild bank. And to my surprise, received credits. They didn't have enough for the full 5 mill at once, so was divided up into 4 mill then another 1 mill afterwards. I had an issue with the last 1 mill not coming through for 24 hours, contacted the GUY4GAME customer support and received prompt and very helpful service from them. A day later the extra 1 mill showed up - I put this down to a flaw/fault in the SWTOR mail system NOT GUY4GAME as the send date was correct. I highly recommend this website and its service and support to anyone. Especially those who are fearful like i was, of the hundreds and thousands of random sites out there that can and WILL scam you and not receive anything for your RL money. 10/10.

April 17,2012

I had very fast service,it was a great experience!No problems what so ever,Thank you Guy 4.

adam pendleton
April 17,2012